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Choose the Look of a New Map!

We invite you to participate in a vote to choose the appearance of a new map!



We're about to start designing the visual elements of a new map in World of Warships, and we would like to invite you to participate in the creation process!

We currently have several different locations that are suitable for the new map. You can have your say and vote for the theme and mood of the location of your choice!

Vote for your preferred option:

  • Faroe Islands: Smooth mountains with small rows of terraces that abruptly end with sheer basalt cliffs. The islands have steep shores surrounded by numerous fjords. A thin layer of snow coats the islands like powder.





  • Iceland: A valley of icebergs. High and dark rocky mountains neighbor shaped ice formations. The mountains aren't rich in color, but some of the pristine blue icebergs contain fragments of rocks and other geological formations.


  • Kamchatka: High, brick-red mountains encrusted with snow patches. The loose mountain shapes consist of large sand landslides, broken by layers of multicolored rocks. The landscape includes long beaches made up of sand and rock.

Voting period ends: September 22, 12:00 UTC

You can leave your vote here:

After the voting period is over, we'll share the results on our website and Development Blog.