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Economic Changes in Update 0.11.1


Due to an internal error, our patch notes for Update 0.11.1 wrongly described the economic changes made to aircraft carriers, so we’re here now to share the correct info.


The patch notes stated the following:

We've reworked the way XP is earned by Tier VIII and X carriers. They will now earn more for sinking enemies and less for damaging them.

Previously, good battle performance playing Tier VIII and X carriers yielded a smaller reward compared to the other ship types. Even sinking numerous enemy ships hardly ever placed carriers among the top XP earners on the team. Now, effective performance in battle will result in a bigger reward.

However, this text describes an earlier prototype of the changes before a final decision was made. Here’s an accurate description of the final changes that actually made it into Update 0.11.1:

  • Tier VIII and X carriers earn more XP for dealing damage (about 5% more for VIII; 15% for X), and proportionally less for winning battles. This way, carrier players who perform well but lose a battle are less likely to appear at the bottom of their team by XP. XP gained won't change significantly when a battle is won
  • Credits earned by Tier X carriers just for joining a battle are reduced by about 11-12%. It used to be that a Tier X carrier would normally end a battle with more credits than a Tier X battleship that dealt a similar amount of damage. This change therefore brings the two classes closer in line with each other.
  • Since Tier X battleships were earning significantly more XP on average than other ship types on their team, the amount of XP they earn for dealing damage has been reduced by about 7%. This change will make a team’s top spot more achievable for other ship types.

We apologize for publishing incorrect info in our patch notes — we will update the article as soon as possible.