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Update 0.10.8: Fixes for Technical Issues

We're here to tell you about the status of fixing bugs that appeared in Update 0.10.8


In the update, players could face a number of critical issues: a torpedo bug, a problem with Missouri's guns, and a bug with mouse control. You can find details and our plans for fixing them in the development blog. Today we want to tell you about the status of fixing these errors.

Torpedo Bug

In Update 0.10.8, an error appeared that caused torpedoes to move in a different direction than what was indicated by the reticle. This issue was caused by an incorrect fix of the previous bug with torpedoes in Update 0.10.8.

An option was found to correct the error. However, it had to be tested before implementation to avoid risking new problems. The following steps were taken to validate the fix:

  • September 14 - testing inside the studio;
  • September 15 - testing on the Public Test server with the help of Supertest volunteers;
  • September 16 - analysis of the results of all stages.

We are pleased to announce that the results from testing have been positive. As of now, the bug has already been fixed on all World of Warships servers.

Problem with Missouri's Guns

In the course of investigating the problem, we found out that it was associated with a very rare bug in the game logic, which led to incorrect behavior of Missuori's shells. Since the problem is reproduced very infrequently, we need more time to check and fix it. Therefore, the problem with Missouri's guns will only be fixed with the release of Update 0.10.9.

Bug with Mouse Input

Initially, we reported that an error caused the mouse input to stop working in battle on rare occasions (for example, when firing main guns or launching torpedoes), as well as when clicking on various interface elements, occurring only on Huawei devices. However, further study has shown that the issue appears on other devices as well.

It was caused by the incorrect fix of an error that was making it impossible to enter a username and password with an on-screen keyboard when entering the game. Unfortunately, we had to roll back this fix in order to fix the mouse control issue and need to find another solution for the on-screen keyboard issue. Respectively, the mouse input issue was already fixed on all the servers. 

Unfortunately, due to technical issues, we will not be able to apply this hotfix as quickly in the Microsoft Store. Therefore, all users playing World of Warships on this platform will be able to see the fix only next week. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Next week we will publish news on the official portal, through which you can receive 3 days of Premium Account - a small gift for your feedback, which helped us identify these problems and start solving them, as well as for your patience.