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Changes to Test Ships – Closed Test 12.4

Based on testing results, we’re applying changes to Asturias, Cataluña, Andalucía, Castilla, Schill, Novosibirsk, Halford, West Virginia ’44, Devastation, Jäger, Muavenet, Stord, Grom, Split, S-1, L-20, and K-1, as well as to the unique upgrades for Petropavlovsk and Manfred von Richthofen.

Visual improvements – Closed Test

Soon we'll conduct a closed test of planned visual changes for the maps Polar, New Dawn, and Islands; changes to hit effects, shell tracers, and water display; and the addition of some fauna on our maps. 

New ships - Closed test 12.4

A branch of Spanish cruisers has been added to the game for testing, as well as Dutch cruiser Van Speijk, German cruiser Schill, and Pan-Asian destroyer Lüshun.