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General information
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Which genre does this game belong to?

World of Warships is an MMO naval warfare action game dedicated to the naval clashes of the 20th century.

What time periods will be featured?

World of Warships will include ships from the dreadnought era up to the dawn of artillery vessels.

What will be the connection between it and other projects, namely World of Warplanes and World of Tanks?

Players will have unified accounts, with a single login and password between all games. For now, only Premium account time is shared between the games.

Is it possible that tanks, ships and planes will act together on one map?

No, sorry, we have no plans for that.

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What classes of ships will be represented in the game?

There will be four classes: destroyers, cruisers, battleships, and aircraft carriers.

What will be the features of each class?

Battleships: The most powerful and armored ships — the real backbones of a team. They are speedy, but equipped with large-caliber guns and heavy armor.
Cruisers: These are versatile ships. Depending on their type, they hunt for destroyers or provide AAA defense for the allied squadron, and of course, perform artillery duels with other ships.
Destroyers: The tiniest and speediest ships in World of Warships. Their main weapons are torpedoes, and battleships are their favorite prey. Whereas they are also capable of providing AAA cover for the allied ships.
Aircraft carriers: Big and vulnerable ships with long “hands” and sharp “eyes.” Of course, they have planes onboard: fighters, bombers and torpedo carriers. Aircraft carrier gameplay is close to that of real-time strategy games.

How many ships do you plan to introduce?

We plan to add many ships — more than 100 for the two initial nations. So in the release version there will be at least 74 of them.

How many nations will be added?

Players will experience USA and Japanese ships at the outset. After that, we plan to add other nations that took part in naval clashes: Britain, Germany, Russia/USSR, France, and Italy. We will also consider adding the Austro-Hungarian fleet as a separate nation, or include it as an aggregate team of smaller shipbuilding countries (namely Brazil, Argentina, Chile).

Will there be any submarines present in the game?

In their buoyancy state, submarines are defenseless, and their presence when submerged is senseless for squadron clashes. Basically, that’s why we do not plan to have submarines in our sea battles.

Will there be torpedo boats?

No, they are not planned either, because of their unseaworthiness and weak armament.

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How are you going to realize the damage system?

Damage models are rather complicated and mainly deal with the thickness of the main armoring elements of a ship, their slope angle, point of shell impact, impact angle, speed, and piercing performance. Ships are divided into sections where each section is rated by its own buoyancy reserve, and each of them contributes to the value of the ship’s overall buoyancy. In lacking enough buoyancy, a ship will surely drown regardless of its HP total.

Will it be possible to drown an enemy with a single lucky shot?

Yes, one such hit may, theoretically, reach magazines under major caliber turrets or a torpedo store, and the resulting detonation could sufficiently destroy the whole ship.

And how will the destruction / drowning process look like?

Ships will get visible damage; their bows and afts will break due to ramming or shore contacts. They will break apart, catch fire, explode, turn over, sink at level keel and bow, and so on. The game’s simple control models belie a complex damage system, revealing lots of solutions available to players.

What armaments will be under player’s control?

Players will be allowed to directly control major caliber turrets, torpedo launchers and aircraft. They will also be able to set primary targets for AAA sites and anti-mine cannons, but those will be controlled by AI.

How will you implement major caliber turrets firing sequence?

The shooting will resemble that of artillery in World of Tanks, with minor changes, such as considering if all the cannons may be directed a target and their preparedness for a salvo, along with a number of other parameters. So the “multi turret-ness” will surely be accounted for.

Will it be possible to aim several major caliber turrets in different directions simultaneously?

No — all major caliber turrets may be pointed only in one direction at a time. Secondary targets will be automatically engaged by the auxiliary armament available onboard.

How will we control AAA and anti-mine guns?

These weapons will typically operate automatically, depending on if there are any suitable targets nearby.

How will you realize shooting down aircraft for ships bearing multi-purpose major caliber guns?

Shooting modes will change based on the type of ammunition loaded. In the case of anti-aircraft shells are loaded, the turret will then operated by AI, similar to common AAA guns. If, say, one loads AP shells instead, you’ll get full control over the turret again.

