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Update 0.10.10, battle performance bonuses

We are getting ready to celebrate the New Year, and already in 0.10.10 you will be able to receive the traditional New Year battle performance bonuses - "snowflakes" - on all your ships of Tier V and above. We would like to share details about these bonuses and their duration.


Depending on ships Tier, you'll be able to obtain:

  • Tier V ships - VII - 750 Coal;
  • Tier VIII - IX ships- 75 Steel;
  • Tier X ships - 1 New Year Certificate.

New Year Certificates are a special temporary resource that can be exchanged in Update 0.10.11 for "Santa's Gift" containers, along with "Santa's Big Gift" and "Santa's Mega Gift" containers, which bring more rewards and have a higher chance of dropping a premium ship:

  • "Santa's Gift" containers will be obtainable for 1 New Year Certificate each;
  • "Santa's Big Gift" containers will be obtainable for 3 New Year Certificates each;
  • "Santa's Mega Gift" containers will be obtainable for 5 New Year Certificates each.

You will be able to receive these festive bonuses for almost two months. They will be available starting one week after the release of Update 0.10.10, all the way through until the end of Update 0.10.11. This will give you enough time to get as many New Year Certificates and other holiday bonuses as possible!