Closed Beta: Full Steam Ahead

03.12.15, Development Team
121,245 1586

Ah, smell that fresh sea air. It’s shaping up to be a magnificent day. What kind of shape? Shipshape, of course. Today is the official start of our Closed Beta Test, and with it comes the lifting of the Non-Disclosure Agreement. That means, even if you haven’t yet been invited to play the game, you’re about to see a whole lot more footage out in the wild. Livestreams, screenshots, videos–let it rip!

As of just a few hours ago, the North American World of Warships server has been switched back on. If you’ve been a part of the Alpha or any of the Beta Test Weekends, you’re free to set sail in this latest stage of development.

Joining the Closed Beta

Odds are, you’re here reading this article because you’re looking to join the ranks of our testing community. We’re pleased to announce that the doors have been opened and you can now submit an application here:

Submit Application

While we definitely want every eager party to cast off with us, we can’t guarantee every applicant a spot in the CBT. If you don’t get in right away, don’t fret! We’ll be adding several batches of players over the next few weeks.

Further Reading and Joining the Community

If you’re starting from scratch when it comes to general warships knowledge, let alone all the mechanics that you’re sure to encounter in our game, we suggest you spend some time combing the forums and reading up on the various ship types. If you’re selected for the beta and itching to leave us some feedback, or just chat about the various features of the game, be sure to visit the CBT Forums.

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    • yeah buddy I can’t wait got mine and game is downloading see ya in a few hours

    • whens it suppose to start I have no clue I don’t usually blog it up in here

    • The beta test application did not ask for any information on the experience or knowledge base of prospective testers. Is there anyway to give this information to affect the decision on whether or not one is accepted/rejected.

    • i want this game so bad, my friend submitted his application around 12:00 and he got it. i submitted mine around 8:30 last and havent got it yet :(

    • I would love for them to let everyone play for like 24 hours or something

    • I have been waiting for almost two years when I first heard through the grape vine that war gaming had started this jewel of a game. That few game makers would dare to try and take on the immense scale of recreating naval warfare in a MMO, and this is a true testament to the skill of the staff for WARGAMING. SGTmurder is locked and loaded ready to play and intently waiting on a reply for spot to join the testing process. Count me in!
      SEE YOU ON THE HIGH SEAS! Take me into your test. Tortured daily now for three weeks while my clan mates play your fantastic game and woot and holler over teamspeak. Requesting to join the fight?!?!

    • Well first off sad face still not accepted…. second I have no idea my buddies didn’t even wait a day and it seems like I have been waiting for a week now… =(

    • Shouldn’t worry I applied nine months ago just after my beta started on WoWp and I’ve been wait patiently ever since.. So don’t worry be happy they even took your app…. It will come when it comes… See you on the high seas swabies….

    • Ummm…..i have been looking at WoWS for about a year now and keep missing where I can opt for Beta.

      I want this so bad :))))


    • I got invited and I didn’t get a link to download…….. that has to be an achievement

    • So depressed i entered my form today. 9 days late. I don’t know whats going to happen. It still let me submit it though. Wish me Luck!

    • I have played both World ot Tanks & Planes can’t wait to try Ships, the graphics and expirience are excellent.

    • I have been on the hype train back when world of tanks was new I can hardly wait to play this game.

    • Really hoping to get the invite code and play this game.
      I really like ships and this is the best game to get some more knowledge about ships.

    • I get the submission letter 8 days before, our WOT team mate all get it but without me ><!

    • Oh please WARGAMING take me in all my clanmates in “VILIN” WOT have gotten in and im tortured daily application has been two weeks ago please send my acceptance.

    • I think we all are super excited and very eagerly waiting for them to reply to mine and all our applications.

    • I RELLY want to play this game I was watching ever since i heard about this game. AND I LOVE AIRCRAFT CARRIERS YAY

    • Just found out that the aircraft carriers planes can shoot and drop torpedoes. Thats way coolet thn just being a scout. Really hoping for that invite code so i can stream it on twitch. (Kappa)

    • I think they should add in the USS Arizona as a memorial and as a ship obviously.

    • Sent in my application 2 weeks ago. Been playing Navy Field 2 as a stop gap. Cannot wait to be accepted into this game

    • i cnat wait to play this game every month i get on hoping they finished it and FINALLY ITS HERE!

    • Have you gotten in yet? I was one of the first people to send an app in and I have heard squat from them about it except that it was submitted.

    • ik what you mean dude. ive been stuck playing Le Bote on roblox because its the closest free game i can find like WoWS… and compared to what ive seen of WoWS Le bote is literally blown of out of the water so to speak. WoWS looks amazing. and im dying because i gotta settle with a (albiet pretty good) ‘lego’ version i guess you could call it.

    • been waiting,as a navy man i cant wait. also as a clieent of wargaming i am disapointed,that this navy veteran is still waiting

    • sent in a application 2 weeks ago , havent heard anything . game looks awesome , can hardly wait to start playing .

    • i sent application in a week ago still nothing beginning to cross fingers and chew on finger nails.

    • Ohh i cant wait to be accepted if i ever am! I can smell the powder and the salt on the wind already!

