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New Ships — Closed test 0.11.4

Researchable British battleships, German Supercruiser Clausewitz, and British battleship Collingwood have been added to the game for testing.

Changes to Test Ships — Closed Test 0.11.3

Based on the results of previous testing, we’re applying changes to Patrie, Maya, Iwami, French cruisers, and German submarines. These changes will take effect with the release of Update 0.11.3.

Balance changes to Petropavlovsk and Tashkent - closed test 0.11.3

We've made changes to the parameters of Petropavlovsk and Tashkent based on our analysis of their combat efficiency and your feedback. These changes were required in order to carefully adjust the balance of selected warships. Further changes may follow in future updates, should they be required.

Ship Restrictions in Clan Battles

In a previous post, we shared our decision to introduce a ship limitation system for Season 14 of Clan Battles and talked about how it impacted gameplay. Now, we want to go into detail about how and why we decide to limit certain ships.