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World of Warships 7th Anniversary, updated Operations, Battleship mini-game, and other news — 0.11.8 Closed testing.

Let's talk about the most notable new features of the next update.



In honor of the 7th anniversary of World of Warships, players can expect to complete a new collection called "Seven Seas". Collectibles can only be obtained from Seven Seas containers, which are themselves available for completing special chains of combat missions as well as in free daily bundles in the Armory. Opening all these containers will be enough to guarantee the full completion of the collection.

Ru UI only, WIP

The collection consists of 4 sections with 4 items each. The reward for completing each section is 1 day of Premium Account. The reward for completing the entire collection is 3 Distant Voyages containers, and an achievement.

Also in honor of the holiday, we've added the following to the game:

  • The "Seven Seas" permanent camouflages for Mahan, Eendracht and Sinop;
  • Commanders "Master of the Seven Seas" and "Mistress of the Seven Seas".

Festive Rewards

In honor of the 7th anniversary of World of Warships, gifts await players in the form of battle performance bonuses for achieving certain combat results on all their ships, starting from Tier V. But this time we are introducing an important improvement to this feature — the ability to receive several gifts at once in one battle!

If a player has 100 or more ships, they will be able to receive the standard gift for either winning a battle or reaching the 300 Base XP milestone with a certain ship, as well as a variable number of additional rewards for reaching higher Base XP thresholds.

The number of bonus gifts a player gets at the end of a battle depends on how many ships they have in their port and the amount of experience earned. For example, a player with more than 300 ships in the port will be able to earn 4 gifts in one battle: 1 for going into battle on a ship and 3 gifts for performance in battle. 

As in previous iterations of the mechanic, you cannot receive the same rewards for the same ship more than once.

Ru UI only, WIP

For example, after achieving 1200 BXP or higher in one battle while you have 500+ ships in port, you will be able to select 5 additional stars to clear off of other ships of your choosing and receive those rewards.

Below is a table with the conditions for receiving additional gifts.

Ships in port

Condition for receiving the standard gift

Number of bonus gifts

 Condition for receiving bonus gifts

0-99 1 victory or earn at least 300 Base XP in one battle


- -
100-199 1 Earn at least 400 Base XP in one battle
200-299 2 Earn at least 800 Base XP in one battle



Earn at least 1,000 Base XP in one battle
400-499 4 Earn at least 1,100 Base XP in one battle
500+ 5 Earn at least 1,200 Base XP in one battle


Depending on the Tier of the ship, you will receive various rewards, including new containers with economic bonuses:

  • for Tier V-VII ships – 1 "Special bonuses" container;
  • for Tier VIII-IX ships – 1 "Special bonuses" container and 1 "Rare bonuses" container;
  • for Tier X ships and superships - 1 "Supercontainer".


One of the new activities in 0.11.8 will be the Battleship mini-game available in the Armory. To participate, a player will need a special resource — Entry tickets, which can be obtained for completing special combat missions until the end of Update 0.11.8.

In this mini-game, you play against an AI. Players will receive event tokens for sinking ships and for winning. These, in turn, can be exchanged at the Armory for permanent camouflages, permanent economic bonus packages for specific ships, economic bonuses, containers with signals and resources, and credits.

Ru UI only, WIP

Updated Operations

In Update 0.11.8, we have updated all Operations in our game so that players can participate in operations on more of their favorite ships and earn valuable rewards for it.

Now, Tier VI-VIII ships will be able to go into battle together at the same time, and the final composition of the team going in will affect the strength of the bots and post-match earnings. In addition, the fee for re-entering the battle on the same ship will be removed.

The economics of Operations will also change. Previously, after completing an Operation, a player earned a variable number of stars based on performance, the rewards for which could only be received once. Now, the stars will be removed entirely, and rewards can instead be earned by completing special daily and weekly combat missions specifically designed for Operations, which will give Community Tokens as a reward.

Together with the update of the mode itself, three operations will return in Update 0.11.8: "The Ultimate Frontier", "Hermes," and "Cherry Blossom".