    • I really hope i get in this CBT. I love Naval combat and the gameplay looks amazing. It would be great if i could play it

    • yeah buddy I can’t wait got mine and game is downloading see ya in a few hours

    • well one of the frist to submint but never got accepted but cool that some people got it

    • I got a message saying I’ve applied now I have to wait for them to contact me back to get in the game…but if the World of warships crew see this ( speaking for everyone ) I know its in beta and really just like me it would feel like Christmas all over again but in a whole new level I bet everyone is waiting for this application for us to download it to come P.S : does anybody know estimated how long it will take to get the link to download it from WOWS ( world of war ships )

    • Ugh, I sent my application a while ago! I really want to try out the closed BETA! This game looks so cool!

    • i have been waiting for more than 2 months and still no response from WARGAMING.NET i want to play this game so bad u guys dont even know! i have been playing World Of Tanks which is also really not a bad game ethier. i just want to play closed beta already please……i have been a fan of WARGAMING.NET ever since World Of Tanks came out. please read comments WARGAMING.NET dont let me down!

    • OH MY GOSH, a little more than a year I think it was, I heard about this game, I am SO excited to get into playing it! I hope I get in!

    • I just about suffer everyday I don’t get in, I Think IM GOING TO DIE! (Its Only been one day)

    • I would like to know when you let me know if my application for the closed beta has been accepted or rejected. When I filled out the closed beta application for World of WarPlanes I knew fairly quick. I’m still waiting to hear back on my application for World of Warships. Thank You

    • I want to get in the game, Ive been testing all the common tests of WOWP and WOT since 3 years
      I sent my application 3 H ago, still no mail

    • WAIT! The ships might turn into giant floating eggs and their cannons might be holes where yoke squirts out…. On Easter day which is TOMORROW! :O :O :O

    • how do i get a application please can somebody help really buzzing not lying really want to play it

    • I am still waiting even its more than a week now… hope is still remain….

    • I have looked into this WOWS extensively and followed it closely ever since I heard about it. Basically what I have gathered is that they select new beta testers in pools, or waves. If you are not selected in one you get automatically placed into the next “Drawing”. Although it isn’t really a “Drawing”. I personally just sent in an application last night, and have not received. I am pretty sure its random selection, but it may be based on experience in previous games such as WOT and WOWP. Hope this helped you guys.

    • i am reall y exited of the carriers and i hope to get a beta key <3 i played silent hunter with carrier mods but it was thouthand times worse as this game. <3 World Of Battleships <3

    • im 18 i live in corpus Christi Texas and ive played quite a few beta test iv’e got a brand new gaming computer just ready to play some wows ive loved world of tanks and world of warplanes iv’e been looking at this games for a while and my application has been waiting for about 9 days i guess i’m not getting in the closed beta but i can wait for it to a come out my grandfather served on the USS Lexington now in the gulf of Mexico cc in WW2 and is a main reason i want to try out the carriers and i think ive seen the Lexington on a tier 7 which excited me and will be my first goal once i get the game.i have played other betas and usually have loved sending feedback to improve the experience to whoever plays this i said ive loved wot and wow i played the XBOX 360 wot for a while now just got the tiger 2! i have maybe used about $300 on the game matter of fact and am Glad to be apart of this gaming company in an indirect xbox gamer tag is TIGER2Destroyer if anyone wants to play or add me thanks!!! and goodluck wargaming now what games to do next !!!

    • I can not enter the World of Warships beta test, I sent the code to test, I download it but when you start closes and mentions that there is an error

    • I got my reply wen beta started I was 53 person to apply wen the first could aplocation I am still wait but the sent me some code and I did not put it in right so went back to the e mail started it again and erest it so wen i went back to the email 1st sent me thanking me for replying. I hit that and it sent it to beta and now im waiting again watching everyday and checking my e mail every day It look so cool I hope to get invite code

    • I think is a good game and have much action I look much video of this game , I think this game have much emotion for action and good movilities :D : ¡THE CREATORS OF THIS GAME ARE A GENIUS :) ! Good Game . I no have code invitation , and I think this game is amazing.

    • why are mods allowed in the game not sure I want to play with MODs problems, MOds always a problem cheats, people are using the BETA for mods why?
      People are paying to play the game not contend with cheats introduced already for the BETA that means someone other than developers have game code. I wont play with these cheats in place before the game is public. Who is exactly controling the access to game code. People are paying money to play the game not try to beat cheats. If Im paying to play I can play it without them. Only the clans will have access to them.
      Play MODS and I refuse to play.

    • Its been like 3 or 4 months since i sent in my application… now im waiting on Survive the nights. This and Armored Warfare… the other two i can understand but seriously? this is the same people who made world of tanks and planes… their servers have gotta be able to let more people play… and im not spending money to get in earlier… thats just unfair… to those of us who have waited longer than 2 months when that was introduced… and if its not a problem with servers then what is it? i mean i can deal with what ever it is.

    • Congratulations! I am interested in an invite too please. I am looking forward to playing it and it would make my day if I was given one. But TY! I really like what you are doing WG.

    • If only I could be part of the closed beta testing, then my life would become complete.

    • Ive been waiting for months now. like 3 4 or 5 i cant remember… its bull crap this wait. people who entered after me have got in…

    • I really like World of Tanks and Warplanes but I have just been waiting to play this game. It looks really good and Most of the You-tuber’s like it, So I don’t see why I shouldn’t either so please send me an invite code.

