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ST 0.10.8, 6th World of Warships Birthday, "Aircraft Bureaus Contest" and "Soviet carriers" event, Convoys and other news

Closed testing of Update 0.10.8 will soon begin. The Update will include activities dedicated to the anniversary of World of Warships, early access to the Soviet carriers, the "Aircraft Bureaus Contest" event, the Convoys battle type, and other news.


Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.

World of Warships Anniversary.

This year, World of Warships is turning 6 years old! In recognition of this event, Update 0.10.8 will be featuring various themed activities. The main one is the "6 Years of World of Warships" holiday collection, which is presented in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. Collection elements can be found only from special containers bearing the same name, which can be obtained: 

  • In exchange for a new temporary resource - Birthday tokens
  • For completing a special combat mission chain
  • In a new temporary event - "Aircraft Bureaus Contest"

The reward for completing the collection will be a supercontainer, six "Gift" containers, and a themed "6 Years of World of Warships" flag.

Due to the anniversary, the "Designer's table" port has been updated and the following items were added to the game:

  • "For Meritorious Service" patch
  • Permanent camouflage "6 Years of World of Warships" for Lyon, Yorck, Shchors, Gadjah Mada, Akatsuki and Zara


Apart from that, in Update 0.10.8 players will be able to receive festive bonuses for combat performance on all of their ships starting from Tier V. Depending on each ship's tier, they will be able to receive Birthday tokens, "Gift" containers, and Supercontainers.

"Aircraft Bureaus Contest" and "Soviet carriers" events

Another novelty of the update will be a temporary event - the "Aircraft Bureaus Contest". It is based on the history of the development of naval aviation and various experimental design bureaus of the USSR that developed military machinery for the Soviet Navy

"Aircraft Bureaus Contest" is functionally similar to the "Battle of the Beasts" event conducted in 0.10.4, but with the following changes:

General changes in comparison to the "Battle of the Beasts":

  • Now three teams are involved in the event instead of four
  • Unique rewards — team patches — will now be obtainable for personal progress, instead of team progress. Thus, a player will be able to collect all the valuable rewards of the event even if their team didn't achieve the needed progress. 
  • Updated the interface of the Team selection window, as well as the window displaying Personal and Team progress. 
  • Now, personal progress until the next reward is displayed in port, instead of team progress.
  • Other changes and improvements.

Event Rules

  • The event takes place before the release of update 0.10.9 and is divided into four stages. Each stage lasts for one week.
  • Once a week, you can choose one of 3 teams - "Polikarpov's Bureau", "Chetverikov's Bureau" or "Kocherigin's Bureau".
  • During the event, you can complete personal missions which are issued daily to all participants of the event. They can be completed during the day in Random, Co-op, and Ranked battles, as well as a new temporary battle type - "Convoy".
  • By completing tasks, the player moves up the scale of personal and team progress, opening up access to rewards.
  • Rewards: "6 Years of World of Warships" containers, themed patches, "Victory" camouflages, coal, as well as a new temporary resource - Soviet tokens.

Also in 0.10.8, the early access to Soviet aircraft carriers IV Komsomolets, VI Serov, and VIII Pobeda begins. In honor of the event, permanent "Forward Bound" camouflages for the new tier IV, VI, VIII, and X aircraft carriers have been added to the game.


In 0.10.8, players will have access to a new temporary type of battle — Convoy — which revolves around escorting transport ships. Historically, confrontations between fleets were often a result of navies protecting or trying to disrupt maritime supply lines composed of transport ships, as they were of key importance in the course of warfare.


  • The defending team must escort a convoy of four bot-ships, which moves along a fixed route. The team wins if at least one of the ships in the convoy reaches the end of the route, or if the entire enemy team is destroyed.
  • The attacking team's task is to completely destroy either the convoy or its defenders.
  • Players are randomly assigned to teams.
  • On average, it takes the Convoy 10-12 minutes to complete the entire route.
  • Format: "7 vs 7" on Tier VIII ships. Restrictions: up to 1 aircraft carrier and 3 battleships per team.

Details about the new battle type will be announced later.

New Content

Added to the game:

  • Soviet commander Petr Gradov

  • Commemorative flags "Moon Rabbit", "Chile Presidencial", and the Mexican Flag
  • "Moon Cake" and "HMS Belfast" patches

The ways of obtaining these items will be announced later.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.