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Changes to Unique Upgrades – Public Test 12.1

Based on feedback and an analysis of their combat effectiveness, we are adjusting the parameters of some Unique Upgrades. The changes will affect Daring, Yueyang, Kleber, Z-52, Midway, Hakuryu, Henri IV, Minotaur, and Kremlin.


X Daring

  • Added a bonus to detectability: -5%
  • Torpedo tubes reload time bonus increased: -10% to -20%

X Yueyang

  • Main battery reload time bonus increased: -15% to -18%

X Kléber

  • Main battery reload time malus decreased: +80% to +60%

X Z-52

  • Added a bonus to torpedo speed: +5%

X Midway

  • Bomber cruise speed bonus decreased: +10% to +5%

X Hakuryū

  • Maximum squadron speed bonus decreased: +15% to +12.5%
  • Boost time malus increased: -20% to -30%

X Henri IV

  • Main battery reload time bonus decreased: +12% to +10%
  • Main battery range bonus decreased: 8% to 5%

X Minotaur

  • Smoke Generator action time bonus increased: 150% to 300%
  • Smoke dispersal time malus increased: -15% to -20%

X Kremlin

  • Removed the malus affecting the number of ship consumable charges.

Most of the unique upgrades listed above were less efficient to other upgrades in their slot and needed a small buff to become more competitive. In turn, upgrades for aircraft carriers and Henri IV had an unnecessary impact on the ship’s strength and so were weakened.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.