Developer Diaries: Japanese Warships

04.16.15, Development Team
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In the fifth instalment of the World of Warships Dev Diaries, we explore the versatile and deadly Japanese warships making waves in the Closed Beta. Check out how the Japanese Navy’s lethal destroyers and crafty cruisers fared against their US counterparts, and get a peek at Japanese aircraft carriers!

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  1. For all of the praise for Japanese torpedoes, especially the Long Lances, in the actual game, their torps have been nerfed to almost uselessness on CAs and at best, a flip of the coin on DDs…

    • They have killed me half a dozen times, so I’m not sure what your complaining about

    • need a invite code so i can play Japanese also 1 invite code= 1 BIG HUUUUUUUGGG

    • PLS PLS PLS PLSSSSSSSSSSS need invite code :( .
      1 invite code = one free hug with kongou-san :)

    • This code deal is quite the buzzkill. I was looking forward to checking out the new game in town. Oh webll, maye some other time…
      To those able to play, good luck and have fun o>

    • Wow! Cool, I am looking forward to this. How long do you guys think it takes to design a single ship? I am interested in an invite code WarGamings games help keep my mind off of my parents financial problems TY guys and I <3 you WG!

    • I really like World of Tanks and Warplanes but I have just been waiting to play this game. It looks really good and Most of the You-tuber’s like it, So I don’t see why I shouldn’t either so please send me an invite code.

    • 開発した人すごいデースね招待されてないから出来ないけどでもいつかは僕もできるっしょw

    • awesome yoyamato !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • いつもフェイスブックでいつもまってます。まだやったことは無いけれど、いつも船に乗ってる気分でまってます!(待って枡の意味は、コードをまってるw)

    • For all those who want to play this game just buy a ship and you in already so buy them its the best you could do. So those who want to play this game it is really fun just telling you guys.

    • Hey guys I’ve been waiting for about two weeks now. And I was wondering is the beta still open as of right now? Or can people still get accepted for testing the game? I would really like to know because I’ve been waiting for a long time to play such an amazing game. I have WOT on the Xbox and cant wait to play this game (if i get an invite code) when I get the chance!!

    • Vocês estão de parabéns por fazer um jogo tão foda e sempre procurei jogos desse jeito de navios de guerra mais nunca achava e finalmente encontrei esse, meus parabéns de novo e continuem com esse trabalho grandioso também agradeço o vanguarde detonados pois se não fosse por ele não teria conhecido este jogo, agora e só esperar o jogo sair pra o público, ou eu conseguir uma key obrigado e continuem com este trabalho e melhorem este jogo poderoso. Se possível tentem deixa-lo leve pra mim tentar joga-lo na qualidade minima eu jogo o world of tanks no minimu também, se for possível coloca-lo tipo o do world of tanks ou mais leve. Obrigado.

    • amazing game the is one of the best game na I wish I can play :c well I guss I will have to wait

    • I’d like to play this game, any set time for release. Or maybe you could give me a beta code.

    • Would be interesting to test out these. Sadly I’m going to have to wait till it’s out in open beta.

    • the long lance have up to 20 miles of range and Japanese DD if well used they become real ninja

    • Cant wait for the game! I watch Mighty Jingles play it all the time. It looks a bit hard to play though. I have played World of Tanks for a long time and I cant wait until the ships come out! When will it come out? and will it be free? I really want to play it, but ill have to wait until it is fully released. I see all the comment begging for an invitation code! Itss really weird. The chances of me getting a code is very low but I just want to say, Good luck on the future development and i cant wait to play it!

    • When I launch torpedoes, it’s “Fire!” *wait… wait…* Boom! *Starts chat* CRASH BURN AND DIE SCRUBS [Enter]

    • wow I cant believe closed testing is final out! can’t wait for my code !!!!!! also on a other note GO JAPANESE NAVY!!!! WOOT WOOT BANZI

    • This game is incredible. Waiting very patiently for invite code. Can’t wait to blog my experience!