    • 見てると早くしたくなる。はやく招待コードこないかな~?

    • I would love to be invited to this beta! I am dying to play this freakin’ game!!!!!!!

    • ugh… open beta is out and i cant seem to have my WoWs client working! i have it downloaded and everything! what pathetic BS! ;( :(

    • It says the will be adding batches of players over the next few weeks there is still a chance

    • I just wish they would accept my application so i can stop checking my email every hour to see that i havent yet got an email from the devs about whether or not i can play… i mean War Planes application got accepted in like two days…

    • I know exactly how you feel multiple times a day now for two weeks checking my email waiting on approval…. super sad face!!!

    • Don’t worry man, its been the same with me, about every hour disappointment comes, ive been playing a few matches of Wot and then check my email, I do it again and again and again, then finally look and the World of Warships website and explore, it then the realization that I might not get in sets in, and then…Super Epic Death deifying Sad Face ) :

    • Yep… i remembered about it WoWS until it came out and then i remembered it right as closed beta began… like wtf? rly? gee thanks brain…

    • YES PLEASE!!! Let some more people have access to this game (still havent played been waiting over a week already). I just hope they do it randomly or on who signed up before who and not alphabetically… otherwise im never gonna get to play before open beta release :( and that would suck… Who knows how long till that is anyway…

  1. Your application is being processed.

    Thank you for applying to the Closed Beta Test. Your application is still pending, and we will send an email with further instructions if you are accepted. Thanks for your patience!

    If you have an invite code, you can redeem it below to accelerate the application process.

    Thank you!

    Ineed wait for the code’? anyone know pls.

    • Let them take the time it takes. Even if we don’t get to the beta access we want a good game. :) (It is already a good game)

  2. Been waiting a long time for this – really looking forward to getting into the gameplay!

  3. Cant wait, hopefully i get chosen. I only had the chance to play world of tanks, but WOWS looks incredible.

  4. I’ve been up since 2am thinking it was a first come, first served. I kinda thought of it as camping an epic piece in Everquest, lord knows I did that enough. But still, if i don’t get in I’ll be almost as upset as my wife, heh.

  5. Apparently if you were a Weekend Beta player you get sent to the download game screen.

  6. Been saving all my free experience from WoT and Wowp for a while. I have about 125k. Can’t wait till this goes live! :D

  7. World of Warships: Your application has been submitted.
    Thursday, March 12, 2015 1:02 PM
    Mark as Unread

    “World of Warships”

    Full Headers Printable View

    Dear Neogenex!
    Thank you for signing up to participate in the World of Warships Closed Beta.
    While your submission is in process, you can discuss World of Warships with the game’s developers and other players awaiting Beta access on the official World of Warships forum . Once you are selected to participate in Closed Beta, we will send you an invite using the email address you provided during the application process with all the necessary instructions on beginning testing.
    Welcome to the community!

    World of Warships Team


    1:02pm. Come on RNG!

  8. I suppose I can just keep playing Battlestations: Pacific in the meantime… ( ._.)

  9. I applied right as they posted :). Anyone know about how long until i know if im in for the first batch?

  10. Well they did say theres a good chance to still get in Untill they closed this application portal…. so that means if we got in in time we should get invited at some point in near future……right?

  11. I applied at the very beginning and have not received an invitation, how long does the process take?

  12. Everyone check your emails! First wave got sent out about 10 minutes ago! Don’t worry if you didn’t get in this time, there will be more people accepted in the future. Row out!

    • Of course, history and navy ships in one game. There aren’t many games like this out there, much less a free one

  13. No approval for me… :( but dont worry ill eventually see you all on the sea! :)

  14. Yeah! Got my approval! Good luck to everyone! I applied 1 min after it opened, so it shouldnt be long for the rest of you! Good luck and see you on the waves!

    • Thanks, have to install it though lol. So excited! Been waiting to play this since they announced it. Applied for every position as far as a tester and never got approved.

    • tell me the time you gona stream if i have the game ill join you and if not ill watch.

  15. fitter05 here please consider me for this event been waiting for a year now.
    regards fitter05

  16. Congratulations, you have been accepted to the Closed Game Test. As a Closed Test participant, you will now take command of a fleet of legendary vessels and and hone your tactical skills in intense naval combat. yahooo!!

    • Er… you need a PC, as far as I know. I doubt an ipad could run the game. Though, they do have World of Tanks Blitz for the ipad… so I may be wrong.

    • Ipad does not have the capacity to run a high end game like this one, even if it did, we are talking Gigabytes of data here and a decent processor to run the game, Ipad would crash before you even saw the loading for the title screen

    • If you got approved then great! But you MUST have a PC. No way around it man. Time to go buy one :)

    • Even an inexpensive laptop will work. But you can’t play on a phone or tablet.

  17. Wow I wasted 8 hours man I am pissed but I wonder if it will be on iPad later on

  18. Screw WARGAMING that blows and they don’t say only on computer screw wargaming

    • Im not trying to be a smartass here… but it shouldnt need to say “Only for PC”… WoT, WoWP, and WoWS have all been only for the PC… WoT Blitz is the only one that isnt for PC… I thought this was common knowledge. Like I said, not trying to be rude or a smartass. Just saying that is what I thought.

