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Updated 8th  Anniversary Rewards


Based on your feedback, we've updated the upcoming World of Warships 8th Anniversary rewards and are ready to share all the details.


Last week we shared with you the initial plan for this year’s 8th anniversary of World of Warships. Each year, we like to take this opportunity to celebrate our game’s birthday together with you as a thank you for sticking with us for such a long time. Over the last couple of years, we’ve been consistently changing and adapting our anniversary as the game evolved.

This year’s system was changed to be a currency-based one that still follows our original principle: the more ships you own, the more rewards you will earn. Additionally, our new system allows you to select rewards that are more valuable to you. We also added interesting new rewards, such as a direct purchase option for the Tier VIII premium cruiser Bayard. If you already own this ship, you will receive a 100% coupon to pick a different Tier VIII ship from an expanded list. If you have all those ships, you will be compensated with 3,000 steel. One of the cornerstones of this event in years past was earning Super Containers for each Tier X ship that you own. 

We saw your feedback about the adjusted system and your concerns regarding players who own a very high amount of ships with the limitation of super containers introduced this year in combination with the currency. We heard you and wanted to apologize. We've decided to make the following changes based on your feedback:

  • You can now purchase up to 110 Super Containers.
  • Both Tier X and Superships will earn 200 Anniversary Tokens per battle performance bonuses.
  • Each Super Container will cost 200 Anniversary Tokens, and we've removed the bundles for 400 Anniversary Tokens.

This change enables all players to directly purchase at least 1 Super Container per Tier X and Supership that they own. On top of that you still have the choice of many different bundles, ranging from the guaranteed Tier VIII premium ship Bayard, a new skin for the German BB Zieten, a selection of new Anniversary containers, economic boosters, and signal flag bundles. The more ships you own, the more tokens you can earn, and the more rewards you can redeem.

Other rewards:

  • Bayard - 6,250 Festive tokens
  • A single 50% discount coupon for Tier VIII ships that can be obtained for doubloons -  3,125 Festive tokens
  • Permanent Interdimensional Shift camouflage for Zieten - 1,250 Festive tokens
  • Up to 7 On a Retro Wave containers - 500 Festive tokens for each
  • Other rewards that are available for Festive tokens: Common, Special, and Rare economic bonuses and packs of signals.
Aditional rewards list

Reward Festive Tokens cost Limit
Common economic bonus (grey) bundle
(one of each)
 12 -
Special economic bonus (green) bundle
(one of each)
24 150
Special economic bonus (green) bundle
(one of each)
72 100
Rare economic bonus (blue) bundle
(one of each)
125 100
Combat signals bundle
(India Delta x1, India Yankee x1, Juliet Yankee Bissotwo x1, Juliet Charlie x1, November Foxtrot x1, Victor Lima x1, Mike Yankee Soxisix x1)
50 50
Combat signals bundle
(Sierra Bravo x1, X-Ray Papa Unaone x1, Juliet Whiskey Unaone x1, India X-Ray x1, November Echo Setteseven x1, Sierra Mike x1, Hotel Yankee x1)
50 50

The list of Tier VIII ships that can be obtained with the 50% discount coupon: Siliwangi, Z-35, Fenyang, Ochakov, Loyang, Hampshire, Le Terrible, Tiger 59, Wichita, Gascogne, Irian, Saipan, Vanguard, Pyotr Bagration, Kidd, and Rochester.
In case you already have Bayard, you will instead receive a 100% discount coupon for Tier VIII ship from the above-mentioned list.

We want to be transparent about the need to balance a generous anniversary system and the game’s economic health. Over the last 8 years the game's ship selection has expanded to over 600, including both those obtained via the premium shop, as well as via new free unlock paths like coal, free XP, research points. What follows is that along with their growing ship collection, the amount of  anniversary rewards players have been able to collect each year has also grown.  Last year, a player with all ships received more than 180,000 doubloons value in rewards. This continuing trend puts a strain on the economic balance of the game and we periodically take action to tweak our systems. 

Earlier this year we adjusted Super Container contents as well as their distribution and will continue tweaking any other parts of the wider game economy as we believe is needed. In doing so we will keep rewards as generous as we can, continue to take your feedback, while ensuring a sustainable game economy for years to come. We hope this explanation helps to clarify our reasoning and we appreciate your understanding.