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We are constantly striving to ensure that the World of Warships blog, which serves not only as the official information platform for our project, but also as a place of direct communication with the game’s developers. It is comfortable, open and friendly to each user, therefore we recently released another massive update.

As you probably noticed we have improved the layout and changed the overall design of your blog. It is now much easier to navigate content through the use of functional tags and filters. Each publication is now accompanied by a photograph of the author. This is designed to bring you and our awesome team even closer together. We’ve also made commenting on articles more user friendly, now you can subscribe to our newsletter and receive updates on posted articles directly to your mailbox!

On top of that, we have prepared a little something for our fans. The project is becoming more and more popular. Quite naturally this draws the attention and of a lot of fan resources. Devoted both to World of Warships and and naval affairs in general.

To support our reader’s creative urge and to showcase some of our amazing artwork and footage, we’ve created the following Fan Kit:

World of Warships Fan Kit (2.09 GB)

It contains renders, screenshots, logos, key art, CGI trailers and expedition videos.
We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do!

The World of Warships Team

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    • Pls tell me when it will come out I have been waiting forever (science beginning of 2013) and its still not done

    • Please for all people that said “how to play this game” you can’t play this game till it comes out, or pay for it.

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    • Ahoy to the WOWS captions when are u going to fix friendly fire tied of being ram by other ships and being blamed one game never fired or hit any one and still was blamed .if i was to hit or ram some one ok or shot at them then fine .love the game been playing wot from beta came out also . if u fire on a team mate and sink him then u should be blamed ,hitting or raming is not friendly fire. thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Sorry, accidentally pressed post prematurely. You get to help in the closed alpha test if you have 150+posts/replies on forum and blog. They have not yet given reqirements for CBT or OBT that I know of.

    • iv been waiting for years hurry up the game is cool but takes forever to make the hurry up i want to lay

    • It will be out when its ready!

      I understand your eager to play but that still no reason to swear at them.

    • This person will just complain about the bugs that are still there that’s why he cant wait

    • Dude, this blog is for a “Fan Pack,” it’s not “Shout and curse at us to get the game out.” Seriously dude calm down. You can’t just get the f***ing game out, it doesn’t really work that way. If it did, nobody would play it because of the bugs. Stores don’t just let people I before they’re all stocked. So stop being such a jerk to the developers, I mean come on, don’t you have any patience?

  1. I don’t care about updates when is it being released in the uk I have been waiting for over 1 year now apparently it should have come out about the middle of 2013 that was a lie so im getting annoyed now.

  2. can someone pleas tell me when is it coming out for the united Kingdome I am getting very annoyed now so pleas someone tell me

  3. I’ve already seen most of these, but it is now nice to have all of them in one folder. THANKS! Keep up the good work.

  4. To help prep myself for open beta (closed if I’m lucky :-) ) I bought Battlestations Pacific. CAN’T WAIT TILL RELEASE!

    And will there be subs in later patches, they are very well balanced in Battlestations

    • uh… subs are well balanced in Battlestations because they are given unrealistic stats there. In reality subs runs far slower, so slow that they can only wait for their targets. Since WoWS uses nearly real stats, subs would be so slow that even when camping they have difficulty to reach their camping place in time. They would be like a T95 with crap armor&hit point in WoT.

    • Would be funny to have a battle of the Bismark Sea in the game where A-20′s and B-25′s of the 38th Bomb Group come after the Japanese convoy trying to reinforce an offensive against Australia. All of the allied players would have to operate airfields like an aircraft carrier interface but it would be a slaughter like those low level bombers did to the convoy.

  5. everyone shut up about how good the game is and tell me when it is going to come out for the united Kingdome I am starting to get annoyed :(

    • We only have a general idea of when it will come out, which is late 2014 to mid 2015. I’d say more like March or April 2015 is full release, and open beta starts late 2014… just a guess, don’t take it as truth.

  6. aparente parese muy bueno como el de tanke pero nesesito saver si o como s descarga el juegooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • apparent as it seems very good but I need tanking saver if s or download juegooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  7. Why the hell don’t you just come with the friken game all ready jeez i have been wait for WoWs to come out for a very very very very very very long time and i have about had it with this act when the hell is this game coming out because i really really want to play it so get it done so the people can finally play it and me and you won’t get so many comments with swears in them get done move it move it move it.

    • I can play when my mom gets home after school. The sounds of battleships in my room may scare her.

    • Won’t be any because of the unbalance they will create. They can have devastating blows underwater and can destroy many ships. When they get out of water they will be blown very fast.

  8. how can i get the alpha test? I was a closed beta tester for World of Warplanes! I love all the games!

  9. How will the gun damage and torepedo damage be In some cases the ship would go down in two hits if then munitions was hit

  10. Another question the guns could shoot a few miles so the map would have to be big will the time of a match be extended because some ships were super slow

  11. third to last question what happens if you hit land it would be cool if you were beached

  12. second to last question if a ship sinks not fully blown up but sinks your people would get out and if another ship came by and waited 30 seconds they would save the other people and get more xp and money

  13. could there be a survival mode where you and four other players survive waves of enemy ships and get a bonus

  14. People just come down and wait! The longer a game is in the development stage the better it will be when it comes out! :D

  15. “It is what it is.”

    I, for one, am intrigued by the process of watching the game develop and am reassured by the developers not bowing to pressure to release the game before it’s ready. As a product developer myself, I know something of the pressures they face. Waiting is a bitch, but it’ll be worth it.

    Going by the quality of the graphics and the thought being put into the game-play, I’m confident that WoW is going to be a super product when it does arrive.