    • When a flag of the Rising Sun of a used UN global standard flag can’t also be used for a historical evidence street now, please don’t use all old Japanese Empire navy warships.
      This also violates an international treaty by insult to Japan.
      When believing the lie the South Korea people are talking about, wise Japanese wouldn’t play your game and it’ll be a bat image for Japanese.
      An individual also has legal measure make me consider to you at least.
      I don’t play your game at all until this request passes.
      Because a Japanese warship is used, without being tricked by a national lie in South Korea, please check it accurately.
      Many warships of a Japanese animation also come out, but it’s a maximal spoony that a flag of the Rising Sun can’t be used for a Japanese warship on a historical evidence street!

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      二. 真实的使馆认证及教育部认证,公司完全按照正规的流程手续办理。可自行前往北京教育部窗口递交与拿结果!!!目前有一些同行所办理出来的认证只能在虚假网站查询1-3个月左右的时间,并不是教育部官网,也不可能永久存档。那样是对学生的不负责任,在办理的时候一定要慎重!  
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    • lol all these people begging for invite codes. It’s pretty sad.Murdoch毕业证Q/微信234288114办理澳洲莫道克大学毕业证成绩单文凭学历认证 Murdoch University

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    • They have killed me half a dozen times, so I’m not sure what your complaining aboutSUT毕业证Q/微信234288114办理澳洲斯威本科技大学毕业证成绩单文凭学历认证 Swinburne University of Technology
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    • until you fix the invisible destroyers that fire torpedoes from 100 feet and never show up without smoke being deployed I will bad mouth this game every where and will not spend another penny on this garbage!! The human eye can see unassisted for 2 miles, so 100 feet away and invisible dd’s are pure bllsheet!! FIX IT!!!

    • I’ve been hoping for an invite code for at least a month w/ 2 accounts now. I doubt they’re still giving out codes. I’ve kind of given up hope for the code, just wait for the CBT. (Closed Beta Test)

  2. Hopefully I get to use these ships soon! Im dying to get into the BETA!!!!!

    • Oh you people stop complaining, the game was said to be AT LEAST in open beta before 2016, relax! Oh, and by the way, keep away from me, when it comes to role playing as the Japanese, well… let’s just say I’m a bit “trigger happy”…

  3. i have been watching World of Warships on Twitch in Sacriel’s channel. he has been really crushing other players with Japanese warships. this game looks really fun, its a shame i can’t play.

  4. I like to see the Japanese Aircraft carriers in the game in further updates.

  5. Those Japanese 18″ guns are going to be brutal. I’m very interested to see how air strikes and air defense are going to be handled.

    • 1. They are 18.1 inch guns
      2. American 16 inch, 50 caliber, guns out-preform the Japanese guns in all category’s
      3. The Montana class battleship in the US tree has Armor to withstand Any Shell in the game (including it’s own) and fires 2,700lbs super AP shells Miles

  6. I really love all the hard work you guys are putting into this game! Im watching many videos anout it and im dieing to try it out for myself! Keep up the good work on this game :D

  7. One thing I noticed about the planes is they show them on the aircraft carriers but when they take off when you send them out all you see is one plane which to me is pretty dumb you need to make it where they show more planes instead of just one also you need to make it to where you can see your crew walking around on your ship and doing damage control when in combat and also show them moveing around on the carriers launching the planes and bringing them in for landings so basically it whould be better if you added all of that in the game also you need to make it to where you can change flags on your ships and when your in your port show your ships getting worked on by the crew of the ship and show little transport boats bringing in supplies and crew to your ships also add tankers bringing in fuel for them as well I think if you guys did all of that you whould have a kick ads game but it’s already fun game to play I love playing it and I can’t get enough of it also give the US navy battleships cause they had battleships back in WWI and WWII it whould be nice to have US Battleships on the game as well but all and all its a fun game to play

    • I don’t know. That just sounds like a major frame rate drop to have people.Wargaming has never shown actual people in 2/3 of there trio games (world of tanks, world of warships, They do in world of warplanes, but thats just the back gunner in some aircraft) I don’t know wg, I think it’s fine how it is. Just keep it without little people

    • ok…. breath…. and yes all the little stuff you asked for is just going to soak up the bandwidth and resources. It does not effect actual play so no need to go there.

