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Early Access to European destroyers, Return of Convoy, Repeated Battle entry with the same ship, and other upcoming features - Closed Test 12.4

Let's check out some of the main new features of the coming update.


Early Access to European destroyers

In Update 12.4, early access to European destroyers will begin. In honor of the event, thematic permanent camouflages for Tier VIII-X ships and a commemorative flag have been added to the game, and the port of Fjords has been decorated for the occasion.

Convoy returns once again!  

Convoy will return once again in Update 12.4. Battles will be held in a 12 vs. 12 format utilizing Tier VIII to X ships.

We've updated the battle type since the last iteration:

  • Added a new map to the mix - Haven.
  • Updated bot behavior: transport ships now change their speed to dodge torpedoes instead of changing their course. 
  • The interface was improved.

Detailed information about the battle type will be shared at a later date.

Repeated Battle Entry With the Same Ship  

Update 12.4 introduces a new feature that will allow players to enter a new battle with a ship that was just destroyed without having to wait for the current battle to conclude. This way, you'll be able to fight more battles playing your favorite ship during a game session and this option should help you speed up your game progress on your favorite ships.

You will be able to enter a new battle after your ship is destroyed directly through the exit screen of the current one. This change won't affect Clan Battles. 

Content Additions and changes

New additions and changes:

  • Kléber CLR with similar parameters to Kléber, but with a unique appearance.

  • Kléber CLR commemorative flag.

  • New temporary resource - colorful tokens
  • Colorful Regatta container.
 Content and drop rates of Colorful Regatta container

1 slot

  • 10 colorful tokens - 75%
  • 20 colorful tokens - 24.5%
  • 200 colorful tokens - 0.5%

2 slot

  • 750000 Credits - 24.93%
  • 12500 Free XP - 24.93%
  • 37500 Elite XP - 24.93%
  • 5000 Coal - 24.93%
  • 15000 Doubloons - 0.3%

3 slot

  • 5 signals India Delta - 10%
  • 5 signals India Yankee - 10%
  • 5 signals Juliet Charlie - 10%
  • 5 signals November Foxtrot - 10%
  • 5 signals Sierra Mike - 10%
  • 5 signals November Echo Setteseven - 10%
  • 5 signals Victor Lima - 10%
  • 5 signals India X-Ray - 10%
  • 5 signals X-Ray Papa Unaone - 10%
  • 5 signals Sierra Bravo - 10%

  • Dragon Boat Patch

  • Added achievements for the future Clan Battle seasons 

Updated the notifications window. Now it will include three permanent blocks - battle results, inventory, etc., as well as one temporary one which will include notifications related to game updates.

Notifications for successful actions that the player has taken part in, such as purchasing something or completing a collection, will not pop up. However, they will still be displayed in the notification history.

Completely updated the interface and appearance of most notifications. Added grouping - now notifications related to one action are grouped into one message. For example, all rewards after opening a container, or the deduction of resources together with the items acquired when purchasing a bundle in the Armory, will now be displayed in one notification.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.