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New Japanese battleships - Closed test

In one of the future updates, we will add a second branch of Japanese battleships to the game. Currently, it's still in the early stages of development, but we want to share the first details now.


We want to celebrate the line's upcoming release with a community camouflage contest! See more details here, take advantage of multiple in-game rewards, and remember that we will add the winning design to the game!

We will add three new Tier VIII-X ships to the game - Yumihari, Adatara, and Bungo.

The ships are battlecruisers, playing at medium to long range and capable of dealing significant damage per salvo.

The new Japanese ships have powerful main battery guns with the trademark "Japanese" features: high firing range and good accuracy. The main caliber is represented by eight 410mm guns at Tier VIII. The Tiers IX and X ships feature eight and ten 457mm guns, respectively. The ships also have good concealment and average speed.

Their disadvantages are the low HP pool and mediocre armor. However, it's compensated for by the improved Repair Party, which restores more HP per second.

Japanese battleship Yumihari, Tier VIII

In 1916-18 about twenty variants of the pre-design for the battleship Yumihari were developed as part of the "eight-four" plan. The most elaborate was the B-62, which was an evolution of the Kongo-class ships. It included eight variants of ships with four double-gun main turrets. Two ships of this type were intended to be built, but the project was changed at the end of 1917 - a fifth turret was added. The final result was the Amagi-class battlecruisers.

Japanese battleship Adatara, Tier IX

After revising the eight-eight plan, Japan needed to build four battleships and four battlecruisers. The K variant was chosen to become a new battlecruiser out of the thirteen ship variants proposed. Four "Number 13" ships were ordered, but they were never laid down because the Washington Conference started.

Japanese battleship Bungo, Tier X 

Among the designs for the 'New Fleet Eight-Eight' there was an enlarged version of Project A, Project L. Like the Kii, Project L had five main-caliber turrets, but with 457mm guns, and also overcame the Kii in terms of displacement by 9,000 tons. The battleship Kii and Project L weren't built because of the Washington Conference, which imposed "battleship holidays" and a limit on the total tonnage of battleships.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.