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Announcements from the holiday stream, New ships

Today we hosted a festive stream dedicated to the 6th anniversary of World of Warships, during which the Pan-Asian cruiser branch and Black Friday ships were announced. We're here now to tell you about these new ships.

Clan Battles: "Piranha" — Season review and ship limits

We want to share some details regarding the decisions that lead to the format of the 14th season of Clan Battles, give some information about the ship restrictions, and tell you about how those restrictions affected the meta of the current season.

ST 0.10.8, changes to test ships

We adjusted the parameters of some ships based on testing results. Changes will be applied to German battleships, Soviet Aircraft carriers, Incomparable, and other ships.

Update 0.10.8, submarine balance and Missouri economics changes.

We have changed the characteristics of submarines based on their battle performance and feedback provided by the community. It shall affect Dive Capacity and detectability alongside torpedoes and Hydrophone consumable. There are also changes to be made to Missouri economics