      I am sorry you can not play… but…

    • I found a post on the forums (using search function) that says the following:

      Minimal requirements:

      Windows XP, Vista, 7

      DirectX 9.0c or higher

      CPU: 2.2 GHz or higher

      RAM: from 2 GB

      GeForce 8600GT or ATI HD 2600 (shaders 3.0, 512Mb memory)

      Internet from 128 kb/s

      That there says it is PC only.

    • Its not wargaming’s fault, its more your fault for not looking more into the game.

    • I wouldn’t get your hopes to high bub its been over 4 hours for me and no approval. You may have to wait a week.

  19. Application sent, can’t wait to play any carrier of any nation, i been building models of them. Looking forward to play these carriers in game, especially USS Texas/New York class battleship since I been visiting it as a museum ship in San Jacinto State Park!

    Fingers crossed!


  20. i’m gonna get drunk tonight i’m so surprised I get to play this time. thank you! one happy sailor

  21. wish I had a better player name. would be using grandpas navy ship for my name for sure.

  22. Application in… now the waiting begins… well… continues… AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! When will it end!!!!! :D

    • Wargaming has the most accurate simulation game in the world you can play while you wait: Wait simulator 2015. Only $0.00

    • XD legolegokiller. Once i get that game/code or what ever im getting drunk and using lingo for the whole night. Whos with me?

  23. Guys the first batch of invites are already sent i think. You may have to wait a few days to a week…. :(

  24. Hope they send another batch of invites soon, maybe within a day or 2. I have waited too long for this game to come out.

  25. poi!!!!!how can I get a code!??!?!I just want a code!!!!!

  26. I think they would choose a certain number for Beta testing, because they need to pick people from different timezones

    • Thats not the only thing though. They look at everything Im sure. Have you applied to alphas and betas for them before? Do you play their other games? how long? How many battles? How is your account standing? I am sure there are many MANY variables.

    • probably have it dont in a couple hours so if ne1 here looking to form a fleet feel free to add me.

  27. Just got my codes its never to late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you all soon I hope you don’t all sink to fast! :)

  28. i’m sure they mix it all up so they cover every base, they want new people ome past beta testers people all over to test the servers but we gotta give good feedback because i’m sure they won’t have many more live test before they set it out on the market. we have a responsibility to not just play but develop the game.. its kinda like jury duty, no one wants to do it. but its nice getting a day off from work. and its more important then any of us take it.

  29. Not only is the application been sent but I posted this on our Facebook page, The Black Ocean. Its a SCI Fi site but this game reminds me of classic space battles so I bent the rules!

  30. Have a key. The download seems to hang when I input the key. Is the download supposed to stop at this page and give no feedback?

  31. Have a key. The download seems to hang when I input the key. Is the download supposed to stop at this page and give no feedback?

  32. Yes! I can’t wait! I hope I see ya’ll on the high seas! I apologize in advance to whoever I send to Davey Jones’ locker! lol :P

    • It said “Keep an eye out for an email in the next few weeks, which will arrive if you’ve been accepted as a Closed Beta tester.”
      I want it now though. A few weeks is so long…

  33. Anyone else having issues with the game not installing properly? It just stops installing after a certain percent.

  34. Hi i tested the previos beta ,
    i have the game istaled,do i need to instal it again?
    and is my previos acc. reset?or i can use same nick and ships i got befor or it will be new prifile?

  35. Hey man im here i sent you one but i haven’t gotten one so if you haven’t invited me please do so, in my opinion this game is a really good game and i want to give it a try and report the bugs and help you.

  36. This looks great! Ive been played world of tanks 2 years now and when i heard you guys anounced it i was really happy! But to bad i didnt get in the closed beta when it was opn, beu well well lets just go on youtub and watch other people playing it! :3

  37. i cant wait,and i wonder if it fails to send you a code,than it will be in your mail that it failed to give you a code or something.And if it is coming how longer do I need to wait?

  38. Hey Guys,

    I would really love to point something out that “to me” is vital to this game.

    When ships fire their cannons a shock wave spurts out across the surface of the water.

    I think implementing this would visually satisfy me in every way!

    also the shells when impacting should make a shock wave across the surface of the water and also vertically.

    One last thing, One shells impact shrapnel should make hundreds of tiny splashes around impact zone.

    I sound like a picky bung hole, but these visuals seem important.

    I also know its beta =)

    • That would be awesome if they added that. It would also make the game look more amazing.

  39. Oh my god, hope i will be able to play the game this weekend. Send my application, but how long will I have to wait? :o

  40. Application sent but I have been waiting for a long time. No more activation code?

  41. Hello, i was weekend wws tester, to play the close beta tester game is necesary download the entery game again???, or only the weekend game wws will be modify with a updte, i ask this because the game weekend dont upate to the close beta tester game. Maye i only need to change the directory name of the game?
    ty for u anwer

  42. I got in. Believe me, you guys will love it if you liked any of the other Wargaming games.

  43. I would find this game very interesting. I was stationed aboard the USS Chicago CG 11 which has been scrapped. I’m hoping I’m one of them they choose to participate in the closed bata. May the battle upon the high seas begin!!!!