  8. As kongo type,it had a length of 214.58 meters (704 ft 0 in) overall and a beam of 28.04 meters (92 ft 0 in). They had a draft of 8.22 meters (27 ft 0 in) and displaced 27,384 metric tons (26,952 long tons) at normal load,seems to be the quick one among most of battlecruisers.

  9. Do you take in to account real ballistic information? You state the Yamato class has the biggest guns at 18in.; which is true, but did you account for the better armor piercing power of the American 16in. guns?

    • 18 inch had better penetration. The super heavy shell allow the 16 inch to only roughly match the 18inch at long range. At medium and close, the 18 inch performance is unsurpassed.

  10. Game sounds great been waiting for 2 years would like to get a code for beta or at least a release date

  11. That’s really cool. I’ve been watching videos on the channels of like Phly Daily, who by the way is really cool and I really like what you’ve done with the game. I haven’t been able to play it but would really like to, so I can experience the game myself. Thx for reading this and I hope your day is a whole BOAT load of fun!!!!!

  12. its very interesant, the japanese ships, i belive was the japaneses warships are the best of the best in the second world war

    • In the early stages they were. Then the US started building a superior ship. Tech was booming for the US and the Japanese were pouring everything into just keeping things the way they were.

  13. My dad is in the navy and he works on subs and aircarft cariers The second I saw this I was like wow my dad would love to play this with me.

    • My grandad was being trained for subs when ww2 ended. He was the sonar operator. But he was never deployed

  14. I have two things to say, first the Yamato’s turret face plates are the only immunity zone against the Iowa’s guns at long range, though penetration of 22 inches of 26 would probably kill those inside.

    Question if this goes like tanks does that mean we can refit the Iowa with the 80′s weapon system as in Missiles? If not then please!!!!!!

    • Then you’d need Phalanx guns and computerized locking…. I can see that happening….. :/

    • Wrong turret face plate is the only area immune to all types of projectile. Not even modern day have something to go through it because missiles and naval guns these days lack AP. Yamato armor was imune to Iowa fire from very far away. Only at closer range can Iowa reliable penetrate.

  15. The large amount of Japanese warships does make them a great potential in the game. Nagato, Mutsu (the terrible accident tho), Kaga, Agaki, Daiho (as well, the terrible accident tho), Yamato, Musashi, are all warships worth taking into the game.

    And also, I will be very excited if I am invited to the game. :)

    • Yup, carriers are like the sniper for this game, I hope carriers “Kaga” and “Akagi”. Would be there.

  16. I’ve seen pictures of this game and it looks really fun to play with friends, and fun to roam around and flank enemy ships. Judging by the pictures the artwork looks astounding and the idea of an open sea shooter is something i have not seen. There also seems to be an immense variety of ships for us to use, so we can find the perfect one that fits our play style. I would be honored if I was gifted an invite code so i could play and experience this game for myself.

    • Akagi Kai ,go to you tube and watch the videos that are available to watch there great.

    • The youtube vids are what convinced me to buy a package and get in on the closed beta

  17. I hope I can play this…I want the “code” pleaseee… so sad.. right now just plak W.O.T…. Seriously, I realy like this games… The best game ever!! . Very jealous looking at my friend play World of warships…

  18. I love u guys at wargaming! I was wondering how many aircraft are in a sqaud. Also, does the Saratoga have her 8 inch rifles? All it is here is people wanting invite codes lol

  19. This game is going to be so badass! I cannot wait to start broadsiding dudes in game (if only I had a beta code :/). Guys, when the game launches, should I go Montana or Yamato? Leaning towards Montana but what do you guys think?

  20. Can not wait till it is open for everyone. W.O.T is great W.O.WP is ok ,But this to me should be the best. Best naval war movie in harms way .PT boats wood be a good addition .

  21. ive been waiting to play world of warships for years i played wot for years and i realy REALY want to play world of warships

  22. Any truth in The Mighty Jingles comments on his you tube vids the game may be released to the public by the end of april.

