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Changes to combat economy – Closed Testing 12.2

We’re providing an overview of planned changes to economic rewards related to performance in battle.


The economic rewards granted for accumulating spotting damage have been increased to the same level as the rewards given for dealing direct damage with main armament types.

This change takes away the weight of having to decide between increasing your own personal earnings or helping your team achieve better results by giving fairer rewards for the latter. You can evaluate the damage inflicted by your teammates using your spotting in the post-battle stats screen—a feature added in Update 12.0.

To balance this adjustment and keep average earnings on a similar level, the rewards for dealing direct damage, spotting torpedoes as well as earning "Spotted" and "Defended" ribbons, have been reduced. Rewards for earning potential damage were reduced for battleships. Rewards for spotting ships and torpedoes are now equal for all ship types.

The economic rewards granted for dealing damage with secondary armaments have also been increased to be on par with the rewards for dealing direct damage with main armament types. Thus, the average earnings of battleships whose gameplay is weighted towards using the secondary battery will increase to the same level as other battleships.

The average XP and Credit earnings for some ship types and Tiers have been slightly changed. The goal of this change is to minimize the differences in average earnings of all ship types at the same Tier: previously the differences at high Tiers could be as high as 10%, but now they have been reduced to 2%. The most noticeable changes will occur to Tier V-VII battleships—they will receive up to 5% fewer Credits—as well as Tier V-IX destroyers, whose Credit and XP yields will increase by 1-3%, depending on the Tier. The profitability of supercarriers and super cruisers has also been reduced: they will now receive 8% less experience and 6% fewer Credits.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.