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ST 0.10.6, "Dutch cruisers. Part 1"

Early access to Dutch cruisers, combat mission interface update, and other news.


Dutch cruisers. Part 1

Update 0.10.6 kicks off an event that places the new Dutch Tier IV–IX cruisers right in spotlight! To commemorate the event, we've added:

  • Port of Rotterdam;

  • "Dutch Navy" permanent camouflage for Tier VII–X Dutch cruisers;

  • "Flying Dutchman" expendable camouflage;

  • Thematic emblems of the Netherlands nation, "Kinderdijk Mill" patch, and "Dutch cruisers. Part 1" commemorative flag;

  • Event commander Dasha Perova for Dutch ships;
  • Unique Dutch commander Michiel de Ruyter with the following enhanced skills:
    • For Destroyers, Cruisers and Battleships: "Pyrotechnician" — chances of main battery HE shells causing a fire on target +1.5% instead of the standard 1%;
    • For Cruisers and Battleships: "Expert AA marksman" — priority sector AA damage +35% instead of the standard 25%.

With the release of Update 0.10.6, Dutch cruisers will start battles with the "AirStrike" armament on cooldown, just as with the main battery and torpedo tubes.

Combat missions

Updated combat missions' interface:

  • In Update 0.10.6, there will be a new type of combat mission with the ability to choose one of two rewards. If you don't choose either of them, the first one will automatically be granted when the mission expires.

  • The combat missions interface visually identifies the highest-priority and most important tasks — first and foremost: chains of combat missions.


In 0.10.6, there will be two 3 vs. 3 Brawls:

  1. From 19 to 26 of July on Tier VII ships;
  2. From 2 to 9 of August on Tier VI ships.

Details about the Brawls will be announced later.

Bot changes

Bots can now change speed to dodge torpedoes;

Reduced the possibility of bots colliding with islands in Operations, Training, and Cooperative battles.

New content

Added permanent camouflage "Flitting" for Somers and "Grigio-azzurro chiaro" for Napoli.

Added "Distant Journeys" container.

Added 4 commemorative flags: "The Belgian Navy Flag", "Glory to the Navy!", "Argentina Independence Day" and "Colombia Independence Day".

Added patches "Glory to the Navy!" and "Swiss National Day".

The methods of obtaining these items will be announced later.

In honor of the Day of the Russian Navy, the port of St. Petersburg has been decorated.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.