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Ways of distribution of new ships

Details about which resource some of the new ships will be available for in the upcoming updates.


In future updates, apart from early access to new German battleships, you will have an opportunity to put some new ships in Port for free. We'd like to tell you about the resource these ships will be available.

IX Kearsarge

A unique design for a powerful battleship hybrid developed in the United States in the second half of the 1930s. The ship is armed with powerful 406-mm guns and has a large amount of HP. Kearsarge also carries an Attack aircraft squadron armed with Tiny Tim rockets with high penetration capabilities and a high chance of causing a fire on the target.

The ship will be available for Coal.

IX Tulsa

The ship is based on the Oregon City-class cruisers, but has a different artillery layout: six 203-mm guns in three double turrets. They have a fast reload time and improved ricochet angles for AP-shells — similar to the U.S. researchable heavy cruisers. The Tulsa also has good air defense and a decent set of consumables: "Repair Party", "Surveillance Radar", and either "Hydroacoustic Search" or "Defensive AA Fire" in one slot.

The ship will be available for Coal.

X Gibraltar

A heavy cruiser with 234-mm main battery artillery housed in three four-gun turrets. The ship is equipped only with AP Shells with improved ricochet angles and short fuse delay. Ship consumables - "Hydroacoustic Search", "Repair Party" and "Smoke Generator" in separate slots.

The ship will be available for Research Points.

Details about the cost of these ships and the dates of their sales will be available on our Portal! Stay Tuned!