  23. open it soon i got to go back to work or can u make me a tester i sent ya my info but my friend got in and let me try his a couple times can t wait till it comes out i will be sailing so watch out for me

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  25. I mean, so long as you have Torpedoes, you don’t really need silly things like “defense” right? :P

  26. I have been watching CohhCarnage and others play this. Please I need an invite code!!!

  27. If in the game player who having a ship which is fully damaged are able to sink a enemy ship by a ship Impact that will be fun

  28. This game looks awesome! Been watching footage for this game for a while and I can’t wait for it to come out or if I am still lucky enough to try the beta! Also i am happy to see they are doing the Japanese navy good by making the battle ships just awesome! Keep up the amazing work!

  29. The game so far, plays well enough , will see in the next few weeks. Being a 1/700th waterline scale WWII naval warship builder of over 250 ships ,most being what is available of the Imperial Japanese Naval fleet ,and an avid naval war gamer for over 40 years, the graphics are great. There is one major discrepancy you have overlooked. Ships of war of all nations fly there country flag from a Insign Staff on the stern , you got that part right. No ship in the game flies there country’s battle flag from the top mast. The U.S. has only one flag that serves as both National and Battle insign. Japanese battle flag is the Rising Sun, there country’s flag is used for non -combat and merchantmen ships. Germany and Britain also used 2 different flags on there ships.

  30. Guys, open beta is coming soon… pretty sure
    if im wrong, oh well, we cant give up hope

  31. Ive seen a lot of yalls videos and it looks really fun cause all my friends told me all about it and they been asking me am i ever gonna get it and i told i cant do anything with out a invite code.

  32. And i was just wondering maybe if y’all get my message. I hope y’all see deep down in your hearts if i could get an invite code. Thank You and God Bless.

  33. really glad to see the diversity between the two fleets. should make for some fun tactical game play when it come out fully.

  34. With the next update to fill in all the missing ships obt must be close. I guessing there is still 1-3 months left till obt

  35. WOW!!! Completely amazing video! I love the information that is being given in this video! There have been things ive never known so that was really cool. i love the part about how japan went into overdrive making battleships and arming them to the teeth. Cant wait to play the game! Keep doing a great job!

  36. Hey! Please Read this! The Mighty Jingles otherwise known as Jingles in WoWS is a great youtuber who plays and makes videos of you wonderful game! thats how i got to know about this game! I just wanted to let you know about his channel and see for yourself what a great youtuber he is! I appreciate it and am pretty sure The Mighty Jingles will too. Heres a link to his channel. enjoy!

  37. Every day I wait to play this another bit of my soul is stolen from me XD

    Honestly though, looks awesome. Can’t wait to use those Jap cruisers, and indeed actually, you know, play.

  38. I watched several videos and I think the destroyers are unbalanced in relation to large cruisers are escorting ships and are resisting much against them.

  39. I’d like to apologize, this is the T6 cruiser Cleveland, the next post will be the aircraft carrier.

  40. when come the free version online of world of warships? can u tel me plz

  41. I hope someday this game is in Open Beta! Or until I hopefully get a invite code… Someday. :(

  42. This video was very informational and now I realize that there are many, many more things to this game that I did not know about. I sure hope it opens to people like me without the beta. Just watching YouTube videos wont cut the demand for this game for long. I hope I can help beta test to make it free to the public. And to be honest, from watching YouTube videos, there really is nothing the game can improve on.

    ~ A life time boat lover

  43. Give me the USS Yorktown class with the option of having the AA and other upgrades that the USS Enterprise got in 1943.

    • The Enterprise is my most favorite ship of the war because of it’s history and the fact it was the most decorated American ship of the war.

