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BALANCE CHANGES - Public Test 12.6

We’re applying balance changes to American hybrid battleships Nebraska, Delaware, and Louisiana, as well as to British cruiser Hawkins.


Details about new ship restrictions to be implemented in the 21st Season of Clan Battles.

Based on our analysis of battles and your feedback on the ongoing Clan Season, we’ve decided to make changes to its ship restrictions.

Additional restrictions have been added:

  • Now, a team can have no more than one ship in total from the following list: Alaska, Alaska B, Kronshtadt, Nebraska, Delaware, Kearsarge, Kearsarge B, Vladivostok, Lenin, Massachusetts, and Massachusetts B.

The restrictions will come into effect on June 23.


Update 12.6 brings five new ships. American Super Battleship Maine, Italian Super Cruiser Piemonte, European Battleship Karl XIV Johan, British Battleship Scarlet Thunder, and British Cruiser Defence will be added to the game for testing.

Changes to Test ships – Closed Test 12.5

Based on testing results, we’re applying changes to some of the Spanish cruisers, West Virginia ’44, Jäger, Halford, and Novosibirsk, as well as the unique upgrade for Manfred von Richthofen.

Kitakami testing

In Update 12.6 we will resume testing Kitakami - a cruiser whose main armament consists of five quadruple-tube torpedo launchers on each side. 

Balance Changes – Public Test 12.5

We’re applying balance changes to Italian ships, German destroyers, Japanese cruisers, and a number of other ships, as well as to the Smoke Generator Modification 1 upgrade and the X-Ray Papa Unaone signal.

New Japanese battleships - Closed test

In one of the future updates, we will add a second branch of Japanese battleships to the game. Currently, it's still in the early stages of development, but we want to share the first details now.