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ST 0.10.9, Event "German battleships. Part 1", Halloween, Asymmetric battle and other news

Closed testing of the new update 0.10.9 will start soon. You'll be able to participate in Halloween events, test new German battleships, try Asymmetric Battles, and a lot more


Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.


This year, several events await players for Halloween. In update 0.10.9, we'll add a new temporary battle type called "Twilight hunt", also, we'll bring back operations "Saving Transylvania" and "Sunray in the Darkness"

Twilight hunt

The rules of this new battle type are similar to our previous event "Big hunt":

  • 16 players will meet each other in battle on the updated map "Polygon" where they will fight each other and ships of "Twilight Fleet" controlled by AI to survive.

  • The main goal in the battle is to survive and leave the "Polygon" via a Portal located in the center. The Portal will open sometime after the battle starts.
  • You can create a division with other players during a battle.
  • For the destruction of "Twilight Fleet" ships and other player's ships are given a temporary resource - Battle Points, with which you can directly in battle to strengthen your ship. Upgrading your ship will not spend the points, so don't hesitate to do so.
  • The armada of "Twilight Fleet" will be led by a ship-boss "Rasputin".

Apart from ships you already know like "Valkyre", "Whirlwind", "Gale", "Avenger", "Heracles", and "Hector" players will be able to enter the battle on monster-ships: "Fangblade", "Thornridge" and "Lobster-Eyed"

"Twilight hunt" will take place in three parts. Each part will have its own difficulty levels: Normal, Hard and Super Hard.


In this year's operations, you'll have access to a "Super Hard" difficulty level. For the first completion of the operation with three stars on this new difficulty, you'll earn premium "Jack-o'-Lantern," containers from which you'll have a chance to obtain permanent camouflages from previous Halloween events and other items.

In honor of the event added to the game:

  • Commanders Rattus Rogue, Aurelius Darling, and Doctor Linebelly;

  • Permanent camouflage "Intanian fleet" for Hipper, Hsien Yang, Implacable, Kitakaze, Iowa, and Dm. Donskoi;

Event "German battleships. Part 1"

In update 0.10.9, we'll open early access to a new line of Tier III-X German battleships.

In honor of the event, added:

  • Permanent camouflages "German fleet" for Prinz Heinrich and Zieten;
  • Permanent camouflages "German eagle" for Prinz Rupprecht, Schlieffen and Brandenburg;

  • Themed patch and commemorative flag "German battleships. Part 1";

  • 2 variants of "German battleships" containers.

The ways of obtaining these items will be announced later.

Also, for the event — we decorated the "Hamburg" port.

Naval records

"Naval records" is a new temporary weekly event. Its goal is to earn as much base XP as possible.

The event rules are similar to "Naval battles": each player will have access to a list of classes, nations, and ships they can take into battle. Completing the objective will give players German tokens, coal and enable the player to take another ship into battle. 

Main rules:

  • Players can participate in researchable ships, premium ships if their class has researchable ships in its tree;
  • No limit on the number of attempts;
  • The list of ships will refresh once a week.

Asymmetric battle

In the first two weeks after the update, "Asymmetric battle" will be available to play.
"Asymmetric battle" is a temporary battle type in which one team fields a larger number of ships of a lower tier, and the other team has a smaller number of high-tier ships.

This year we've changed the Tiers of ships available to take into battle.

  • Team 1
    • Tiers: IX and X
    • Number of ships: 5-7
  • Team 2
    • Tiers: VII and VIII
    • Number of ships: 9-12

To participate in a battle on Tier IX-X ships you'll need a temporary resource - "Battle tokens". You can earn tokens by participating in asymmetric battles on Tier VII-VIII ships.

In update 0.10.9 asymmetric battles will be available during Prime-time windows each day. This will help to keep a better balance of teams and will decrease the amount and influence of bots present in battles.


Two brawls will take place throughout 0.10.9.

  1. From 11 till 18 of October with Tier VIII ships;
  2. From 25 of October till 1 of November.

More details will be announced at a later date.

Other changes and improvements

Updated display of characteristics of ships in battles.

  • Updated "Ship stats", which you can bring up by hitting "H":
  • Now, the information there takes into account all modifiers applied currently to the ship.
  • Added a display of all active equipment and actively commanders' skills above the "Ship status" window.
  • Added a notification of changed characteristics once one of the commander's talents gets activated.
  • Updated the display of damaged or destroyed modules, fires, and floodings.

New content

The following content added in the upcoming update 0.10.9:

  • Permanent camouflage "North Carolina KOTS" for North Carolina;
  • Expendable camouflages "King of the Sea XIII Red" and "King of the Sea XIII Green";

  • Commemorative flags "Tsar of Moscow" and "King of the Sea XIII", and also commemorative flags for Giuseppe Verdi, Marlborough and Novorossiysk;

  • Commander Willie Neumann and special commander Johannes Meck-Leyne with unique voiceover;

  • Container "Regular supply".

The ways of obtaining these items will be announced later.

We will replace the ensign flags on Dresden, Emden, G-101, Karlsruhe, Kolberg, König Albert, Nassau, V-25, and V-170 to the WWI-era Imperial German flag. This flag will also be added to ships in early access: Von der Tann, Moltke, Derfflinger and Mackensen.

In honor of the 325th anniversary of the Russian navy, we decorate port "Saint-Petersburg".

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.