In Update 0.11.8, there will no longer be an operation of the week. When playing with a matchmaker-selected team, the Operation scenario itself will be randomly selected. It will, however, still be possible to independently choose which scenario you play when entering as part of a division.

Ru UI only, WIP

Reload mechanics changes

The reloading mechanics when switching shell type have changed.

Now, when switching shell type while the “Gun Feeder” Commander skill is active, the loading of the new shell type will be accelerated even if not all main battery guns have finished loading, as the skill required previously.

Now, shells have a new parameter — shell change time.

  • If the current reload time of the gun is higher than this parameter - the shell type switch won't affect the gun reload time.
  • If the current reload time is less than the shell change time, then when switching shell type, the reload time will become equal to the shell change time.

The "Gun Feeder" skill bonus to projectile change time has itself been changed from -50% to -40%. The shell change time will be displayed in the ship parameters.

For example, lets take a gun with a base reload time of 30 seconds. With the “Gun Feeder” skill, the shell change time is 18 seconds.

  • If the gun has 20 seconds left to reload, then when switching shell type, the reload time will still be 20 seconds.
  • If the gun has 5 seconds left, then switching shell type, reloading will take 18 seconds.

This mechanic is applied to each turret separately.

In addition, all researchable Italian battleships will receive a built-in -30% bonus to shell type switch time, which will work even without using the "Gun Feeder" skill. When using the skill, the bonus will additionally increase.  

The frequent alternation between both available shell types is an important part of Italian battleship gameplay. An additional bonus will emphasize this feature and additionally increase the effectiveness of the "Gun Feeder" skill in comparison with the battleships of other nations.


In Update 0.11.8, 4 Brawls will take place in the following formats:

  • First Brawl - September 9-12: 
    • 3v3 on Tier VIII aircraft carriers.
  • Second Brawl - September 12-19:
    • 12v12 on Tier VIII battleships.
  • Third Brawl - September 19-26:
    • 12 vs 12 on Tier VIII cruisers.
  • Fourth Brawl - September 26 - October 3:
    • 12v12 on Tier VIII destroyers.

Adding and editing content

Added to the game:

  • "Sea Lord" permanent camouflage for Anhalt;
  • Commander "Unsinkable Sam" for German and British ships.
  • Commemorative flags for Tokachi and Admiral Schröder.

New containers with economic bonuses have been added to the game.

Container contents
  • "Common bonuses" container includes Level 1 bonuses, five of one type: +20% Credits, +100% Ship XP, +100% Commander XP, +300% Free XP;
  • "Special bonuses" container includes Level 2 bonuses, five of one type: +40% Credits, +200% Ship XP, +200% Commander XP, +600% Free XP;
  • "Rare bonuses" container includes Level 3 bonuses, three of one type: +160% Credits, +800% Ship XP, +800% Commander XP, +2400% Free XP;
  • "Unique bonuses" container includes Level 4 bonuses, three of one type: +320% Credits, +1600% Ship XP, +1600% Commander XP, +7200% Free XP;

Alternative versions of the "Tactical" container have been added to the game, which will differ in the composition of rewards: "Tactical", "Small tactical", "Special tactical", "Large tactical", "Giant tactical".

Updated the portraits of standard German commanders and added a few new ones. 

The appearance of the "Gift" container has been updated.

New ships have been added to the "Super Container" and "Steam Super Container" lists.

Ship list
  • VI Repulse
  • VI Béarn
  • VI Karl von Schönberg
  • VII Maya
  • VII FR25
  • VIII Brandenburg
  • VIII Chkalov
  • VIII Hornet
  • VIII Rochester
  • IX Dalian
  • IX Giuseppe Verdi
  • IX Tulsa
  • IX Kearsarge
  • IX Carnot

New ships have been added to the Premium Ship VI container.

Ship list
  • VI Repulse
  • VI Béarn
  • VI Karl von Schönberg

New ships have been added to the Premium Ship VII container.

Ship list
  • VII Maya
  • VII FR25

New ships have been added to the Premium Ship VIII container.

Ship list
  • VIII Brandenburg
  • VIII Chkalov
  • VIII Hornet
  • VIII Rochester


Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.