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New Ships — Closed Testing 0.11.11

Commonwealth cruiser Brisbane, American superdestroyer Joshua Humphreys, and Pan-Asian superdestroyer Kunming have been added to the game for testing.

Battle Pass rewards — 0.11.10 Public Test

We’ve noticed the recent buzz around the new Battle Pass feature available in the 0.11.10 Public Test. We would like to share more details about the changes that come with it.

Balance Changes — Public Test 0.11.10

We're applying balance changes to the following ships based on an analysis of both their combat statistics as well as player feedback: Ryūjō, Renown, Monarch, and Lion. The changes will be applied on the Public Test for Update 0.11.10. Additionally, based on testing results, we’re applying changes to the unreleased ship Sekiryu.

Submarines: your questions answered

Our game has taken an important step — submarines have appeared in Early Access. Since the beginning of their development, we have made significant progress and done a lot of work to bring the new class to its current state. We understand that it is impossible to make submarine gameplay suit everyone, but we strived to create a comfortable and understandable gameplay loop that will provide many players with a new and interesting experience. Of course, after the release of submarines, we will continue to work on this new class. However, as we have already stated, for the next few updates after 0.11.9, we are not planning any significant changes. This way, players can get used to the new class, submarines can find their place in the meta, and we can gather the most relevant and accurate statistics possible.

With the release of submarines in Early Access, we also want to give answers to the most popular questions regarding the new ship type in our game.