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Update 0.10.7, dockyard, "Dutch cruisers. Part 2" event.

A new Dockyard, submarines in Ranked battles, and other news about Update 0.10.7.



With the release of update 0.10.7 the new Tier VIII Dutch cruiser De Zeven Provinciёn will be available to construct at the Dockyard.

Key features of the new Dockyard:

  • The construction of De Zeven Provinciёn consists of 24 phases, which can be completed by finishing Dockyard combat missions or spending 1,500 Doubloons per phase.
  • In total, you can complete 21 out of 24 shipbuilding phases by completing Dockyard combat missions. To complete the construction, you need to purchase 3 phases of construction.
  • If you complete the construction of De Zeven Provinciёn by spending doubloons, make sure to keep progressing through the Dockyard combat missions anyway—completing each phase will bring you 250 Steel.

The rest of the rules remain the same as in the previous Dockyard.

Dutch cruisers. Part 2

In Update 0.10.7, the early access event for Dutch cruisers continues. In honor of the event, we added a chain of combat missions that by completing which you can get:

  • Unique Dutch commander Klaas Janssen with the following enhanced skills:
    • For Destroyers, Cruisers and Battleships: "Pyrotechnician" — chances of main battery HE shells causing a fire on target +1.5% instead of the standard 1%;
    • For Cruisers and Battleships: "Expert AA marksman" — priority sector AA damage +35% instead of the standard 25%.
  • "Dutch cruisers. Part 2" commemorative flag

Clan battles

From August 18 to October 4, the 14th season of Clan Battles will take place in a 7 vs 7 format on Tier VI ships.


  • There can be no more than two aircraft carriers or battleships per team in total.
  • At the start of the season, Admiral Graf Spee and HSF Graf Spee are unavailable for Clan Battles.

Restrictions may change.

Details about the season will be announced later.

Ranked battles

Season 4 of Ranked Battles will begin in the 0.10.7 update.


  • 7 vs 7
  • Tier VI in the Bronze League
  • Tier VIII in the Silver League
  • Tier X in the Gold League

Ranked battles changes:

  • You can take part in battles on submarines, which are available for rent for free from random bundles.
  • You can read the results of the latest submarine test and the changes we've applied here:
  • In the profile summary statistics about Ranked Battles, a distribution by leagues stretching back to the fourth season are now available. The statistics for past seasons will remain the same, without division into leagues.
  • After qualifying, you can continue to play in the next league without waiting for the next sprint to start. If you reach the first rank in the Bronze League and successfully qualify, you can continue to play in the Silver League as part of the same sprint.

Details about the season will be announced later.

New content

The following content has been added for upcoming activities dedicated to the end of World War II:

Permanent camouflage "Ceremonial" for Missouri.

Patches "Show Me State", "Mighty Mo", "The Rebirth of American Sea Power", "17 Years of Active Service" and "Strength for Freedom".

USS Missouri commemorative flag.

Commanders Neil Chesters, Brian Northcape, Fernand Lacroix, Frederik van Hendriks, Tomokazu Satomi, Alexei Statsenko, John Duncan Morefield and Yuen Xuanzhou.

Other additions:

Permanent camouflage "Flying fish" for Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Commemorative flags "Her Majesty's Naval Toaster", "Brazilian Imperial Flag" and "Submariners qualification badge".

2 variants of "Premium Ship II-IV" containers.

Details on these activities and how to obtain the content will be announced later.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.