Naval Legends: USS Alabama

02.19.15, Development Team
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After yesterday’s tease, we’re sure that you’re primed for the real deal. Audemus jura nostra defendere. Pardon our conflation and our Latin. Click play to discover more about Alabama! The ship… not the state.

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  1. Cant wait to se what would have happened if the USS Alabama engaged the Tirpitz on a one on one battle

  2. I was worried yesterday that it wouldn’t come out… I forgot the different time zones means that when it is today where I live, it is tomorrow where the Game location is. Also, looks very nice, learned lots about this ship. I would NOT want to be stuck in the brig during a battle.

  3. HAHA! i live right by the uss alabama in mobile, i’ve been through it myself about 6 times at the museum. i love it so much. the first ship i’m going to dedicate getting to is the uss alabama

    • Wow all that it has been through and i’m right by it a true source of real history when you walk through the ship

  4. Has anyone noticed that the alpha work in progress stamps on the blog and main website disappeared?

  5. The USS DRUM a submarine is on land behind the aircraft hanger and you can walk through it

  6. If they are any chance to play beta i will do it.
    I know ship like Yamato,Bishmark,Class Iowa,U-boat and ush. I reall want to see how in real they perform in combat, Their armement, abilities and such its would be a great pleasure to see it when its will come out

  7. Nice video of the U.S.S. Alabama is a great ship. I Iike get a chance to play in beta.

  8. USS alabama was a beautiful ship. awesome video and expect the game to be awesome as well

  9. Sadly the Alabama’s class is skipped over in the American battleship tech tree making me wonder If it will be a teir VIII premium battleship or will be an alternate choice potentially I had expected it to be teir VIII or IX very curious how the South Dakota class battleships ,which the Alabama is, were skipped over I’d love to hear the decide teams plans for the South Dakota class

  10. My grandfather served on the USS Alabama during WWII. It was fun walking around the ship having him show me were he work, slept and lived. Seeing his name on walls and areas he served was just breathtaking. I have passed that on to my kids so that the history may never die.

  11. My Grandfather served on this ship. I think he would really be happy to see it sail again whether in a video game or real life

  12. It’s really nice but i’d like to spam about the carriers like every other damn person.

  13. The U.S. allabama looks like a wonderful warship I really want to play with it that would be my goal in what I know of the game

  14. For as long as I lived in the southeast US, I never knew the Alabama was in Mobile, AL. Well, add that to my list of tourist destinations.

    • You need a code for the closed beta? Click here:

  15. I have been waiting for almost two years when I first heard through the grape vine that war gaming had started this jewel of a game. That few game makers would dare to try and take on the immense scale of recreating naval warfare in a MMO, and this is a true testament to the skill of the staff for WARGAMING. SGTmurder is locked and loaded ready to play and intently waiting on a reply for a spot to join the testing process. Count me in! Send SGTmurder an approval for his application.

  16. I’m stationed in Pensacola and the USS Alabama museum isn’t too far away. Trying to go there some day!

  17. we should be able to get what ever ship in the class there is and awesome want to destroy so much

  18. So, I see the U.S.S. Alabama almost daily. Its like 15 minutes from my house. Woot.

  19. Living in mobile just about i love going seeing the ship and plan on seeing it again this summer during a big car show at the museum! XD I also hope to sail it in this game!

  20. I love games wargaming since the user always focused and in our community now world of warship if I was given the opportunity to prove it would ensure the greatness of this cpmpañia Wargaming.

  21. ive been to the Alabama at least 4 times, maybe 5, its my favorite battleship of all time,
    1.its huge
    2.big guns can play with the big guns, u are allowed to can move the smaller turrets and 20mm’s where except the top 2 floors are restricted
    6.sub, tanks, and air museum right next to it

  22. I can’t wait to use it also if there are any war gaming net employees out there this question is for u guys, I appl for closed beta for this game, how long does it usually take to hear if I’m in closed beta or not

  23. Ive visited the Alabama before and was able to stay the night because of a school trip. It is massive and they even used it to film movies.

  24. I’d like to apologize, this is the T6 cruiser Cleveland, the next post will be the aircraft carrier.

  25. I started playing world of warships ,I watch videos by Quicky baby and the mighty Jingles so can learn how better to play both world of tanks and world of warships. I also watch how others play the games so I can improve my game play as well. I also read the comments made by other players they all seem to say that
    world of warplanes is a bust and that one should not waste money on that game . And the people at wargaming
    .net should go back and try and do a restart on world of warplanes start over right from blue prints . The other
    two games I give WORLD OF TANKS 10 stars and WORLD OF WARSHIPS also 10 stars and world of war
    planes 1 star out of a possible 10 as my grading system works. Can’t wait to see the US battleships in the game.

  26. I have actually been on board this ship she is beautiful a very deadly work of art

  27. no AAA should be first person I get there are lots of guns on ships but not every ship has so many guns out it so make I where it is AI or player controlled like war thunder planes are I mean im a hug naval history and military history fanatic and Ive loved it all my life and ive always imagined of being able to shoot down planes in WWII is the era I would have loved to have lived in I had 9 family members that all served in the military in every branch so please make AA ai and player controlled I beg of you all

  28. It would be cool if they did a video about the USS Washington, one of the few American battleships to go head-to-head with an enemy battleship during WWII. I hope to see it in the tech tree when the game comes out.

  29. i will be glad when this game is ready for everybody to play im from alabama and would playing a ship i know well being on her alot touring

  30. I have been following the development of this game for a while now. Enjoying most every aspect of this venture and looking forward to the launch. Little hope of getting in Beta but that’s ok. Live here in Alabama and the battleship sure has a wonderful ‘feel’ to it when you walk thru. I am hoping one thing. That players will not have mixed national ships that were never together like the mixed tanks in WOT. I simply felt lousy about firing on British, French or other Americans in tank battles. I still would be less than happy about riding in my hopeful ship (an AA Cruiser) alongside an Axis ship. Yes I know, gameplay has to come first but hope I can join a ‘guild’ fleet with only Allied ships. Be proud to command a ship with American, British, French etc…with colors ‘aloft’.

  31. Not to nitpick but there are several errors in this video. You refer to the main and secondary battery as 16 inch and 5 inch caliber which is incorrect. The Alabama’s guns were 16 inch 45 caliber and the secondary armament was 5 inch 38 caliber. If you multiply 16 inches times 45 it will give you the length of the barrel.

  32. I would love this ship, Ive been on board the USS Alabama and it’s really cool to see how big those guns actually are

  33. Hey anybody know where to get a good deal on a laptop or desktop that I could get WoW on?

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