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Results of Submarines event on Public test

First of all, we would like to thank all Public test participants. Your interest, activity, and readiness to help are the best rewards for our hard work. Help is always appreciated, no matter what form it takes.


Some players completed an especially high number of battles on the test, so thank you for your high activity!

Thanks to those with huge number of Submarine Battles!

MollyGodiva, AugustusC, MaZaXaKeP, Co503, Zagtot, eugene55, Dunstmunk, XROSOMAKX

Others focused their efforts on providing their opinion and presented very detailed, well-structured, and rational feedback. We've carefully read hundreds of posts and replies on various platforms and are very grateful to those who dedicated their time to provide feedback - it is of crucial importance at this stage.

Thanks for well-detailed feedback!

JonBloor7, Otto_Denchiko, Malagerin, MonC9ITuHa_JICapeHa9I, Wolffnstein, Franco_Nerone, Pikkozoikum, AlexeiCrimson, Darussios, Coldmoonlight, DisorderZ55, cannon42, VirtusIncognita, MutantHptm, WernerBroesel, JetztNicht, Katysha44, FrontenStuermer, Kurugane, van_Clif, Finitan, Capitaine_Clément, Gobolino, Gasover, HipsGuiness, Marcolepsy, Yanzi2202, F835, LiuYing_AG, Akiyama_Saneyuki, LoveMyAlice, Crazy000Airplane, RalphTheTheatreCat, THAI_THIEF, BlackShark97, Corsair_Zero, Vinc_Angel, LittleGreenFriend, dandy_SJS0604, HurisDrunk, Zubian, fudukyun

Of course, we should also mention our Community Contributors - your streams, videos, and publications were not only an additional source of invaluable feedback, but also attracted more players to the topic of submarines and their testing.

We should not forget about players who participated in the three stages of Beta Test - thanks to you, many improvements were made which allowed submarines to finally reach Public Test.

And, of course, we are grateful to everybody else who took the time to participate in the Public Test - each and every one of you contributed to the development of World of Warships with your activity. Based on Public Test results we are planning to conduct a "Submarine Battle" event on the main server in Update 0.9.4. It will allow a higher number of players to take part in testing submarines and will bring us a lot of useful data. However, thanks to your help, we have already identified several directions which we are planning to work on in the future:

  • One of the most popular questions you asked after trying to play on submarines in the Public Test - "what means of protection from submarines will heavy cruisers and battleships have?" For now, we have some ideas of counterplay against submarines for these ships.
  • Counteracting a submarine's sonar pings is currently possible by actively maneuvering and directing bow or stern towards the submarine. However, in spite of the efficiency of these countermeasures, we consider them insufficient and we are planning to make the counterplay simpler by letting a surface ship know if a submarine has chosen her as a target.
  • Sonar pings are a completely new mechanic in our game, and its main feature is the ability to emit pings underwater at targets above and below the submarine. On one hand, it gives more brings a new type of interaction with other ships to the table, on the other hand - emitting itself is not always clear: what is the distance to the target, what speed it has, what lead to take... We have plans to make these mechanics more comfortable in the future.

"Submarine Battle" in Update 0.9.4 is just one of the first steps to create a full-fledged new class for World of Warships. There are many things already done, but much more lies ahead. And with your help, we plan to see this through and, in the end, diversify naval battles with a completely fleshed-out new class. Stay tuned and follow the news! We will keep you updated and share all the details as soon as they are ready.

See you in "Submarine Battles" on the main server in Update 0.9.4, commanders!