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Asymmetric Battle, a new Ranked battles season, technical improvements, and other news – Closed test 12.5

Let's check out some of the main new features of the coming update.


Asymmetric Battle

The Asymmetric Battle battle type will return in Update 12.5. This time, a team of 6 players using Tier IX-X ships will fight against 12 Tier VII and VIII bots. Battles will take place in the "Standard Battle" and "Domination" modes. 

In this new iteration, you won't need to earn battle tokens to participate—Asymmetric Battle will be immediately available to those who own Tier IX and X ships. It will not be possible to participate as part of a division.

Bots in Asymmetric Battle will have improved AI: they will start playing more positionally, rush into close combat less often, and distribute themselves better around key areas. The same changes will affect the AI of bots in the Training Room.

Bot improvements

In addition to the above changes, additional improvements will be made to the AI bots in Co-op and Training Room:

  • Improved collision avoidance system against both islands and other bots. Similar to the Training Room bots, those in Co-op battles will reverse if they collide with an island
  • Bots will try to ram enemy ships less often

Ranked Battles

In update12.5, the 12th season of Ranked Battles will begin, in which it will be possible to participate using ships of all types.

Battles in all leagues will take place in a "6 vs 6" format on Tier X ships. 

In the 12th season, the rule for saving a star in case of defeat is the same for all leagues: the star will be saved only by the top player in the team by experience earned.

Starting with Update 12.5, Ranked Battles will support a restriction system for specific ships and ship types, similar to Brawls and Clan Battles. With this system in place, we'll be able to introduce and change restrictions during the course of the season.

Technical improvements

The end of battle and transition to the post-battle statistics screen will become smoother. This will address the inconvenience of battles ending too abruptly—often interrupting exciting engagements. 

After one of the teams reaches the conditions for victory or in case of a draw, a text message will appear on the screen, and the battle will last for a few more seconds before transitioning to the results screen. During this added time, players will be able to perform actions that will not affect the outcome of the battle, but can affect their personal result. For example, the damage dealt during this time will be counted.

Changed the matchmaker settings for battles with Tier I-V ships. Now, the matchmaker limits softening and, accordingly, the possibility to fill battles with bots will happen sooner. This will allow battles on ships of these Tiers to form faster.

Content additions and changes

To celebrate U.S. Independence Day, the following content has been added to the game:

  • Standard and premium "Wings of Liberty" containers.

  • Permanent camouflages: "Risen from the Ashes" for West Virginia '44 and "Thunderbird" for Halford.

Wings of Liberty container composition

One item from the list — 100%, of which:

  • 2 expendable "Stars 'n' Stripes"camouflages - 5%
  • 3000 Free XP - 24,4%
  • 5 special bonuses — «Credits +40%» — 17,5%
  • 5 special bonuses — «Ship XP +200%» —  17,5%
  • 5 special bonuses — «Commander XP +200%» — 17,5%
  • 5 special bonuses — «Free XP +600%» — 17,5%
  • One of the US ships  — 0,6%, of which:
    • Georgia or Halford  — 0,1%
    • Rochester, Hornet, Florida, California, Alabama, Saipan or Kidd  — 0,5%

If you already have all items from the "Ships" group, you will receive 3000 Free XP

Wings of Liberty premium container composition

One item from the list — 100%, of which:

  • 25 expendable "Stars 'n' Stripes"camouflages - 5%
  • 32000 Free XP - 25%
  • 14 rare bonuses — «Credits +160%» — 16%;
  • 14 rare bonuses — «Ship XP +800%» — 16%;
  • 14 rare bonuses — «Commander XP +800%» — 16%;
  • 14 rare bonuses — «Free XP +2400%» — 16%;
  • One of the US ships  — 6%, of which:
    • Georgia or Halford  — 1%
    • Rochester, Hornet, Florida, California, Alabama, Saipan or Kidd  — 5%

If you already have all items from the "Ships" group, you will receive 32000 Free XP

The following items were also added to the game:

  • Commanders: Leo Gradwell for British ships, Grigory Spiridov for Soviet ships, Felix von Paar and Nikos Thalassinos for European ships;

  • Permanent camouflages: Star Ornament for Minsk and Perpetual Engine for Jäger;

  • PQ-17 expendable camouflage;

  • Flags: Camomile, Conquest of Mediterranean, Canada Day, Sea Day.
  • Patches: Eight-Pointed Star, PQ-17, Conquest of Mediterranean.

  • Picnic by the Sea container and Commander's Suitcase premium container;

Picnic by the Sea container composition

One item from the list — 100%, of which:

  • 25 India Delta signals - 4%
  • 25 Sierra Mike signals - 4%
  • 25 India X-Ray signals - 4%
  • 25 X-Ray Papa Unaone signals - 4%
  • 25 Sierra Bravo signals - 4%
  • 375000 credits - 18%
  • 5 Summer expendable camouflages - 6%
  • 5 Cartographic expendable camouflages - 6%
  • 5 Blue Lagoon expendable camouflages - 6%
  • 2500 coal - 10%
  • 6250 Free XP - 10%
  • 11 special bonuses - «Credits +40%» - 6%
  • 11 special bonuses «Ship XP +200%» - 6%
  • 11 special bonuses «Commander XP +200%» - 6%
  • 11 special bonuses «Free XP +600%» - 6%
Commander's Suitcase premium container composition

One item from the list — 100%, of which:

  • 32000 Free XP - 10%
  • 96000 Elite commander XP - 18%
  • 14 rare bonuses «Credits +160%» - 10%
  • 14 rare bonuses «Ship XP +800%» - 10%
  • 14 rare bonuses «Commander XP +800%» - 10%
  • 14 rare bonuses «Free XP +2400%» - 10%
  • One out of 145 themed commanders - 32%

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.