Penetration areas of ships in World of Warships pt. 2

01.21.14, Pavel Kayun, Game Designer
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Author: Pavel Kayun, game designer
Part 1 of this set can be found here: Penetration areas of ships in World of Warships pt. 1

Partial penetration may lead to damage dealt by fragmentation explosions on the outer surface.

Partial penetration.

Shells of considerable mass that travel at high velocity may pierce a ship, exploding only after that at some distance away from impact. In such cases, there is also no reasonable damage dealt. Normally, this relates to AP shells, so obviously, attacking destroyers with AP ammo makes little sense. HE shells carry a load of explosive that basically means far more damage dealt to a ship when detonated. Nevertheless, such shells are capable of penetrating only thin armor. One of the most effective tactics is to use them in order to sweep from the deck all weak unarmored structures, including AAA sites. Many players take advantage of such a strategy.

Detonation of an HE shell.

If your shell manages to penetrate armor, the explosion will affect interior parts with varying severity. The damage will be compounded by the impact coordinates, interior construction of the ship, and the magnitude of explosion; usually, those kinds of hits lead to complete destructions. However, penetration doesn’t exclude the possibility of direct damage to vital parts of a ship dealt by projectiles.

Hitting interior sections.

Lucky hits into engine rooms or fuel tanks result in an onboard fire; detonation will shortly follow a direct impact in the ammo room areas. So the outcome is assured: the long-awaited destruction of the villain – it’s only up to you which way you want to see them perish.

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  1. well its cool if u can see the people running and burning of fire in the gameplay

    • There will be no people on the ships so you won’t be able to see them running around or burning. And before you ask, no their won’t be bodies in the water after a ship has been sunk.

    • it would be cool but you’d get that weird feeling of guilt when you completely obliterate the ship and kill everyone onboard. Of course if you can’t see them its just fun to completely obliterate the ships and kill everyone onboard.

    • How come I don’t feel guilt when playing other games that do feature people… Maybe they don’t look real enough? lol JK, but really I don’t feel guilty because it’s a game.

    • that would be cool.
      it would be cool in world of tanks if you could see people trying to get out of the tank whan you get hit

    • Tell me about it, it seems to me while in-game I become a hot head “on-Fire”.

    • Many sailors died that way. So with due respect It won’t be cool to see any sighs of human life it torment .e.g dead bodies, people on fire

    • There will be no bodies, not evem the open roof tanks in WoT have people on them, as it would be just an display of brutality;)

    • Mean no disrespect here, but that wouldn’t happen for the same reason that you can’t see burning crew trying to clamber out of a tank in WoT.

    • Yeah what the others have said, it’s kind of insensitive and disrespectful especially if they are seen in agony or death. best to kill the things which have no mind, the ships themselves.

    • Nothing cool about watching people burn to death and having pulled far to many bodies out of the water, I don’t need to see virtual versions of them.

    • Including people *RAISE* the rating of the game. It retain a teen rating because of the fact that people were omitted.

    • I think it might be nice to see lifeboats or something, but not people burning to death. Little to brutal.

    • WG wont add people because they want to maintain a T rating… same reason they probably wont add infantry to WoT

    • i dont need to see deaD BODIES or people on fire. I would like to see people working the ship and or abandoned ship right before it sinks or explodes. but alas it takes more memory/drawing i really would perfer smooth game play. I think the islands are a bit too detailed. the water is killer!! great job! ** Oh different weather and time of day would be awesome! effecting visabilty and coordinated attacks! just sayin..

    • No disrespect intended but once u experience that kind of horror in the real it can make for many sleepless night, the smell of burnt cordite, oil, and flesh make an unforgettable combination.

    • I would like to see no running for the base when it 5 on 1 in your favor if you log in on game to run away don’t log in you mess it up for other players who want to finish the battle like seek and destory

    • don’t get me wrong its a great game and i love to play but needs another setting seek and destory

  2. Very good tips. I usually keep this in mind when playing other games, like Battlestations: Pacific. The easiest way to destroy a ship is to aim for the magazine, or if not easily available, the fuel. Engine shots will disable the ship, though in Battlestations it does no extra damage, though the way you guys are doin it does make sense. I will definitely keep in mind the HE shells on destroyers and light targets, never even thought of that!

    • A lot of people on youtube say that they posted alpha test World of Warships, but actually played a different game,(Like Battle Stations Midway or Pacific) newsflash: They are not the same, if you happen to find a World of Warships video, look for a speed wheel. (i.e. a circle with the words slow, fast, reverse, and stop) if it has one, it is not authentic.

  3. The HE rounds make sense, especially if you have played WoT. Love the 105mm on the Sherman.

    • the sherman can do alot of damage if you are able to survive, no i have not drove a sherman yet being in a t29 if you can just get at a angle a 105 round cant pen you but the sherman sure will have a feild day.

