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Issue with Azur Lane camouflage for Nelson


We have discovered an issue which causes the game to crash for the whole lobby if a player enters battle with VII Nelson equipped in the Azur Lane permanent camouflage. We are already working on resolving this matter but, until the fix is ready, we will temporarily withdraw this camouflage from the accounts of players who own it to prevent further crashes. Once the issue is fixed, the camouflage will be returned to these accounts along with one Tactical Special container as a compensation for the inconvenience. 

Please be aware that we are planning to install the update with the camouflage fix on July 17 and July 18 – depending on the region.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

Changes to test ships – Closed test 13.6

Based on the testing results, we're applying changes to French destroyers, Admiraal, Statenland, Theseus, Libertad, and Comodoro, as well as Spanish ships Almirante Oquendo and Victoria.

Closed Test 13.7 - New Ships

Captains! Update 13.7 is approaching fast - that means we have news to share about new ships entering the game, as well as updated 3D models of previously announced ships.

New ships - Closed Test 13.6

Captains, we hope you're ready to learn about the latest ships coming to our game, because this time we have quite the batch poised to enter testing, including our next tech tree line!