  44. guys can i please get a code im so excited to play or could you tell me the release date this game from what I have seen is the best ship game evveeerrr

  45. Looks like some great fun, lost my email login and stuff for my other account killer252, would really appreaciate an invite code, beta tested world of planes… or just keep posting vidoes and make me wish i was in the game either way is cool but an invite code would be nice

  46. By the looks of it on youtube, this game not only sounds amazing but looks amazing… I can’t wait to try it out. Also, will there be a modern version of all the world of. games? Maybe have a mode which allows you to have modern combat it will add another side to the game because personally I’m not a bing fan of old planes but I enjoy flying them on my friends computer but stills. Anyways.

  47. How about adding sea port destruction to enemy base, destroying enemy sea port for excreta credits and experience ? or some type special mission taking specific enemy building seaport battle ship is dock ?

  48. To be honest, i havent played WoWS yet, but it looks like the japanese ships are pretty sick. my friend payed in and got a japanese prem. says its great

  49. I have played WoT for a while and really like it. I have a friend who is already in the WoW beta and he told me that I need to get into the beta as well. Just from what my friend has told me and what I found online, the game seems very historically accurate and exciting. I hope that I can get a code, but if I don’t I think this is cool enough to hold out until the full public version comes out. I thing I could grow to like this more that WoT because of the more tactical approach.

  50. Hey guys

    I have been playing WoT & WoWP a while and i think those are excelent games.Iam pretty sure WoWS will be same way..
    please send me an invitation so i can new game try out, thanks ! got several tier 10 planes and tanks

  51. When you are waiting on a invite code and the developers don’t love you enough for one :(
    i cri everim

  52. Looking like a really good Game. All the youtubers are playing it. This is bound to be the next star game. Great job on the Balancing Wargaming! It would be nice if I could have an invite code.

  53. I’m at the point where I would pay for a beta code…so have been commenting so much..

  54. Well, the Japanese navy was very strong against the american navy with their torpedoes.

  55. you need to increase the effectiveness of dive bombers, so far they have been neglected in favor of torps almost exclusively.

    • It will be more interesting if they combine all of their games ( W.O.W.,W.O.T,W.O.P.) into one big battlefield.

    • LOL! the ships alone would take out the tanks and aircraft like so many flies an beetles, the tanks wouldn`t be able to scratch the ships (let alone the aircraft)

  56. I can’t wait for this to come out, I’ve been watching videos from beta testers like The Mighty Jingles and it’s made me want to play so bad, I love the Japanese ships so much but there’s nothing like the American ships :)

  57. Wow all these things, that new game WG world of warship look’s amazing. I’m sure it will be great like world of tank’s! If i could get key and try some now to play and discuss about these game more ;)

  58. Cant wait till Open Beta! These ships look beautiful ingame as they do in real life (sorta :D)

  59. Been looking at gameplay videos for weeks, looks insanely awesome! Can’t wait to play it.

  60. I have played world of tanks world of warplanes and all that time I have wanted to play a world of with ships I now that’s its hear I rely want a beta code or have the game lunch now that its rely close to lunching I ask my friend if its out yet every day now (he has the game) I want to play this game

  61. I love the way they combine history with the game, it makes the experience of the game so much more realistic.

  62. Great work devs!

    Really looking forward to playing the Japanese myself. Hopefully I get an invite code.

  63. It is nice to have everything lead up to how the Japaneses had the vast amount of fire power, but how will ramming work since it will happen a lot more than what it should. I knew a few American ships that had powerful front armor for survival in the case of torpedoes or ramming into someone. So will it still imply for this make up?

  64. This looks amazing, the ships grapics and use of weapons is great i cant wait till it comes out so i can play!!!!

  65. ok just get you an premium and join us and you can enjoy it. It is worth it and also you get the benefit of getting all returned you have purchased. after BETA. So what you waiting on? Get your life-jacket on and jump in! Your going to need it. Also if you think this is one of those Rambo type of jump in and shoot it up type of games, your in for a rude awakening. Your going to have to listen to the writing on the walls of others and hear them, and listen to others in chat offering words of wisdom. It will make it so much more fun. After all it is a real blast in the game. LOVE IT!!! Come on in get some of the Action!!!!!

