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We would like to inform you that World of Warships is in the process of changing its age rating in Europe.


Captains! Update 13.5 is approaching fast—that means we have news to share about new ships entering testing, as well as updated 3D models of previously announced ships.

Balance Changes - Public Test 13.4

We're applying balance changes to the following ships based on an analysis of both their combat statistics and player feedback: Fenyang, Ship Smasha, Siliwangi, Chung Mu, Yumihari, Yodo, Vladivostok, Monarch, Annapolis and Condé.

Changes to Aircraft Carriers and AA - Closed Test

Greetings, Captains! Back in December we announced our plans to implement significant changes to Aircraft Carriers. We hope you're ready for more news, because we have a boatload of info to share! As a reminder, we'll be conducting our first major closed test on April 16th to try out these updates, so certain details can and will change as we move through the testing process.

With that out of the way, let's get down to business!

New ships - Closed Test 13.4

Captains, a fresh batch of new ships is preparing to enter testing in Update 13.4, including a brand new tech tree line! We're now ready to present you with a first look at their history and gameplay features.