    Looking forward to “wow-ing” at Wow…

  16. as a person who has been playing WGA games since the release of world of tanks can’t wait to get my warship on I still remember the great time I had at the WGA times square nyc fan event after the PAX at dave and busters met a lot of the us support staff and the developers, Great job so far with the entire world of tankps planes and now ships its nice to know people at WGA, miss you guys still have pics of the event on my facebook page look forward to getting in with the WGA crew!

  17. How are we supposed to download it? I will play this game through any bug. I have been waiting for this game since I have heard of it. So how do we download the game?

  18. This game is a early 1900s to 1970s right?So will destroyers have missiles at teir ten or nine

    • It’s not to that late of time, more like late 50s early 60s, they have no missiles in the game they like to use early warships from history and other vehicles from WoT and WoWp because others would be OP and have greater weaponry so fights would be fast an easy.

  19. I realy want to play, have to wait till 2015. Wanted the game as soon as i know it was brought out. Have world of tanks, World of warplanes. Want the 3 one, to complete my collection.

  20. ooooo I like wonder all your games ca’ll be playing this, from what I saw will be very good ufffff desert’m playing this naval please avizem when you leave me, I love your games good job keep it up.

  21. I got to play this in ALPHA at PAX! It was soooo cool. I feel like a drug junkie that tried to quit cold turkey with the shakes I want to play it again so badly. I hope it comes out soon.

  22. thanks for the Fan Kit, still like to know when the release is, would be helpful for us all. Thanks Again

  23. I would love it if made World of Planes and/or World of Warships for the computer (Mac preferably), tablet (iPad preferably), and/or Xbox 360. Thx

  24. I hope theyes considea adding submarines. Maybe as a main Reaser h ship or a ship the deploys of another one. Plz oh plz.

  25. hello i will be missing this weekend due to while ill be in a hospital this week as of 12.12 2014 to the 12 19 2014 due to new medication for my Parkinson. in which the new of Parkinson was on monday So im looking forward to the testing at least it made my week a bit better. but I will be ready for any testing after the 19th.. i really wish i could be there for this weekend

    Thank for letting me enter the closed beta.


    MR Ronald Kieth Longnecker Sr.

  26. Thanks for a great weekend of gameplay! Love the game can’t wait to test it some more!

  27. Kinda wish they broke the kit into smaller pieces. 2 gigs is quite a bit in 1 download

  28. So sad it ends soon, but hope to play again!! I myself cant say Ive had any problems other than just being a noob at this !!

  29. Hi, I played during Wings over Water Beta Weekend and very much would like to be involved in Beta/Alpha testing and other upcoming beta weekends :)

  30. I too am would love to be a Beta Tester! I am a regular player of WoWarplanes, and Tanks.
    THanks!!! BroBro

  31. I hear that the may or may not be coming to Google play and APP Store maybe 70% going on google play and maybe a download to Windows

  32. As a U.S. Navy Combat Veteran I am looking and hoping with great pleasure to soon be playing World Of Warships.

    PC1 Dominic J. McGlade, USN ( Retired)

  33. why do I need gold to dismount upgrades to sell a ship we should be able to sell them

    • It won’t come in a certain day or time, you’ll get it when ever they look interest into you being a tester.

  34. because im a fan of battleships and warships I just wanna get in and play play play!

  35. I really hope this comes out soon because me and my brother have been following WoWS and of course he got an invite code

  36. love watching the game play on youtube but would really like to play it myself

  37. God bless me to get code THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. A number of good YouTube videos out there, but I am really looking forward to game play.

  39. hello if I could ask one key community so please delude tout this game that I’d like to try out World of Warships Beta 1 key tenks and greet World of Warships Team … Cool :) please help test Thank you :)

    • You mainly have to be active on about 2 of them, because some of us don’t have access to one or another like me, I don’t use Facebook but subscribe with the forum and be active on the blog.

  40. For the moment being right now, applications and other stuff is closed to beta right now, you would have to be very lucky to get in at the moment. Once OBT is open which some people predict by late May, maybe June you would be able to get in.

  41. Also, asking and begging for the invite code won’t help at all, just a waste of space. I know it’s a killer, I’ve been waiting for a week and have wanted to play this really bad. But I can be patient and wait, I do World of Tanks Blitz and it’s a finished game really, that’s want they want to make sure with this game that it’s in top performance, and it would probably be on mobile in a long time, since WoWP isn’t on and maneuvers in this game would be hard unlike WoT where there is simple controls, just my best guess.

  42. hi all,
    i have been waiting for an invite code since i got the email to confirm i wanted to play.
    so what is that about?
    my dad will be playing threw me as he flew and landed on the carriers, and at his age, would not be able to follow along the game.
    But would be able to give amazing advise as to capabilities, maneuvering, and landing on the carriers…oh, thats right, we dont get to land or take off in that game.
    wow, hows that gonna work?
    its all good, i will be hitting them from ship to shore :)

  43. It’s great,but have no invite code;
    I think it will be more and more popular with all naval affairs of the world and
    fans from 舰C 舰N(include me)
    so i’d like to join it,and introduce to my friends and GameMate.

  44. I whant the GERMANS ship and the people who are the creators of this fine game
    plea put in the germans


  46. Please update the kit with the NEW Russian DD’s and KM Cruisers. Need some lover here guys and gals

  47. A software switch to turn on and off PREMIUM ACCOUNT TIME

    This would be a nice option?!?!

    • totally agree there are days when i am not able to play so this is a great idea!!!

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