  44. So, after 36 hours, no code huh? All of my friends got theirs in 10 minutes. Why the lag? So, what, the almost decade of playing WoT, and a year of WoWp isn’t enough to earn me a key? How about the literally hundreds of dollars I have spent over the years, does that count? C’mon guys, show some loyalty to your long time players…

  45. well no hope now, hope i have some good news tomorrow when i get back from work, the early shift :(

  46. I have been checking my email for the past 36 hours now, and still nothing. Still no need to give up hope as they did say “If you don’t get in right away, don’t fret! We’ll be adding several batches of players over the next few weeks.” So keep trying and good luck to every one.

  47. Applied, waiting patiently for a code. I recall having to wait quite awhile before I got into the WoT CBT, so….patience.

  48. Ummm… bug #1… You can not agree to the terms of the non-disclosure agreement to participate in the beta because you CAN NOT read the games rules on which it is based!!! The games rules link leads to a page that says “Sorry, you don’t have permission for that!”

    Soo… I guess that precludes me from participating.

    • so can I have your beta key lol too bad its probably used =( i’m have been waiting and would agree to it

  49. application in and i gotta say i have beta tested before for plastic piranha fro there game rekoil and i also beta tested world of warplanes

  50. I hope i get selected as well, i have beta tested blitz and WOP, i have been following WOWS since it was first announced!

  51. Loved serving in the US Navy aboard a Spruance class destroyer DD 973. I hope I get to get in there early as it is about to become my favorite game:) will be in game sooner or later, but would be AWESOME to get a first look:) Keep up the good work.

  52. I applied yesterday at ~6:00pm and not get an invite yet. Hope they will send it on this weekend… :(
    Played a really long time World of Tanks and it would be great for me to have a look behind the development of the next spectacular game of Wargaming! But i have to create an other Account for this game…

  53. Best show at Pax East guys! Really enjoyed the operation supply drop interview :)

  54. I really want one of these invite codes I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO PLAY THIS FOR 2 YEARS PLEASE WARGAMING PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    • You’re not the only one who can’t wait for it.
      I have been waiting a long time too! :(

      Wish you good luck – hope to see you and me in the next time in a battleship!

    • tener paciencia donde se la puede tener no es lo verdadero, pero teniéndola donde no se la puede, recién diremos que se ha tenido paciencia

  55. I got the email for applications twice already. ._. Just slapping me in the face when that happens, please stop getting people’s hopes up by send a second wave of emails when people have submitted their applications already….

  56. I have waited for a game like this for years I really would love to get in on a closed beta for it

  57. I’ve requested code 2 days ago and still nothing !!! I wish i was friends with Jingles,entak,quickybaby,sidestrafe or baron …Those guys had automatic invite codes for themselves and whole bunch of extra ones for their friends and chronees…this suxs that we normal guys have a such a hard time to try it…i guess ill wait for an open beta and just keep playing War Thunder for now….

  58. wow I cant wait to be accepted to be part of the beta waiting patiently for it to come out looks awesome watching every video on nice job on warships wargaming

  59. When World of Planes came out I got in on testing, just put in for this testing. wish me luck and good luck to all of you.

  60. Sent mine in last Thuirsday.. My son sent his 4 hours after me.. I still haven’t gotten my code and my son got his the next day. Pretty bummed

  61. me and my friend applied same time he got accepted in 3 hours im still waiting 3 days later

    • Ya know, I’m sure they’re going to keep opening up the player base. You just got unlucky. They’re probably stress testing the servers. So, for now, we play the waiting game…

  62. Can you make it useable on MAC OS? it would be very helpful for a lot of future players.

  63. Come on Wargaming! Do us all a favor here! Lol. But seriously though, I’m looking forward to playing this.

  64. Waiting like everyone else. Watched Quickybaby’s first video and I really think this will be a huge addition to the online gaming world. Congrats to those that got in so far.

  65. on the other hand, I gave up video games for lent (what was i thinking) and Easter isn’t for 3 weeks so maybe its just as well.

  66. :( me and my friend applied the B test at the first day, and he got accept only few hours later, and I am still waiting now.

  67. I wonder give up beta because I’m looking forward to but the key does not receive(Excite Translator)

  68. Application sent, now i hope to have the chance to play with that wonderful game soon.

  69. sounds like alot of people are apllying at same time and only 1 gets in so i guess they doing an even odds system lol 1,3,5,7,9 etc dont get in 2,4,6,8 do

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  71. Really hope my invite is accepted and if so will be really happy.

    Have played every type of WW l and WW ll Main battle vehicles except the ships

    Happy sailing to all

  72. Everyone watch out! I just got in 10 minutes ago!!! Go check your emails looks like a second wave!!!

    • I really hope to be in this wave. Waiting 3 days is so boring ._.
      Actually i don’t get an email yet.

  73. I’m still waiting for 3 days. I need a Beta code. Anyone has any code key? Please…

  74. At this point I want to say that I didn’t get an invite yet and still waiting. It’s really not funny to wait for this fuc**** awesome game! :(

  75. Oh the torture! lol My friend is playing it! I hear it in TS! :P I want to jump in and test! like I did in World of Warplanes

    • Yes all my Clan mates in VILIN are playing it and im tortured daily while they play its horrible!

