Modules in World of Warships: Main Caliber Details

12.07.13, Andrey Gashkov, Lead Producer
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Andrey Gashkov, general producer.
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Every component consists of a large number of game modules. For instance, the “Main caliber” component includes all relevant cannons, aiming mechanisms, ammunition rooms, elevators for shells and charges, etc. But this component will be provided to players only in unified form, without the need to control every screw pitch. After research, it will be sufficient just to replace the  former component “Main caliber 356mm” with, say, the new “Main caliber 406mm” – that will automatically cause all updated modules get to their places instead of the old ones.

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During battles, all components and inherent modules will work approximately the same way as in World of Tanks. So, this will basically mean that hitting the main caliber battery turret may set it on fire and inflict damage (including critical) — if the shell managed to pierce the armor. This is quite hard to do, I admit; historically, these elements have the thickest armor. The Yamato battleship was renowned for her 650mm thick armor plates on the main caliber battery turret. Piercing 410mm armor and covering ammo rooms wasn’t an easy goal either. But in the rare cases this occurred, the unlucky ship was close to immediate destruction, conditioned by the stored ammo’s mass detonation. Actually, this is what happened to the British cruiser “Hood” when she got hit by “Bismark” cannons.

A damaged turret will traverse at lower speeds, and the rate of fire will also reduce. This will happen simultaneously, by the way. The same effect will take place in the case of damage to ammo rooms (of course, only in the case that the player is lucky enough to survive it). Players will be allowed to repair the damaged turrets right in the heat of the battle – they just require relevant consumables in their possession.

Nevertheless, unlike World of Tanks, a destroyed main caliber turret won’t be subject to any repairs before the battle ends. But, of course, you may easily fix it in your dock afterwards. So it will be reasonably possible for skilled players to disarm their enemies with their first blow, even destroying the whole ship by a single hit. To do this, you need to aim at a turret and hull. You should also keep in mind that cruisers and battleships suffer the most from AP shells, whereas destroyers may be easily handled by HE rounds. Though such tricks usually demand close distances: the dispersion ellipse radius at a >20 km range usually exceeds that of most ships.

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Fire within a main caliber battery turret is surely not something you want to happen to your vessel. Whereas such turrets surely will not be able to shoot, there will always remain a chance that the fire will ultimately enter ammunition rooms, bringing you to a bitter end. From that point, the whole process is quite realistic – smoke rising upwards, coupled by random flame bursts. Obviously, such fires should be extinguished as soon as possible.

All remaining components and game modules present in World of Warships will work in a pretty similar manner. So, damaging engines will cause the speed decrease or even completely stop your ship. Hitting radars will shorten your sight radius. Damaged catapults cannot be used by reconnaissance planes to take off. To get an idea of how every group of modules works, you may just look through history books or relevant technical documentation. Or, simply wait for our upcoming stories, where we will cover all the “white meat.”

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    • Look into Battlestations: Pacific. it should help you hold out. but i can only hope it will be x5 better than battlestations!

    • I played Battlestations: Pacific. It is great, but from these blogs I can say WoWS has much more realism. WoWS should be amazing. However, if you like submarine warfare, Battlestations: Pacific gives you the option while avoiding too much realism which scares newcomers as in Silent Hunter series..

    • i never played world of warplanes, world of warships, and world of tanks. thats why i need to play world of warships because its the only game that i have a account

    • Battlestations: pacific is a great game but honestly battlestations: Midway is a little better although graphics aren’t as good the ship warfare is more fun in midway

  1. With this many modules, will the allowed number of each consumable type be increased? For example, if someone is captaining a big battleship, having only One fire extinguisher or repair kit is kind-of useless.

    It would make it more worthwhile to have either a system that could be loaded with a certain amount of charges (fire suppression system, repair kits in a maintenance locker), or have different sections/modules of the ship be allowed to carry their own supplies.

    Those systems could even be counted as “consumables” themselves, and have to be purchased (and then loaded/reloaded) before battle.

    • This concerns me even more considering the previous details post saying that their would no longer be “battlefield repairs” of modules.

    • Will you can’t exactly fix a broken turret without things like cranes, wielding tools etc. And to fix things like propellers etc. the ship needs to be in a dry dock. 95% of the time a ship gets damaged it goes straight back to the nearest port large enough for it because that’s the only way you can fix it. There may be basic maintenance like getting the engine working again but nothing major. With a tank you can quickly jump out a fix something like a broken track but with planes and ships its a lot different. In WoWP you can’t repair anything. All you can do is equip a booster in case your engine cuts out on you.

    • I understand things like the main/secondary turrets being trashed, and large sections of the ship being unusable. But would the “maintenance” cover fixing/replacing AA guns, the radio, or other sub-systems that could take damage and be fixed while underway? Also (possible dead horse) what about fire suppression?

    • I’m sure that some things that can be fixed while underway would be. There will be fire fighting systems similar to fire extingushers in WoWP and WoT.


    • There is no Open Alpha. It goes from Closed Alpha to Closed Beta, then Open Beta and finally release.

