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New Dockyard, second iteration of the Concealed Maneuvers battle type, and other news - Closed test 12.7

Let's talk about the main features of Update 12.7.


Dockyard: Lüshun

The construction of a Tier X Pan-Asian destroyer Lüshun will begin on the Tan Yun dockyard.

The construction consists of 35 phases, 30 of which can be completed via the Dockyard's combat mission groups. Combat missions can be completed during Updates 12.7 and 12.8, as well as the first three weeks of Update 12.9. The Dockyard itself will last until the start of Update 12.10.

Concealed Maneuvers

In Update 12.7, the temporary battle type Concealed Maneuvers, which first appeared in Update 12.6, will be available again. Its main purpose is to test new mechanics for aircraft carrier squadrons: the Air-Dropped Sea Mines and the Smoke Curtain Generator.

In this iteration, it will be possible to test the mechanics on two aircraft carriers that were previously removed from the game - Taiho and Essex. They will be available for rent for completing a special combat mission.

Battles will be held in 9x9 format on Tier IX-X ships. You will be able to enter battle on Taiho and Essex, as well as other aircraft carriers.

Essex bombers will be able to summon a special Airstrike that deploys a minefield. As far as their characteristics, they are similar to Midway's researchable dive bombers. The carrier's also armed with Midway's stock torpedo bombers with the torpedo sight settings from Lexington, as well as Midway's stock attack aircraft equipped with Tiny Tim rockets and faster sight narrowing.

Essex squadron parameters

Attack aircraft
Hit points - 1660, cruising speed - 176.0 knots, maximum speed - 216.0 knots, size of attacking flight - 3, aircraft per squadron - 9, aircraft restoration time - 82 s, detectability range - 10.0 km, number of aircraft on deck - 14.
Rockets in payload - 3, maximum rocket damage - 5400, armor penetration - 68 mm, chance to cause fire – 33 %.

Torpedo bombers
Hit points - 1960, cruising speed - 128.0 knots, maximum speed - 163.0 knots, size of attacking flight - 2, aircraft per squadron - 8, aircraft restoration time - 98 s, detectability range - 10.0 km, number of aircraft on deck - 12.
Torpedoes in payload - 2, maximum torpedo damage - 5067, aerial speed - 35.0 knots, torpedo range - 4.0 km, torpedo arming distance 517 m.

Dive bombers
Hit points - 2150, cruising speed - 131.0 knots, maximum speed - 166.0 knots, size of attacking flight - 3, aircraft per squadron - 12, aircraft restoration time - 76 s, detectability range - 10.0 km, number of aircraft on deck - 18.
Bombs in payload - 2, bomb type - HE, maximum bomb damage - 11200.0, armor penetration - 67 mm, chance to cause fire – 64 %.

Taiho's tactical attack aircraft will be equipped with the Smoke Curtain Generator. They are armed with rockets from Shokaku attack aircraft but with reduced damage. The ship also has stock Hakuryu torpedo bombers with reduced cruising speed and Hakuryu researchable dive bombers with an increased number of aircraft on deck. Taiho's damage focus was shifted from torpedo bombers to the other squadrons, compared to Hakuryu.

Taiho squadron parameters

Attack aircraft
Hit points - 1510, cruising speed - 165.0 knots, maximum speed - 205.0 knots, size of attacking flight - 6, aircraft per squadron - 6, aircraft restoration time - 110 s, detectability range - 10.0 km, number of aircraft on deck - 6.
Rockets in payload - 4, maximum rocket damage - 2200, armor penetration - 28 mm, chance to cause fire – 8 %.

Torpedo bombers
Hit points - 1750, cruising speed - 135.0 knots, maximum speed - 175.0 knots, size of attacking flight - 2, aircraft per squadron - 10, aircraft restoration time - 80 s, detectability range - 7.5 km, number of aircraft on deck - 20.
Torpedoes in payload - 1, maximum torpedo damage - 9333, aerial speed - 50.0 knots, torpedo range - 6.0 km, torpedo arming distance 671 m.

Dive bombers
Hit points - 1790, cruising speed - 152.0 knots, maximum speed - 192.0 knots, size of attacking flight - 3, aircraft per squadron - 12, aircraft restoration time - 76 s, detectability range - 10.0 km, number of aircraft on deck - 24.
Bombs in payload - 1, bomb type - AP, maximum bomb damage - 6800.

