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Closed test results: support aircraft carriers

Here are the results of our Support aircraft carriers concept test.


Last week we announced the beginning of concept testing for support aircraft carriers equipped with stun bombs and special consumables. Now we are ready to share a summary of our first experience testing these new mechanics.

Stun Bombs

The main purpose of these new squadrons in the initial concept was to help allies damage enemy ships with fires and floods, as well as to block enemy consumable uses.

The base idea of an armament that allows you to help your allies deal damage while simultaneously having that damage reflected into your own stats was liked by the test participants. However, many players found the mechanics of stun bombs to be unsuitable for our game, which was further confirmed by the actual test results.

The main problems with stun bombs were their excessive effectiveness in combat against low-mobility targets, as well as the lack of any mechanisms to counteract the effects of these bombs. This made battles where players were up against stun bombers an unpleasant experience for most.

Taking into account both the test results and your feedback, we decided to abandon the current stun bomb design and begin developing alternative mechanics and interactions for support aircraft carrier squadrons.

Smoke Generator and Chaff consumables

The support consumables received mostly positive feedback as they proved to be effective tactical tools and greatly increased carrier interaction with other ships on the same team. 

However, the current concept of the new consumables is still quite unpolished and will require further tweaking and improvements before they can appear in the live version of the game.

For now, support aircraft carriers will return to the drawing board, where we will continue to improve their mechanics, as well as look for new ideas for their squadrons and consumables. We'll keep you updated on the development process and share more details as they become available.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.