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ST 0.10.10, Arms Race, Clan Battles, and other news

The closed testing of update 0.10.10 will soon begin; this update marks the return of Arms Race and a new season of Clan Battles, alongside some other news.


Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.

The Arms Race

The Arms Race returns to the game! For this iteration we've made the following changes:

Main changes
  • There were two power-ups added: the armament damage increase and the current & maximum HP increase.
  • There were the following power-ups removed: the reload time enhancement of a ship's (and their squadrons) consumables; the ship's maximum speed & rudder shift time increase together with the Engine Cooling reload time reduction.
  • Now the power-up that replenishes the ship's HP first restores parts of the ship that cannot be repaired by the Repair Party consumable. As well as this, the effectiveness of this power-up was reduced.
  • An economic reward for the players who collected power-ups was added, while the number of power-up levels decreased from 6 to 3. As a result of this, the effect of each level was increased.
  • Since this change, more power-ups will appear in a neutral grounds, while the teams will begin a battle in the same wide formation as in Random Battles.

In the 0.10.10 update the Arms Race feature will be available as 12 vs 12 battles aboard the ships of Tiers IX & X. This is an important stage of testing this mode before its appearance in Random Battles in the future.

The Clan Battles

Throughout the period of 17th of November to the 3rd of January, the 15th season of Clan Battles will be held as 7 vs 7 battles aboard the Tier X ships.

The Limitations:

  • Aircraft Carriers will no longer be allowed in battles
  • There can not be more than 2 Battleships per team
  • The team can not include 2 of the same ships.

To diversify the format and to shake up the existing Clan Battles gameplay among Tier X ships, we decided to hold a new season without the Aircraft Carriers. In future seasons, Aircraft Carriers will be available in Clan Battles again.

Further details on 15th Clan Battles season will be announced later.

Other News & Changes

The availability, price, and characteristics of some signals and camouflages were changed:

  • The For Meritorious Service, Rising, Blue Lagoon, and the economic signal India Bravo Terrathree are no longer able to be obtained.
  • The bonuses and price price of Type 1 and Type 2 camouflages changed:
    • The camouflages now grant -3% to the ships' Detectability and +4% to the attackers' shells dispersing.
    • The camouflages price increased from 7500 to 22500 credits.

We work on the separation of exterior elements (e.g. camouflages, signals) from the economic bonuses. The aforementioned changes of availability and the characteristics of camouflages and signals are just a part of that big change. We shall share more detailed information later. 

There were 5 achievements added that are only obtainable through divisions.

List of Achievements

The Coordinated Attack - your Division has to destroy 7 or more enemy ships.

Hand-to-Hand - your Division has to damage 10 or more enemy ships. The damage inflicted to each ship has to be not less than 20% of her max HP pool.

The Brothers-in-Arms - each Division member has to destroy 2 or more enemy ships in single battle.

The Strike Team - the Division has to inflict not less than 50% of the total HP pool of all enemy ships.

The General Offence - the Division has to destroy the ships of 3 different types.

The abovementioned achievements can be obtained in Random Battles.

Division Stars - the special bonuses for playing together with each member of your clan - have now been changed. Now, the Division Star could be obtained three times:

  • Having achieved a victory in battle.
  • For obtaining the divisional achievement The Coordinated Attack.
  • For obtaining the divisional achievement The Strike Team.

Throughout the entirety of Update 0.10.10, the Engagement stage of Naval Battles will be conducted in a group format. Clans get randomly distributed in groups of 25 or 50 clans. The amount of oil received at this stage will depend not only on the number of collected stars but also on the place of the Clan in a group. With the release of 0.10.11, a standard Engagement stage format will be replaced with the group format every 4 weeks. 

The portraits of all commanders in game have been updated and unified by their sizes. There were several new portraits of commanders added.

The New Content

The Early Access to the German Battlecruisers of Tiers III-IX continues. To recognize this, a 'German Battlecruisers. Part 2' flag and patch have been added.

In the framework of the upcoming Black Friday event we have implemented:

  • The Black versions of Saipan, Pommern, Yoshino, Loyang, and Dunkerque
  • 5 thematical patches and 5 flags
  • 2 types of Black Friday 2021 containers

In memory of the Attack on Pearl Harbor anniversary we have also added:

  • Roger Archibald and Koichi Nagata commanders
  • The Memorial of Arizona Battleship flag
  • The 80 years of Attack on Pearl Harbor patch

For the Sea Smackdown replays competition a same-named flag, patch, expendable camouflage and achievement were also added.

Other content:

  • Shark's Rage permanent camouflage for Austin
  • The Blue Sky camouflage 
  • 4 years on Steam flag and patch
  • The Steam Supercontainer 

The ways of obtaining these items will be announced later.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.