In the new iteration of Concealed Maneuvers, it will be possible to go into battle at the helm of submarines. We've added the ability for them to interact with minefields. Each mine will have an underwater tether attached to it, and upon contact with it, the mine will explode and cause damage to the submarine. The amount of damage, as well as the probability of causing critical damage, will depend on the distance between the submarine and the mine.

Ranked Battles

In update 12.7 the 13th season of Ranked Battles will start. The battles will be held in the 6 vs 6 format on Tier VIII ships in the Bronze League and on Tier IX ships in the Silver and Gold Leagues.

In the thirteenth season, the rule for retaining a star in case of defeat is the same for all leagues. Only the first player by experience earned will retain the star.

We will share more details about the season at a later date.

Clan Battles

The 22nd season of Clan Battles "Anaconda" will start on August 23. Battles will be held in 7 vs 7 format on Tier X ships and superships. 


  • Aircraft carriers and submarines are not allowed to participate in the battles.
  • No more than one supership per team.

We will share more details about the new season of Clan Battles and additional restrictions at a later date.

Changes to Ranked and Clan tokens

Ranked and Clan Tokens will be removed from the game and exchanged for steel. Conversion rate: 600 steel for one Ranked Token and 2,000 steel for one Clan Token.

As part of this update, camouflages previously available for these tokens will be available for steel. The cost of these camouflages will be revised according to the exchange rate: camouflages available for 3 clan tokens or 10 rank tokens will cost 6,000 steel. So, if you haven't had a chance to purchase camouflages for tokens, you will have the opportunity to get them for steel in this update. 

We will share more details about what will be the new composition of rewards in Clan and Ranked battles at a later date.

Insignia Selection Update

The tab with patches and emblems has been updated. There will be a tab with the Patch designer, in which players will be able to create their own patch by combining different available elements. You will be able to choose the symbol, shape, and color of the edges, as well as customize the background color and texture. The ability to generate a random patch from the available elements was added.

Categorization of symbols, patches, and emblems has been added. In addition, we improved rendering technology - patches, including existing ones, will look more realistic.

Unique upgrades

Unique upgrades for X Petropavlovsk and X Manfred von Richthofen were added:

"AP shells with ballistic tip" (Petropavlovsk, 6th slot)

  • Maximum AP shell damage: +10%;
  • Maximum dispersion of main battery shells: -7%.
  • Number of consumable charges: -1

"Aerodynamic Torpedo Stabilizers" (Manfred von Richthofen, 6th slot):

  • Torpedo bombers HP: +15%
  • Maximum torpedo damage: +10%
  • Torpedo arming distance: -10%


For the first two weeks of version 12.7, a special tab will be available in the Armory where you can exchange certain Tier V-X premium and special ships for a significant discount on the purchase of other premium and special ships with doubloons. Rare ships that are difficult or impossible to obtain are exchanged for a larger discount.

If the exchanged ship offers a discount greater than the value of the purchased ship, the exchange takes place without additional payment. The difference in value is not compensated.

We will share all the details about Trade-in in 12.7 at a later date.

Other improvements and changes

Added a system of recommended upgrades for each ship. Similar to commander skills, such upgrades will be marked with a special symbol in the UI. Also added a button to purchase and install all recommended upgrades in free slots at once.

The battle type selection screen has been updated: permanent battle types are displayed at the top, while temporary and seasonal battle types are displayed at the bottom. Added new descriptions and updated existing descriptions for all battle types that are displayed when clicking on the "i" button. Added tooltips for certain battle types that pop up when hovering over the battle type icon, showing limits on tier, ship types, and specific ships, time until the end of the battle type, sprint, or prime time.

New content

The following content will be added to the game:

  • Permanent camouflages: "Freewind" for Numancia and "Adventurer" for Le Fantasque

  • "Navigator treasures" patch and flag

  • Commander Fyodor Ushakov for USSR ships
  • "Fyodor Ushakov" flag

  • "National Navy of Uruguay" flag

Added premium container "Flags", from which you can get one of 97 different cosmetic flags with 100% probability. In case you already have all flags from the container, you will receive a compensation of 15,000 coal.

The visuals of the container are still WIP.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.