  3. 650 turret armor. Is that as thick as a piano is long?. (I play the piano, thats why i’m asking this question:O

    • it sucks that you cant have subs but it is true there OP cause ok a ship comes at you all you have to do is dive then you dont have to worry about DEPTH charges cause those dont go into deep parts but atleast they let you captain the 2 main ships this is probly going to be the ONLY sim comeing out this reaslistic with BATTLESHIPS and CARRIERS some people thing carriers are OP but there not just get the fastest ship you have get around the enemys fleet get behined the carrier then shoot some TORPS at it its that easy but just make sure the carrier does not see you casue if it did it will send all its planes at it and you dont want this happening to ya ( ) for pearl right?

    • But won’t a ship know and send dept charge at you? On small small dept than damage your sub can be deadly…:X

    • They don’t put subs in because when they surface to attack they can be destroyed with like 1 shell

  4. Point about the loss of the HMS Hood, it’s wasn’t a hit to the “main caliber” mount, but a penetrating hit on the belt that lit off a “low caliber” magazine. That then spread through poor design to the “main caliber” magazine.

    Hopefully the damage model is detailed enough that it will support hits to the “mounts” that do not rely on penetrating the massively armored gunhouse/barbette structure.

    Note in the linked picture, a large portion of the ammunition storage is outside the barbette –

    • I through it got hit on the magazine and the charges blown it apart, or the ship got hit on the engine or oil tank, looks like I was wrong!Lol!:D

    • There is currently no way to download the game as it is in Closed Alpha.

  5. Very interesting stuff. When is the anticipated date for open alpha or closed beta testing? I want to get my hands on some of these warships

  6. To the people who replied to my impatience…..
    Oh and thank you for telling me that i need to wait like 6 more months

  7. I am really happy with how this game is coming along. The amount of detail and time WG has invested into this project. Somethings I hope are considered into the leveling system should be the and there effiecny. For example instead of fire extinguisher have have a firefighter set up onboard. Determining there rank number of sailors in crew can determine the outcome and time it would take. I strongly support the idea no ship is great without agreat crew onboard. But to most importantly to honor all those brave souls onboard.

  8. The only thing I hate about wargaming, is that they tell you something awesome that they are going to release too early! I just can’t contain myself!

  9. If there is an opening in closed Alpha or Beta please send me an invitation, I love WOT and playing it on my Xbox.

  10. Son can someone tell me when this games expected release date ius you dont update anything on here
    also how do i get in the beta testing

  11. Is there any way of knowing what kind of computer I will need to play WOWs? Kinda in the mood to upgrade since Bill Gates just turned his back on XP. What size CPU and how much ram plus of course what operating system? Looking forward to playing and would like to be ready :).

    • uhh im not sure it requires a certain comp. I think you just need lots of GB and RAM im not 14 yet so…

    • No a spy sphides and snipes a carriers job is to dodge enemies and scout using planes as well as suppress enemy ships /planes from the air carriers are very important and not like spgs

  12. this game is probably gonna be more famous than world of tanks
    really wouldn’t surprise me if it was
    ok maybe a little bit but

  13. =/ iv’e been waiting for.. like.. a year & a half for WOWP to come out…. next fall is too far away… so distant… around my B-day =|

  14. I really hope the DEV’s can add submarines that you can fight with then just ship to ship battles, Because submarines where just as valuable as surface ships if not more.

  15. I need to play this NOW. Just the thought of wrecking a destroyer in one of those metal monsters makes me want to play!

  16. I have a cuestión If you score a direct hit at the command bridge will it affect the reaction time of the ship or will it be just a critical hit or just a hit?

  17. I can’t wait to see these beautiful battleships and destroyers in action, THE HYPE IS SO REAL. CANT WAIT TO GET ACCESS TO BETA!!!! :D

  18. Hahah,I play WoWS with My Friend Account,this game was awesome,but they said AP damage is nerfed by WG?is that true?

  19. NO they are not ready for open play yet BUT notice the new button offering you a way to buy some ships now just in case you get to play later. :-) …. I been waiting 2 months to get in. Not worth it. Give my place to another please. :-) …. been watching all the uploads/videos… Battlestations is much better. I guess i should say thank you for making me wait so I didn’t spend money to find out. No offense anybody… Have fun… I hoping JANES will come back with some of their games.

  20. i’ve been waiting to play to the closed beta but theyre not replying in my yahoo account

  21. i jus have one question, when can I shoot a Battleship? I really want to kill either a Battleship or a Aircraft Carrier.

  22. I have a question ,If my ship has a scout plane how do I direct the scout to say for example to map area E5 how do I do that?

  23. I hope that different shell types will work realistically, not lobbing HE until everything dies.

  24. im tired of waiting for the game… i’ve been playing Naval Front-Line on both my phone and on facebook, it doesn’t have a zoom which is a waste of shells trying to hit a target… please hurry up, im going crazy

  25. hey im having issues logging in to my account on WOWS account, it says server error, and thats it,

  26. Um, one correction. Hood was destroyed by powder flash and the detonation of the ship main magazine amidships. More then anything else Hood went down to human error. There were penetrating rounds into the power magazine. She died to the same cause the 3 queens did at Jutland… Human error. And overriding the ships saftey features to prevent such a situation from happening in the first place.

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