  76. Let me make a suggestion, when you give away keys on Twitter you should just pick 10 random people and send them a key that way, because the way you do it now is lame, the keys are gone with in a few seconds.

  77. Please call me for the closed beta I really like the games you want and play all

    • I have been waiting for almost two years when I first heard through the grape vine that war gaming had started this jewel of a game. That few game makers would dare to try and take on the immense scale of recreating naval warfare in a MMO, and this is a true testament to the skill of the staff for WARGAMING. SGTmurder is locked and loaded ready to play and intently waiting on a reply for spot to join the testing process. Count me in!

  78. still checking email. been watching some live streaming and videos of this, looks awesome!

  79. Iam very happy for the guys who got some of the invite codes;

    been a beta tester for WoT amd Warplanes only for warships i have seem to be unlucky…would be a nice hattrick :)

  80. I have been waiting for almost two years when I first heard through the grape vine that war gaming had started this jewel of a game. That few game makers would dare to try and take on the immense scale of recreating naval warfare in a MMO, and this is a true testament to the skill of the staff for WARGAMING. SGTmurder is locked and loaded ready to play and intently waiting on a reply for spot to join the testing process. Count me in!

    • I have been waiting for a couple of weeks it feels like lol while some friends only waited thirty minutes please take me.

  81. alright so this is getting annoying iv been waiting 5 6 days and still havnt got a email with a code!! i mean comon please iv been stocked to play this game and its not happening

  82. I submitted 3/14/2015…… Still waiting. Hope to get in though Game looks pretty good.

    • Come on, How about a Code for a Vet…….. really looking forward to testing and playing this game…….

  83. I requested a code 3 days ago and still waiting (; I hope I get one the game looks amazing.

  84. Is there a way to check to see if we have been accepted incase the email went to spam?

  85. I can’t wait to play this…I’ve been watching nonstop since last Thursday on Twich same day I put in my application….Very cool, Nice Work. Should I play JPN or U.S.?? Looks like most streamers are playing JPN, so I’m thinking I’ll go U.S.

  86. Well am glad to see after 3 years to get an invite….. App sent and patiently waiting for your response !! Thanks

  87. Hopefully i receive a code.. This is the game I’ve been waiting for for years since WoT! =D!

  88. applied during the weekend, seeing as i never got one and people applying after the weekend are, i guess i’m not allowed to be in the beta, so i guess i can just focus on other games,,,,

  89. Yeh this looks amazing!
    I was a big fan of World of Tanks, I’m sure I will be of this game too!

    Great job and hope to test it for you Wargaming :)

  90. I watched some videos on YT – this game is amazing!! I’m so excited. I can’t wait for joining this game :)

  91. played every game from your till now only one I haven’t is this one cant wait …still the best games around

  92. I’ve waiting too long now. Almost everyone I know has gotten the game whale i’m still waiting. Wargaming IM DYING TO PLAY THIS PLZ HURRY!!!!

  93. ther’s a BIG fail in this game!! the **ing cap ends the battle very fast and doest let us to win we left around half ppl still alive and the battle ends by cap.. PLEASE fix it the all fun is around the battle’s end :(

  94. Hi! I am really looking foward to participate in the BETA, I have allot of experience in beta testing and i will report every bug i see. I have allot of time to play the game!!! PLZ choose me!

  95. game trailers look very awesome . its going to be a great game im sure even if i dont get into beta i will defo be playing this game from all ive seen and read games going to be epic

  96. This game looks like so much fun, I hope I get an invite to the beta. If I don’t I will see you guys on the lunch date.

  97. I submitted just a few hours after Closed Beta started. Still nothing. Went through the same process with WoWP, so figure I’ll get something soon enough. I started playing WoT only because I had heard the rumor WoWS was going to be developed. Just could never go back to NavyField knowing this wa

  98. any one no were a navy salior can get a code to get some sailing in i never got a code

  99. This game looks so fun! Watching all of the streams and posting on the forums has gotten me excited! If only I could promote this game even more than I already am!

  100. Application sent. Just letting you know WG, that unlike world of warplanes, you will practically own my computer life for the next few months or for however long it takes until open beta, for the testing (yes I’d take time off WOT for it) and yes, I can’t wait to give feedback.

  101. My friend is interested in this game very much. So I hope that he gets Code and I want to play with him.

  102. I looked on facebook page and it said that they accepted all Asia Website Applications and that includes me but i havent got Email Yet. Plz help…

  103. i really want to play this game and i am wait to try it. I wait a long time to get a beta test code …. however.. i didnt get it. so if admin see this comment… can u give me try it? i really want it .

  104. Who have invitation code~? I really want to play this game~~!
    If any, can be intimate for me?

  105. Are there any codes for EU left and If not in wich period of time will be the next giveawy XD ???

  106. Still Waiting. Gonna be soo pooped out if i dont get the beta for this game coz i waited since 2013 for this game and im SO EXCITED for this game

  107. Application sent. I hope I can get in, I watched so much youtube and streams on it.

  108. I’ve been waiting for this game for over four years, 2 houses, 3 school’s, hundred’s of log in’s into world of warships to see if closed beta is happening yet, over 6,500 battles on WoT, and WoWP, and now it has come down to, will they accept me or do i have to wait a 5th year.

