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ST 0.10.11, New Year celebration, Dockyard, technical changes, and other news

A closed test session for Update 0.10.11 will be starting soon. There will be activities dedicated to the New Year celebration, a new Dockyard, and other news.


Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.


In 0.10.11, players will be able to start building a new British Tier IX battleship Marlborough on the new Clydebank Dockyard. The rules of the event are largely similar to the previous Dockyard, but the number of construction phases and the list of awards will change:

Dockyard rules
  • The construction of the ship at the dockyard consists of 32 phases.
  • Each shipbuilding phase can be completed by finishing groups of event combat missions or spending 1,500 doubloons each.
  • In total, you can complete 27 out of 32 shipbuilding phases by progressing through groups of combat missions.
  • The rewards for completing the 6th and 18th stages of construction are Dreadnought and Repulse in "Snow and Stars" permanent camouflages, commanders with 6 skill points, and port slots.
  • For the completion of the other stages of construction, you will be able to receive "Santa's Gift", "Santa's Big Gift" and "Santa's Giant Gift" containers, new expendable camouflages "New Year Sky", days of Premium-account, coal, steel, research points, and other valuable rewards. 
  • For the completion of the 32nd shipbuilding phase, you will receive Marlborough in her "War Paint" camouflage, a commander with 10 skill points, a port slot, and a memorable flag.

If you already have Dreadnought in your Port, you will receive a compensation of 5,250,000 credits.

If you decide to complete shipbuilding at the Dockyard by using Doubloons, you can still progress through the combat missions. However, in that case, instead of the usual rewards for completing the shipbuilding phases, you'll get 250 steel for each completed phase.


New Year Celebration

In honor of the New Year Celebration, we've prepared many interesting activities and rewards!

New Year's Eve

One of the main New Year activities will be a temporary event — New Year's Eve. This is a competition organized by three snow giants who were revived by magic stars.

Ru UI screenshots

New Year's Eve is similar to the Aircraft Bureaus Rivalry and Battle of the Beasts events.

Event rules
  • The event starts two weeks after the release of the Update and will last until the end of 0.10.11. It's divided into four stages, one week each.  
  • Once per week, you can select one of the three teams named after the magic stars: Modus, Sertum, or Munera.
  • During the event, you need to complete your personal missions issued daily to all participants of the event. They can be completed during the day in Random, Co-op, and Ranked Battles.
  • Completing missions will advance you through personal and team progress bars and unlock rewards.
  • Unique rewards for each team will be: themed commanders - snow giants - with 6 skill points; ships Omaha, Jaguar, or Conte Di Cavour in permanent "Snow and Stars" camouflages. For receiving a first unique reward from either of the three teams you will also receive a "New Year's Eve" achievement.
  • Other rewards: new temporary resource - Sinterklaas tokens, "Naval New Year & Christmas" collection containers, and "New Year Sky" expendable camouflages. 

"Naval New Year & Christmas" collection

Our new festive collection is dedicated to the New Year and Christmas traditions in the fleet.

The collection consists of 4 pages with 6 elements in each. The reward for completing each page is 1 day of Premium account. The reward for completing the whole collection is a "Santa's Big Gift" container. 

Collection elements are dropped only from the "Naval New Year & Christmas" collection containers. Containers themselves can be received in the New Year's Eve event or in exchange for Sinterklaas tokens in the Armory.  

New Year Port and other festive content

Due to the upcoming celebration of the New Year, we've decorated the London Port. The following items were also added: "Snow and Stars" permanent camouflages for Weser, Fubuki, Izamil, and Kijkduin; the memorable "New Year's Constellation" flag and a Dutch themed commander — Sinterklaas. We've also updated the visuals of the "Santa's Gift" containers.

Technical and visual changes and improvements.

A system of sound presets was added to the game. Currently, in order to set the sound in the game, there are many sliders and parameters to deal with, which can be difficult and time-consuming for some players to sort out. Sound presets will allow you to adjust the sound of the game according to your preferences literally in just a couple of clicks.

Ru UI screenshots 

The following sound presets were added:

  • Standard: Default sound settings.
  • Cinematic: Sound effects are brought to the fore, the sound is the most vivid and saturated.
  • Simplified: The volume of the effects is reduced, the additional sound effects are disabled. Allows you to focus on general effects and notifications in battle.
  • Night mode: The settings are optimized for playing at low or medium volume, while all effects and notifications are saved.
  • Custom: Allows you to adjust the sound yourself using fine-tuning sliders.

You will be able to choose sound presets in the game's settings. The Standard preset is set as default. 

Changed the sequence of screens opening when purchasing a ship:

  • Now after purchasing a new ship in the Tech Tree, a player first sees a ship demonstration screen. They can enter either the Equipment tab or Port from this screen, as well as return to the Tech Tree.
  • Now ships can be purchased from the "Preview ship" screen.
  • You can now return from the "Preview Ship" screen to the Tech Tree.

Added an underwater world for the maps "Ring", "Naval Station Newport",  "Killer Whale", "Raptor Rescue", and "Mountain Range". 

New content

The following items have been added to the game: 

  • Permanent camouflage "Japanese Castle" for Fuso.

  • The Charity patch and memorable flag.

  • Expendable camouflages "Early Morning" and "For Valiant Service". In terms of visuals, these camouflages will be identical to the "Rising" and "For Meritorious Service" camouflages, but will differ in their bonuses. Details on these bonuses will be announced later.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.