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Wisconsin at the Dockyard, Asymmetric Battles Return and More - Closed Test 13.3

Ahoy, Captains!

We're so excited to share some additions and changes that are entering the game with Update 13.3! Come along with us as we explore a new Dockyard, see the return of a fan-favorite game mode, and check out a number of other improvements.  


Dockyard - Wisconsin

Big Wisky has finally made its way into our virtual seas!  That's right – 13.3 brings along a new Dockyard to host the construction of Tier X USS Wisconsin.

So here's the deal: this is going to be a 30-phase Dockyard, where 28 of those phases can be completed by Dockyard combat mission groups. You read that right – only 2 phases will need to be bought if you put in the battles to get Big Wisky (A starter pack with 2 phases will be available for 3,200 doubloons). You'll be able to complete these missions all the way through updates 13.3 and 13.4, with the Dockyard itself remaining open until the start of 13.6. You've got plenty of time! 

The good news doesn't stop there! Getting to stage 20 of the Dockyard will net you West Virginia '44! For anyone who might have missed out on her last summer, now's your chance to get your hands on those sweet, sweet secondaries! 

Want to read more about what Wisconsin has to offer? Check out her stats and other info in her announcement DevBlog.

Asymmetric Battles

So, you're telling us you like Asymmetric Battles, huh? Well, good news – we've decided to bring it back for Update 13.3! 

We're going to keep it exactly the same as last time, with the following parameters:

  • You can play Tier VI-X ships and superships
  • There will be 5 ships to a team on the player side
  • The maximum difference of tiers between the ships is limited to 1 tier
  • You can play whatever ship type floats your boat (pun intended)
  • You can also div up with up to 5 players, with the following limitations:
    • 1 aircraft carrier
    • Up to 2 battleships
    • Up to 2 cruisers
    • Up to 2 destroyers
    • 1 submarine

As for the bots, they'll continue to be a team of 12 ships that are 2 tiers lower than each tier represented on the player team. This means if you're rocking a team that has Tier IX and X ships in it, expect to see bots that are Tier VII and VIII. 

Keep your eyes on our Portal for some more info on Asymmetric Battles in the future. 

Content Additions and Changes

Lightning round! We're gonna list a few changes and additions below for you to peruse and enjoy at your own leisure.

  • No one likes being DMCA'd, so we added a special setting for streamers that allows them to disable licensed music in the game client and have the default music instead.
  • Keeping count of your containers for guaranteed drops is also a bit challenging, so we added a guaranteed drop counter in the Armory. It'll also tell you how many containers of that type you already own!
  • We're temporarily testing out a new concept – a permanent camouflage that adds a custom animation, so we are introducing the Suprematism permanent camouflage! Essentially, a player could equip this camouflage to a ship of their choosing and the enemy ships destroyed by this ship would have a unique animation upon destruction. Players will be able to get one of these camouflages for free in Update 13.3 and can purchase three additional ones for credits, but as this concept is in testing, this camouflage is temporary and will be removed from accounts with the release of Update 13.4. We want to see how these camouflages are received by players before adding them in permanently. 

  • We've added several Golden Week items to the game:
    • Chikuma II Golden - A ship with similar parameters to the Tier IX Japanese hybrid cruiser Chikuma II but with a unique appearance.
      • The appearance of the ship is still a work in progress and will be revealed later.
    • Golden Week Permanent Camouflage for the Mogami
    • Commander Ashikaga Teru
    • The Samurai's Pride Flag

  • We've also geared up for the Warship Masters tournament and made the following additions: 
    • The Warship Masters 2024 Flag
    • The Warship Masters 2024 Finalist Achievement

  • Added the On the Bank of the Rhine Premium Container that gives you a chance to get Wiesbaden! 
    • There will be an alternative way to obtain Wiesbaden.
On the Bank of the Rhine Premium Container contents
  • 32x special expendable economic bonuses of the same type - 9% for each type
  • 1x permanent camouflage "Black, White, Red" - 61,5%
  • Wiesbaden - 2,5%

If you already have Wiesbaden, you will receive 20 000 Free XP.

Phew, that's a lot of content! We can't wait to see you out there on the virtual seas in Update 13.3!

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.