  109. i realy wana beta test i loved world of tanks and world of planes even warthunder but i wana be come a navy person in the future so i wana learn all about the ships and things befor i go i always looked up to the navy thats y i realy wana play this game to learn about the history ^~^

  110. I hope I can get into the beta as well. I’m personally interested in US Cruisers. I wish though that the US battleship line was in ;(

  111. Always loved watching documentaries on the military history channel as a kid. Can’t wait to join CBT! (Looking forward to those Carriers)3

  112. I love WoTs and WoWPs so I cant wait for a chance to play this please give me a go

  113. I have always loved battle ships and this is definitely the best game I got an application in so I’m crossing my fingers I’m in luck. :)

  114. Hello!
    I live in Maizuru of Japan . So , I’m interested about the warship.
    I think WoWs is a very interesting ! Hope I can get a code.
    Thank you for developing this game .

  115. I really want to play this game been waiting for it to come out for ages…. i have been waiting for about a week to see if my application has been accepted….the suspense is killing me ;) please accept me wargaming

  116. Ive been playing for a week now and havent found any issues, This game is awsum and ive just collected a tier 6 carrier.
    My only concern is the carriers bommers, Have they been nerfed for beta because I find them next to usless?

  117. how long does it take to see if you are in i signed up 12 March and have not heard anything yet

  118. Are you still looking at app for closed beta? Submitted last Thursday….20 people in the clan got in, and I’m still waiting.

  119. sent in my application, was just wondering on how long it takes to respond. I hope not to long I hate waiting for weeks.

  120. You guys are probably not going to reads this, due to the various weird emails you receive from deranged people hahaha. But I write this in the hope of attaining a beta key for world of warships, as you can see from my account I am an avid world of tanks player and would love to try world of warships before i deploy to a foreign embassy. Though I am deploying, I do not mean on a military basis, I am working as an intern for a embassy in the hopes of attaining a job and during those 5 months I am there I will not have time to enjoy myself. I would like to spend the remainder of my month relaxing and playing your game, but if I don’t, I just want to say keep pushing the boundaries of each game and making excellent games.

  121. What’s the chance of getting two beta keys? My marriage is suffering. My wife and I met playing video games many years ago, and over the past few years have not had a game peak our mutual interests until now. Save my marriage, wargaming, please. Provide us with two beta keys and save a marriage!

  122. I follow this game very Closely. Since i was in the WOT and WOWP betas this would complete it =D

  123. Lets hope World of Warships is a good game i can’t tell it is because i havn’t played it yet. I loved World of Tanks but World of Warplanes was a real sad, i didn’t really enjoyed it. Hope you make better on World of warhips!

  124. I got my emails to apply same day they stopped accepting applications. Still filled it out and everything and sent it in. I hope I get in because I have been waiting for this game out of the three (Tanks War Planes and Warships) the most. I really want to play everything; destroyers, cruisers, battleships, and aircraft carriers. Good luck to those who got in first (and hopefully the game is released for open beta soon).

  125. Same. How long does it take to process the applications? I submitted mine last Friday…..The wait is killing me, I’v been checking my inbox almost every hour.

  126. Please, Oh Great and Powerful WarGaming peeps. *bows* I submitted my application within minutes of your great email. May I please haz Beta Access? :P

  127. Still waiting for opportunity to play the beta also, been waiting ages, ever since I first heard about World of Warships. Have fingers crossed they don’t make me wait till release :p

  128. been waiting for this for ages now i cant get a invite code from any one or even wargaming

  129. Oh God! I am soooo late in signing, Please Devs, let me, pretty please. I have been looking forward to playing play this game ever since you annouced its development. (Fingers crossed)

  130. I started playing Wot a number of years ago purely because of my fascination of driving my own tank. Not long after I learned about the plans to make both air and naval games of the same quality, and I really got excited. It is amazing to finally see the plans come to life as world of warships emerges. I cant wait to get in and join this new title.

  131. I want download world of warships to play and similar Fubuki in movies Kantai Collection:KanColle

  132. Guys just remember like most of you I am not in yet. BUT, It says they will be adding batches of players over the next few weeks. Stay Patient Shipmates!

  133. 6 days in. food running low, water reserves running low, smells horrible in this dark horrible room… my eyes fixated to my email, every blink spend reassuring that maybe after that 1 millisecond it took to blink, the one email would show… I don’t know how much longer I can handle this. my every thought goes into owning a yamato class battleship and broadsiding my enemies. please wargaming gods don’t let me down. friend got in and he is being a cruel person playing it in front of me tempting me to put my pencil through his neck and stealing his computer XD. but seriously please give me an invite code!

    • Day 7:
      food supplies have officially been exhausted. I have eaten my own legs just to survive. I resorted to using the coolant from my computer for water. If I am not accepted soon, I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out. Already broke my mouse pressing the refresh button on my Email.

    • Day 8:
      The left overs and bones of my legs have been completely eaten and i now have resorted to eating what hair i could pull out of my head and arms. My fingers are starting to look very good right now and i am now drinking my own blood for nourishment. Im too fixated on the scream to drag my self outside and rub some dirt in the stubs so that theyll grow back. Please Wargaming accept us all of us so no one else has to do what i must do! IM BEGGING YOU!!!