  66. このゲームが本実装されるのをじっと待つしかないのだろうか…

  67. This is awesome, I can’t believe this is in a real game!! Can’t wait to get the code!! :)

  68. Anyone else super hyped for when it entirely comes out. I am I have a big interest in WWI and WWII The nostalgia of this is immense. Another amazing game from the same amazing creator. Excited for the amazing and epic sea battles that await. #WorldOfWarshipsHype

  69. i love that line of ships. sorry to say over american lines ;0. the konga is an awesome ship..the level of hits i get from this ship is so wicked.,11k a shot and 4 hit to 6 hits a volley lol sorry people incoming lol

  70. you guys are doing such a great job i love the fact you guys dig deep for as much info to bring us this awesome game i can’t wait til this is released. keep posting more info, the more the better

  71. Japanese warships are very strong and beautiful!
    So I love them.
    But I am a Japanese student, so I couldn’t get the information of closed beta test.
    May I get the cord?
    I want to know lots of history in WW2.
    WoWS must be interesting game.
    I hope that this game becomes more good .

  72. I an tell this game is amazing. I cant wait to play. Also, I hope that I can get to use some historically epic ships, such as the Yamamoto (I think I spelled that right).

  73. How is the development of the Taiho carrier coming, if at all? I would like to see the only carrier in imperial Japanese Navy that had a armored flight deck…. it would make for an interesting match.

  74. This video is chock full of good information! Props to you guys! If I may make this connection, it appears that these Japanese ships are very similar in style to the German TD’s in WoT. With machines like the Rhm. Borsig and the St. Emil you have to play it very carefully. Both these Japanese ships and these German TD’s pack a big ol’ punch, but leaving them alone will surely lead to their demise. I sincerely wish I could try out these Japanese ships myself, but I wasn’t able to sign up in time for the CBT. I guess it’s just watching YouTube videos on them for me. At least for now. This game appears to be really well made and has very dynamic gameplay, so I am anxious to get my hands on it.

  75. How much do you think that Japanese fleet will be affected with their anti-aircraft guns being not major defensive threat compared to the other fighting fleets of World War II? I only look at ships, for example the Akagi, would have some Aguns that were limited on firing scope because of where they were placed on the ship during design.
    Will you also look placement of where fuel tanks are placed in reference to ships engines, plane elevators, ammunition storage, etc. Carriers will play pivotal role in many game play battles and I am sure the details will be worked with more & more development roles out. I was just adding my thoughts.

  76. This video was also nice!
    Every time I see the video, you will want to see early in the beautiful girls.
    Now it is also not likely to sleep and excited to see a variety of play animation.

    I will not be able to still play, but you have to spend every day looking forward tremendously to the Can play to check the mail every day.
    In the future, my favorite ship us I am very hope to be deployed all.

    Please Good luck!

  77. THIS GAME IS AWESOME !!!!!!!! too bad haven’t got the code :( pls pls pls give me code >.<

  78. So we have Russian,Britain,Japanese and american warships. I wonder if we can play as Italian warships like battleships “Roma” and “Littorio”? :)

  79. people yo so stupid (no offense) but its in closed beta and invite codes are so u can test it.just be patient and wait for the game too be downloadable,and dont complain too me about you have been waiting for 2 years.Yeah it takes a while to fix a bug if they fix 1 bug and 6 more come then they have too fix that it take a looonnnggg time too edit this stuff.if your so destin too play why dont you try making your own realistic game and see how hard it is too do so stop rushing them with the invite codes!

  80. i have been waiting for an invite code too. and i haven’t said a thing.and with all the videos im watching something telling me they closed the gap and aren’t letting anyone else in so…

  81. and why are you asking for American battleships,why do you car you haven’t even played the game :P

  82. and more epic if they can put all their creation (warships,tanks,airplanes) in one game like the game for “War Thunder”. :)

  83. when are you going to let everyone play for money instead of the all tubers and select few others play for free? im starting to lose interest and give a fux. we see the game on said tubes and know your game behind the game. i will not preorder shat because jingle von daly says its fun.

  84. I wonder is this year or the next? because I WANT to play it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo badly :( .

