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Trouble in the Hot Tub, early access to Pan-American cruisers, a new season of Ranked Battles, and other new features – Closed Test 12.2

Let’s talk about some of the main new features of the upcoming Update.


Trouble in the Hot Tub

April Fools’ Day, bathtub battles are back!

The Hot Tub map of old has been updated, including with some animated props.

6 rubber duck “ships” have been added to the game with a new armament type – mines.

Laying mines is mechanically similar to dropping depth charges. Mines do not sink, do not move, and explode after a certain amount of time has elapsed or after coming into contact with an enemy ship. Exploding mines have a certain chance of causing flooding.

The battles will be held in a 9v9 format according to the rules of the Domination mode.

Rubber ducks are resilient, so when colliding with each other or with static objects on the map, they will bounce away.

Duck ships will be controlled by special duck commanders.

Early Access to Pan-American Cruisers

In Update 12.2, early access to Pan-American cruisers will begin. In honor of the event, thematic permanent camouflages for Tier VIII-X ships and a commemorative flag have been added to the game, and the port of Rio de Janeiro has been specially decorated.

Ranked battles

In Update 12.2, the eleventh season of Ranked Battles will begin, in which it will be possible to take part with all ship types.

Battles will take place in the following formats:

  • Bronze and Silver leagues
    • 6v6 on Tier VIII-IX ships.
  • Gold league
    • 6v6 on Tier X ships.

In this season, the rule for retaining a star in case of defeat is the same for all leagues. The star will be saved only by the first player by Base XP on the losing team.

Changes in Season 20 of Clan Battles

With the release of Update 12.2, the map Shatter will be removed from the list of maps for Season 20 of Clan Battles. The map Hotspot will take its place.

Content additions and changes

Added the ships STAR Kitakaze and STAR Edinburgh, with characteristics similar to Kitakaze and Edinburgh respectively, as well as commanders Andromeda and Triangulum with unique voiceovers.

The main features of the ships: a permanent camouflage that dynamically changes its appearance right in battle, depending on whether the ship is detected.

Added 4 "Submarine Commander" emblems similar to existing emblems for other ship classes.

The conditions for obtaining the emblems are to reach a certain average damage per battle value on submarines over the last 100 battles. Can be completed in Random Battles on submarines of certain tiers.


Submarine Tier

Average Damage

Submarine Commander III



Submarine Commander II



Submarine Commander I



Submarine Commander. Elite



New background and symbol added

The mechanism for dropping special commanders from containers has changed.Previously, if a container type had several different special commanders in its drop list (for example, some of the Azur Lane collaboration containers we've had in the past), it was possible for one player to get several duplicates of the same commander from opening more than one of the containers, even if they still hadn't received one or more of the other commanders in the list.

This change will make it so that if you already have one one or more of the special commanders from a container's drop list, the next time you open one of these containers and get a special commander, it will credit you one that you don't already have.

Once you've obtained all the special commanders from the drop list, any further opened containers that drop a commander will randomly assign you one of the commanders from the list as a duplicate.

Commander Ashley Violet got a special voiceover.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.