  134. When World of Planes came out I got in on testing, just put in for this testing. wish me luck and good luck to all of you.

  135. it’s there more invite code? I had waited for one week… I hope I can get one code~~ thank you ~

  136. it’s there more invite code? I had waited for one week… I hope I can get one code~~ thank you ~

  137. Thanks wargaming but 1 thing, does our gaming status on other wargaming games affect the application or is it just random?

  138. Really hope I get accepted, still waiting though, take your time. (At least War Thunder is in Open Beta)

  139. i’ve been waiting for this game forever things came up and i missed the closed beta registration on the 12th i sent a application in for it the other day i really want to play this

  140. I haven’t got an e-mail in a week. Getting so sad :( Heard it’s pretty awesome and I wanna try it out. Have some good ideas.

  141. q want to send me the URL per I resgistre 12 and still not sent me an URL per couple to enter the closed beta as there hajj

  142. hi q by q will still lie not sent me the invitation to the closed beta engrasr I recorded me since 12 and still not come URL per me by q will

  143. WG plsss need invited this game, long time i follow begin requiment alpha beta until beta weekend,realy sad, first cant join alpha beta… realy hope this time i will get join this beta ………

  144. I want the invite so bad! I never got accepted for the alpha or the beta weekends :(

  145. plz wargaming let me play this game i am dying of the suspense i need an invite code or just accept me plzzzzzzzz i want to hear the commentator say “enemy battleship founded” so plzz let me in

  146. Plz wargaming plz plz plz give me an invite code !!!! You would be the best gaming company if you would send me an invite code plz ohh mighty wargaming

  147. waiting patiently, like everyone else, and busting a gut dieing to get into this game. World of tanks is only game i play, i would love to add World of Warships to my list.Thanks for consideration .

  148. I love tanks got in closed beta planes and to be honest this looks like this will be Wargaming’s best yet. From what I’ve seen so far makes me sad that I’m not in yet but I still have hope. Wargaming if you let me in I might even polish your torpedo :)

  149. The game definitely looks fantastic, agreed. Eagerly awaiting an opportunity to join the ranks of community beta testers. *fingers crossed*

    Good luck to all.

  150. If i am on WOT and i want to play this, are they gonna accept me because i have been waiting too long for the email.

    • you would hope that they would reward a player that has played and contributed the world of tanks community. we wait and see I applied a while ago as well

  151. Wargaming plz let me play this amazing game that you have created,its graphics looks breath taking the scenery is so beautiful i would really love to be part of this….i think world of warships will make history hah literally it would mean the world to me if i could participate in closed beta testing

  152. I second. My birthday is this weekend (seriously). I wish for nothing but a invite to this awesomeness so I might take a couple a days off work next week and sink some serious tonnage. Please

  153. Who knows how long it takes!! Been waiting for a week now, would really like a key!!!

  154. I’m hoping to get my code soon. Been waiting along time to play. Ever since they announced this game. Please give me a code

  155. I tested help test World of Tanks in Beta, and still am an avid player. Would love to help test this one. I spent 10 years in the Navy and have always loved ships.

  156. LOL Ok, hopefully this will make you all laugh, as I’m desperately waiting and hoping as most of you, for a “KEY” My phone went off and it was a e-mail from War gaming!!!! First thing I saw was “Congratulations” And I was on my feet and heading to the PC!!! And well it was for a confirmation about a sight I joined with them, OMG, talk about a buzz kill! :((

  157. i have been playing world of tanks for over a year on xbox and have been dreaming for a game like this since 2012 when you announced the game, an invite code would be great

  158. Any new when will be an Open Beta or Something! Like all of you i’m waiting for a code since 2012

  159. This game looks it would be a lot of fun, but i cant say for sure until i play it.

  160. PLEASE please please let me get beta. been following this game for such a long time. I cannot wait to play this.

  161. Hello my name Mark i am from Israel , i speak as well russian but because i don’t have suitable keyboard iwill ask in English . Tell me please if account price will be the same or at least like in WOT or more/less the same , for example year premium account ? Or tell me pleace where i should look for price ?

  162. One more quastion . If the game will adjusted to some consule PS , XBOX ? Thnx

  163. i want to play i been waiting 3 uears for this stuff n i always miss the sign up stuff so can someone help me with an invite plz

    • Dude i know exactly how you feel. But in my case i remembered up to a week from the time open alpha or what ever was out and then i remembered it like 3/12/15… and so im sitting there like: rly? wtf brain! thanks!

  164. I came from the lirik stream, been a fan wot on xbox. I`d really love to play this

  165. Hello..

    My name is Kasper, am 27 years old and from Denmark.
    I have played pc in my hole life and knows alot about gaming, gfx, bugs, gameplay, things like that. I am also a streamer on – []
    I’ve also tested alot of games as Euro Truck Simulator and some flight Sim. So i think is there a chance i may be permitted to test this amazing game.
    I’ve also played World of thanks, and World of warplanes, which i think is amazing games to…

    Hope to hear from you guys. With best regards Kasper Vinge.

  166. Wargaming please give me an invite key or accept me in to this awesome game, I have been waiting since last week Sunday so please I would really love it if you would accept me I am constantly checking my email

  167. Planning to spend all weekend playing this awesome game but without a key will not be possible :(