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    I hope that some time you at war-gaming decide to put the three games into one. I think that the three would make an epic game together, seeing that i was able to play the beta for world of war planes and i play world of tanks now i think overall this is a great addition.

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    ive been following sharing and commenting on all news post and pics = l

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  106. For all of You that want an Invite code, Your not going to get one unless Putin is Your Father, Brother, or Uncle. Now with that said, Buy one of the Premium ships and You can play RFN with the rest of us that forked out between 30 to 100 dollars to get into the closed BETA. And believe Me if You have been waiting a month or a Year, It is Fn worth it. Oh and if You love the Battleship war, Buy the Warspite, She doesn’t have the longest range But she is a Beautiful War Wagon.

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    I say again, stop wasting space on this forum pleading, its demeaning, and only makes you look like a fool, in the end.

    • Ahhh, you see, I want an invite code, but I’m broke. So pleading it is… Yes it wastes space on the forum, which is unfortunate but ya-know if they just handed out the codes then this wouldn’t be an issueeeee cough-extortion-cough

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    • I mean I dont think that any aircraft carriers were even drawn up during ww2. But another idea could be to have other lend lease US and UK carriers

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    • The idea of BETA is for TESTING. All of you guys who are saying “I want to play this so bad”. you are exactly the people that WG does NOT want testing. Once again this is a TEST server, not a selective pre-release.

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  128. I only play Japanese aircraft carriers and I know that you are suppose to get a thinner torpedo spread on your torpedo bombers if you manually aim them however I have never gotten a thinner green line like some people normally do when they manually aim them my torpedo spread is always the same size regardless of anything that I do why is that?

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  138. I am a soldier of the Brazil navy feel the lack of MMORPG games depicting the maritime history since the beginning of mankind until the present day . Esto in expectation of this new hope do suceso in my country and around the world count on me good luck

  139. quien de los que ya estan jugando este juego me puede facilitar una invitación se los agradeceria muchísimo

  140. What is the advantage of premium ships ? They are only known ships of WWII or they have special skills ?

  141. I love the look of this game and have been waiting very patiently. My friend Mojojojo_SR got me into tanks, and since he also played airplanes I got to get on to that for a little while, but this japanese line has me DROOOLING! Watching my buddy play beta, I just want to jam this game. I need me an success code to beta. PLEASE!

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    Please keep doing this.

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    And it seems to get mistook the real thing.

    We look forward to can be aboard this beautiful girls.
    But is soon so open β test starts,
    I can not wait for it, and every day you are intently watching the game video of friends.
    If possible, I want to start any day now …

    It is a little regrettable there are no submarine,
    I believe that it is sometime implemented!

    So please Good luck! !
    We support you! !

  145. Just fucking nerf torp planes….. They’re so broken. Battleships are literally jailbait for Aircraft carriers. Nerf the damage on them or make the RNG horrendously bad for them. When you announced aircraft carriers pretty much everyone knew what was happening, you were putting Arty in the goddamn game. And Artillery is why SOOOOO many people are going to up and leave WoT as soon as Armored Warfare comes out. You’ve essentially put an even more effective version of WoT arty into WoWS. This is why not many people play WoWS as of right now, Because you’re dickheads and wanted to appeal to the one group of mindless retards that makes people leave WoT, Artillery players. Now, Nerf torp planes before someone burns all of the WG headquarters.

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  147. I have a question when is the autro-Hungarian and german navys going to be introduced

  148. I have a question too. when are you gong to introduce the Space Warships into the game?

  149. Dear world of warships team, i bought today for my tier 6 ship, main battery module 2 for 500000 gold.
    i thought it would improve my ship, but instead my ship reloads slower. i know it was written in the upgrade +10% reload time but thought it was a mistake. but when i checked the main battery of my upgraded ship, it shoots 5 times a min, before the upgrade it was 5.5 times a min.
    if its a bug please fix it, if not can you undo my upgrade? because it doesnt make any sense to degrade your ship :D
    best regards dezad

  150. for someone i suspened from chat saids threaten something when i didn’t,what the heck going on with that styem.

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