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Changes to Test Ships – Closed Test 12.1

Based on testing results, we’re applying changes to Joshua Humphreys, Pan American cruisers, Illinois, Colossus, and Ravenna. We also fixed a bug affecting concept test platform, Cumberland.


American Super destroyer Joshua Humphreys

  • Shell flight time has been adjusted depending on different firing distances: at long distances, shells will reach their target 15-20% faster than before; at short distances, shell flight time will only change slightly. As an extension of this change, the armor penetration of the ship’s AP shells will also increase slightly (by 10-20 mm, depending on the exact distance).
  • Removed the bonus to the chance to start fires given by the alternative firing mode.

Tier VI-IX Pan-American cruisers

  • The amount of damage taken in any part of the ship that can be restored by the Specialized Repair Teams consumable reduced: 80% to 70%
  • The HP recovery rate of the Specialized Repair Teams consumable reduced: 2% to 1.5% of the ship’s maximum HP per second
  • The filling rate for the Combat Instructions meter has changed:
    • Almirante Cochrane and Ignacio Allende: increased from 2% to 2.5% for “Main battery hits” ribbons
    • Coronel Bolognesi and Santander: increased 2% to 2.2% for “Main battery hits” ribbons

Pan-American cruiser Almirante Grau, Tier VIII

  • The “Repair party” consumable has been removed.

Almirante Grau's gameplay loop leans heavily on its unique Combat Instructions, which itself requires the ship to remain undetected for some time to activate the associated bonuses. The presence of the Repair Party consumable, along with the mentioned bonuses, allowed Almirante Grau to engage in short but efficient skirmishes, then retreat back into concealment to recoup any lost health along with its Combat Instructions meter. This tactic turned out to be overly effective.

American battleship Illinois, Tier IX

  • Main battery reload time reduced: 10 to 9 s.
  • Main battery shell dispersion reduced by 17%
  • HP reduced: 81,100 to 68,100
  • Reload time of secondary armament guns increased: 4 to 6 s.
  • Secondary battery shell dispersion increased to the standard value for Tier IX battleships 

By increasing the accuracy and reducing the reload time of the ship’s main battery, we can better highlight one of its most unique features: rapid-firing, numerous, and small caliber guns. To prevent these changes from making the ship excessively efficient, we’ve reduced Illinois’ HP pool.

The ship’s improved secondary armament did not give the ship any noticeable advantage during testing, and rarely came into play even when fully upgraded. Therefore, its settings were changed to the standard parameters of Tier IX battleships.

British aircraft carrier Colossus, Tier VIII

Changes to Attack aircraft:

  • Rocket dispersion increased by 17%. Reduced the chance of rockets hitting closer to the center of the crosshair
  • Aircraft recovery time increased: 83 to 90 s.

Changes to Bombers:

  • Bomb dispersion increased by 12%. Reduced the chance of bombs hitting closer to the center of the crosshair
  • Aircraft recovery time increased: 76 to 80 s.

Changes to Torpedo bombers:

  • Aircraft recovery time increased: 62 to 80 s.

Italian cruiser Ravenna, Tier X

  • Exhaust Smoke Generator cooldown increased: 60 to 80 s.

British battleship Cumberland, Tier X

Fixed a bug due to which the characteristics of the ship’s ASW weaponry did not conform to the standard for British battleships at its Tier.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.