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ST 0.10.4, "Battle of beasts", collection "German destroyers" and interface update.

Closed testing of Update 0.10.4 begins: the "Battle of beasts" event, the "German destroyers" collection, Ranked and Clan battles, and other news.


Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.

Battle of Beasts

A new temporary event based on Germanic mythology:

  • The event lasts 4 weeks. Once a week, you can choose one of 4 teams - Welthund, Feuerputz, Gluhschwanz, or Lindworm.
  • During the event, you need to complete personal missions which are issued daily to everyone who participates in the event.
  • Missions can be completed throughout the day in Random, Co-op, and Ranked Battles.
  • The result of completing missions is taken into account both in personal and team progress.
  • By achieving a certain amount of personal and team progress, players receive rewards.
  • Rewards: themed patches, flags, and camouflages, as well as a new temporary resource - Beast Tokens.

Tokens can be spent on various rewards in the Armory, including containers from the "German Destroyers" collection.

Details of the event will be published in a separate article before the start of the event.

"German destroyers" collection

Another part of the event dedicated to early access to German destroyers will be a new collection that tells the history of these ships, their features, and weapons, as well as the people who served on them.

The collection consists of 4 sets of 4 elements.

Reward for collecting one full set: 1 day of Premium Account.

Reward for completing all sets: "Iron Cross" permanent camouflage for Gustav Julius Maerker and a special flag.

Collection items can only be obtained from "German Destroyers" containers.


There are many special items in our game. In Update 0.10.4, we are adding a new way to obtain collectible content - the auction, where various rare goods will become available. Besides the collecting aspect, the auction will also serve as an additional way to replenish stocks of resources and other in-game items.

Basic Rules:

  • Each auction only lasts a limited time.
  • The auction consists of the following stages:
    • A lot is announced to be auctioned, with the starting price and number of winners becoming known.
    • The opportunity to place bids opens.
    • Summing up of the results of the auction. Bids are no longer accepted.
    • The winners of the auction receive their rewards and the rest of the bidders get their bids back.
  • You can change the size of the bid at any time while the lot is active.
  • The player only knows the starting price, their personal bid, and the total number of possible winners.
  • Depending on the lot, different in-game resources can be used for bids.
  • The number of lots is limited. The highest bid wins. The winning bid is withdrawn from the winner's account in exchange for the lot.

For example, if the auction item was a commemorative flag, with a total of 500 copies, at the end of the auction, each of the 500 players who bid the highest would receive one copy of the flag.

Achievements interface update

In 0.10.4, the interface of the "Achievements" section in the port will be updated:

  • Updated the appearance of the achievement screen;
  • Added categories and updated sorting of achievements;
  • Updated tooltips in the Port and post-battle statistics;
  • Disabled rewards for obtaining achievements. Now rewards can be obtained by completing special chains of combat missions, for the completion of which you need to receive achievements in battle.

Clan battles

From May 26 to July 12, the 13th season of Clan Battles will take place in a 7 vs 7 format on Tier X ships.

Limits on the number of ships:

  • 1 Aircraft Carrier
  • No more than 2 battleships. If the team has an aircraft carrier, the maximum number of battleships is reduced to 1.

Details of the season will be announced later.

Ranked Battles

Season 3 of Ranked Battles will begin on May 19.


  • 7 vs 7
  • Tiers VI-VII in the Bronze League
  • Tiers VIII-IX in the Silver League
  • Tier X in the Gold League

Details of the season will be announced later.


From June 7 to June 14, a 12 vs 12 Brawl will be held on Tier X ships in the "Arms Race" mode.

Details of the Brawl will be announced later.

New content

Added the "Ice Serpent" permanent camouflage for Shikishima, available for clan tokens.

Added permanent camouflages "Veteran of Jutland" for V Agincourt, "In honor of Skagerrak" for III König Albert, "In memory of Jutland" for VIII Tiger '59, and "Baltic strip" for VII Weimar.

Added the "Battle of Jutland" expendable camouflage.

Added container "Battle of Jutland", flags "Battle of Skagerrak", "Hunt for Bismarck", "Admiral General - Commander-in-Chief of the Kriegsmarine" and "German destroyers. Part 2", as well as patches "Battle of Jutland", "Battle of Skagerrak", "Hunt for Bismarck", "Tiger" and "Weimar".

Added "World of Warships: The Beautiful Game" flag and patch.

Ways of obtaining these items will be announced at a later date.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.