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Changes to Clan Battles and Brawls — 0.11.3

We're here to share some info about the changes to the matchmaker for the second stage of this Update's 9 vs. 9 Brawls and to maps for Clan Battles.



On May 9, the second 9 vs. 9 Brawl on Tier X ships will begin in World of Warships.

Because of the high popularity of battleships during the first Brawl, many players faced long waiting times and unbalanced team compositions. Therefore, we have increased the maximum number of battleships per team from 2 to 4 for the second Brawl.

This change will not only decrease the waiting time in the queue before entering battle, but also allow the matchmaker to assemble more balanced teams based on players' results in Brawls.

In addition, by reducing the limitations of the matchmaker, a team playing in a division will always face either another division or a team consisting of stronger players. This change will reduce the excessive efficiency of divisions in Brawls and increase the percentage of wins against them for most players.

Clan Battles

Based on the feedback on the announcement of the upcoming 17th season of clan battles, we have decided to remove Greece from the list of available maps. 

Thank you for your feedback. We will continue to monitor it as well as the results of the battles and make further necessary changes if needed