    • If you love to play with HE, play the Hetzer in WOT with the derp gun. Nothing you shoot at won’t be damaged at any tier I have come across.

    • This is almost the same (or even better) than the physics in War Thunder, if you shoot down the wings, the plane will almost never fly, if you shoot down the engines, no propulsion. In WoW, if you shoot fuel, no propulsion, if you shoot up the guns, it cannot fire. I have very high hopes for this game, keep it up WarGaming and all of you Developers!

  4. Do you know if aiming intentionally at the command structure of the ship and hitting it/or disabling it is possible? If so, does it delay orders or effectiveness in battle? Kind of like having your tank commander killed?

    • i imagine the guns will be considered a part of the super structure. but of course if you kill the eyes of the ship and a significant quantity of its commanding crew the player will be FAR less useful in the battle and should be easily dealt with. as well, you have a chance of “missing” your mark and having a shell fo right through the deck and damage magazines and drive components.

    • I wonder if they would do that. That has been something I have been questioning as well.

  5. This is just simply excellent and so can’t wait for it. It’s about time someone developed and released a naval game, hasn’t been one like this since Battlestations midway and pacific. It’s also be refreshing to actually find the range of the enemy ships as they did during ww1 and ww2. When I played BSM I preferred it to BSP as you had to find the range and unlike BSP just point and shoot. I cannot wait to be able to throw people’s aim off while I be landing a few salvos hehe

  6. i wish this could also work for mac me and my friends would live to but can’t because it only works for windows

  7. If any of you here are familiar with the engagement off Samar during the Battle of Leyte Gulf, you’ll know that the Japanese using AP ammunition against the American destroyers was a critical tactical error (they actually mistaken the destroyers for cruisers), as the shells would simply pierce through the hull of the ship without any significant damage and inevitably didn’t stop the destroyers torpedo attacks on the Japanese heavy cruisers.

    This is certainly something to keep in my mind when playing the game, so thanks for posting this Pavel. Hope to see you when the game goes live.

    • +belarusianssr i know but it was as if luck was with the americans i still dont get how come when they kill one of the destoryers/esscorts that they wouldnt ajust the timing

  8. um gentlemen, if I may…. “Rip EM Apart!!!”

    Thank you, just had to let that out :)

    • It will be free and online at some point, but it’s currently in the closed alpha stage of development

  9. IN that PARTIAL PENETRATION clip, Angle “A” is the obliquity (zero being right-angles or “normal”) and, I assume, 50 degrees being the highest obliquity of some sort. Against thick face-hardened armor, which seems to be the type illustrated here, that 50 degree value would represent about the highest obliquity that one could ever expect an AP projectile to penetrate intact (and only a very few could do that at such a high angle of impact). You can put projectiles through plates at over this angle, if they have enough striking velocity, but they will always be broken apart. Usually, you only get some pieces through, with most damage caused by the chunks of armor thrown into the ship (spall/plug). Thin face-hardened plates (under half of the projectile diameter — half “caliber”) can be penetrated intact by some higher-quality shells with hard caps, due to the brittle behavior of such overmatched armor — though soft-capped shells will almost always shatter during the penetration process at such angles due to the cap tearing free before it can provide its protective effect,

    Homogeneous armor, as used in decks, is relatively soft and deforms rather than breaks, to thin plates can stand up to big shells if the angle of impact is high enough (glancing hits), which is why it is used in decks for protection at close and medium ranges where the shells are hitting at shallow angles of fall.

    The penetration mechanics of face-hardened armor and of homogeneous armor are rather different, since nothing is going to happen until the hard face of a face-hardened plate is broken entirely though so that it can be pushed back through the softer shock-absorbing back layer to allow the projectile through the forming hole — kind of an “all of nothing” effect. Homogeneous armor is gradually opened up deeper and deeper as velocity increases until the tip of the shell can push the last region of armor at the plate back aside to allow it through — good homogeneous armor does not throw many pieces when hit by non-completely-penetrating pointed or oval-nosed shells, unlike that huge chunk of face and back punched out of a face-hardened plate, even if the projectile bounces off, once the velocity is increased enough to make a hole all the way through. Flat-tipped shells can slice out homogeneous armor like a cookie cutter or wood plane, depending on the impact angle, but the force on the projectile nose is high and many such shells will have their noses broken against thicker armor — in fact, complete projectile shatter, with an extremely large increase in the required velocity to get any projectile pieces through the plate, ALWAYS occurs against homogeneous plates hit by flat-nosed shells if the plate is over one caliber thick, even at right angles impact.

    Ships are very complicated things (much more than tanks!!!), so getting this stuff right is the only way to make the game even remotely realistic…

    Nathan Okun

    • Haha, those are good points about the makeup of different armor.

      Being able to see then ship break down more (while still operable) would be nice, towers falling, detailed deformation of the mangled deck armor etc. Damage shown seems hard to determine/not realistic.