Will it be possible to run ashore, and if so, how it will look like?

Yes, this will be possible. Running ashore will cause hull damage proportional to its speed. You may even do it on purpose, so as not to drown due to a pierced hull. In this situation, you may even go on shooting at your enemies in case your guns are still functioning.

Will there be kamikaze moves in the game?

Nope, you won’t be able to issue such orders to your aviation. But planes damaged in the sky may potentially fall on a ship’s deck and thus inflict damage.

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What will be the starting point of the World of Warships tech tree?

The first tier will be occupied by special training ships that will offer players extended moving / shooting practice. These ships will be matched against similar vessels only. The second tier starts the traditional division into classes — battleships, cruisers, aircraft carriers and destroyers.

How many tiers are planned?

Similar to World of Tanks, our game will include ten tiers.

Is it possible that the game will be released with tech trees not fully equipped (i.e. up to tier X)?

No, this won’t happen. The release version will include all ships from tiers II to X, plus the tier I training ship.

How will you balance the ships of different classes?

The game will inherit a slot system, so actually, it’s the slots that will be balanced, not specific ships. Such slots may be occupied by one battleship or aircraft carrier, or two cruisers, or four destroyers. Combinations are also possible (e.g., one cruiser accompanied by two destroyers). Each ship present in the slot will be under a player’s control. Each team will have no more than 10 slots (we ourselves, expect to have eight of them). Of course, there will also be a limitation in the maximum and minimum amount of certain class representatives per team.

How will you organize level-up / research mechanics?

World of Warships will inherit separate components based on module sets. For example, the “Major Caliber” component includes all relevant cannons, their servos, magazines, shells and powder bag elevators, etc. But for the player, all these systems will be counted as one integral component to work with; “Major Caliber”. So leveling up is basically represented by replacing the whole component, with all inherent modules put into place automatically.

Alpha Test
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When will the alpha test start?

It has started already! You may find details here.

What is an alpha test and its purpose?

An alpha test is a close interaction between developers and external testers, with the general purpose of setting standards and preparing the game for release. Obviously, you may play the game that is still in development and still holds secrets from the rest of the community, influence its development, and find new friends there. But along with it, you’ll have to analyze the project actively and critically. The impressions and notes should be also posted in clear and constructive form. Participation will require you to be responsible with the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and be prepared to withstand difficulties (e.g., a necessity to regularly participate in game play sessions). All our requirements and the selection of candidates are regulated by alpha test specifics, where there is no place for any personal preferences.

How may I join the alpha test?

You may place a request in this topic. Currently, only those who have posted 150+ messages by this moment may leave such a request. Such requests sent as PMs will be ignored. Along with that, we periodically organize a lottery and distribute accesses to the alpha test in our blog and forum.

What are the PC requirements?

As the alpha test stage does not imply that a game is decently optimized, we can definitely state the following: the better PC configuration you have, the better your experience will be. Further on, the game will be gradually optimized, with an increased amount of settings available.

What is NDA, is it necessary to accept this agreement?

The NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is a document that regulates relations between testers and game developers. If you get a positive reply to your request, you will be prompted to read the text of the agreement and decide if you want to accept it. The text of NDA may not be disclosed until you get an invitation.

What am I to do after my request has been approved?

Currently we have an electronic NDA application procedure in lieu of the old-fashioned paper manner. In about a week after you submitted your request, you’ll get an invitation with further instructions.

How long does it take to get set up after a tester performs all the necessary steps?

Adding a person to the test includes: awaiting all data necessary from user side, processing it, number of technical operations with your account and the final notification. Of course, we ourselves want to see you among our testers as soon as possible and try our best to accomplish the procedure within 7 days.
If you think things are moving slowly, you may always get an update on its status by sending relevant e-mail to the original provided address. Unfortunately, we cannot let you into the project until our relations are formalized.

When it will be possible to play then?

If you don’t have the time to surf our forum or simply cannot provide regular feedback, don’t worry — you’ll still have plenty of opportunity to play in some battles. World of Warships will undergo all the standard testing stages, and those will be announced through all the regular channels. Keep your eyes and ears open for the news!

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