      I can understand not wanting gore in the game, but as others have said; just seeing people operating some of the older ships would be REALLY cool. Or even a ‘showcase’ in the main menu that shows the ships in greater detail with their crew. With perhaps possibility to show the ship firing, engines turning, people reloading torpedos or operating AA etc. Would be really cool IMO, as a ‘how it works’.

  10. OK OK we get it, stop teasing me and let us touch it and play with already please oh please oh please.oh please

  11. Lookin forward to this game, used to love playing Midway Battle of the Pacific. This i will play more then WoWP

  12. You never had the idea to use that combat mechanics in a game with pirate ships, or ships of the British navy would be a good topic for a good game the nations could be the potential of the season as Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Pirates what you guys think??

    • You can’t. It is currently in closed alpha testing and you may apply to join if you have 150+ messages between blog and forum or you can be picked because of testing help in WoT or WoWP.

  13. the armor system really looks great will there be a massive explosion if u hit the magazine

  14. Oh my goodness, you guys are so stupid XD. THERE IS NO DOWNLOAD YET! WOWS is still in Alpha testing, after Alpha Testing comes Closed Beta Testing….. The public release date doesn’t come out till sometime in the summer of 2015 they say. So please stop asking those questions, just read the comments and see if anyone has asked that and got an answer.

  15. agreed. I love how there are so many morons who ask for it, even when if u scroll up u can see people saying its not out yet. Nothings changed, it didn’t just come out over night

  16. love the advice make me like this game more and more can’t wait to play it I do stuff like this in wot good to know

  17. I have been waiting to play this game since you first started promoting WOW. That has been a few years now and I am still checking monthly and still I am unable to find a place to download and play the game. Is there a place that I can download this game and play, or test… Being a Marine, I already play WOT and I am very eager to play this game as well!!

  18. thay need mack sure take head to head crashs off….. mack it far instead letting some get head off a start .. let every one try it at same time..i think it way unfair for some like me how cant play game into thay get it done..or we start every thang mack sure ones playing now start all over ween game do come out.

  19. wow can’t wait to play if they ever let it out ( kind of ticking me off ) I mean we’ve only have been waiting for over a year

  20. I wonder if u set a BB’s bridge a-fire will it blind them temporarily? Once this game is FINALLY out I’m gonna attempt it :D

  21. there are people running around on the ship in some of the gameplay videos. Did they remove the people?

  22. Hope there wont be times like when you have to use a M4 anganst a Hull down T29,

  23. will there be night engagements? Like Battle of Guadalcanal and such. I know it would make it a very team intensive match but it would be a match I would love to see.

  24. And now I sadly keep refreshing my email hoping for the closed beta inv. lol… I am such a loser……… (refreshes email again and cries)

  25. Nice animations and all, explains it really well. My Grandfather was a Navy man so I can’t wait to play!

  26. on WaW can you controll the air plane or do you just command them to attack and wait until they do something…

  27. I’ve been enjoying the game so far … mechanics-wise anyway. Only thing I’m not real impressed with is the shell velocity. It really should be alot faster. I’ve never been able to watch a shell fired from a military cannon sail through the air like a football.

  28. It does make sense that HE would do more damage to a destroyer because of the weak armor. A battleship however, not so much so AP would be better there im guessing.

  29. Looks good to me. Wouldn’t mind having the opportunity to see it in game now…;)

  30. Really cool to see a game actually use vulnerable areas on ship at which you can shoot at. Makes the game that more realistic and enjoyable.

  31. Amazing to see the depth of knowledge and research that has gone into the game development. Hoping to get in on the closed beta testing and see the results of all this work.

  32. very interesting. i wish they would incorporate submarines like the nautilus and foxtrot submarines.

  33. that was cool it was a cool way to describe how it hit and how much damage it did thank you for making this game

  34. wow! accept me,Wow, very good and Cool! Can’t wait till I get accepted for Beta!

  35. But is there dynamic damage? Meaning, when you hit a gun, that gun is disabled? That would be very interesting.

  36. Will there be dynamic damage models? For example, i use HE on a deck vs AP, will there be splintering and such? Thanks, looks great so far!

  37. Olá rodei todos os sites , vários lugares mais n encontrei na onde eu possa compra ou baixar , como faço pra encontra o código do jogo .. se puderem me ajudar agradeço muito ! ou me instruir a algum lugar para compra o código , Obrigado pela atenção !

  38. why did you mod the tirpitz spread and dispersion?? after last update. I want a refund

  39. muy buena la nota,,,,ahora con el tema de los regalos,,,,,podrian poner misiones para ganar espacios para guardar barcos ??? ya que no tengo espacio y no lo puedo comprar,,y no quiero eliminar ninguno,,el juego esta muy bueno pero no tendria que demandar tanto dinero,,,muchas gracias saludos cordiales

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