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New Clan Battles season, Trade-in and more - Closed Test 13.4

Ahoy, Captains!

We can't believe it's already time to share some information about Update 13.4! They just grow up so fast, don't they?


Clan Battles Season 25: Polar Bear

We hope you haven't stored away your winter coats yet, because Season 25 of Clan Battles will be called Polar Bear! Come warm up by the fire while you check out this season's format:

  • 7v7
  • Tier X ships
  • No Submarines or Aircraft Carriers permitted
  • Maximum of 2 Battleships per team

To gear up for the occasion, we have added an achievement for the teams that end the season in the Top League, as well as an achievement for the winner!

  • Polar Bear
  • Hurricane. Polar Bear

Now, this season is going to be a bit shorter compared to recent ones, lasting from May 20th until June 10th, with battles beginning on May 22nd.  We've heard some feedback that players want Clan Battles to feel a bit more fresh and exciting, and we're definitely onboard with that! As a result, we wanted to test out a feature that could help positively shake up the Clan Battles: Support Consumables.

For those that have played the Piñata Hunt battle type, this idea will be somewhat familiar: There will be a selection of Support Consumables available (no unlocking required!) that are designed to make interactions between players more interesting and unique. The only consumable not present from Piñata Hunt will be the Iron Curtain consumable. Feel free to check out the list of consumables below!

 Support consumables

Consumable Title



Coordinated Emergency Repairs


Repairs 1% of HP per second. Applies Damage Control Party effect.

Affects all allied ships.

The consumable's effect does not multiply when activated by several players simultaneously.

  • Number of uses: 2
  • Cooldown: 180 seconds
  • Action time: 10 seconds


Call Smoke Curtain

Dispatches air group equipped with smoke curtain generator to the indicated area. The air group generates a smoke screen that reduces the risk of being detected by the enemy.

Aircraft do not spot enemy ships.

  • Number of uses: 1
  • Cooldown: 180 seconds
  • Action time: 15 seconds
  • Smokes duration time: 90 seconds
  • Preparation time: 60 seconds
  • Range - 12 km


Forced Stalemate

Prevents your team from losing points.

Prevents the opposing team from earning points.

  • Number of uses: 2
  • Cooldown: 120 seconds
  • Action time: 30 seconds


Call Patrol Bombers

Dispatches bombers to the indicated area. The bombers patrol the area and automatically drop HE bombs on enemy ships.

  • Number of uses: 2
  • Cooldown: 120 seconds
  • Action time: 120 seconds
  • Preparation time: 240 seconds
  • Range - 14 km
  • Patrol radius - 3.5 km


Drop Minefield

Airdrop minefield to the indicated area. Mines deal significant damage and can cause flooding. The aircraft do not spot enemy ships.

  • Number of uses: 2
  • Cooldown: 300 seconds
  • Action time: 5 seconds
  • Minefield activation time: 40 seconds
  • Minefield duration 200 seconds
  • Preparation time: 60 seconds
  • Range - 12 km
  • Minefield radius - 2.5 km


Joint Fleet Maneuvers

Increases speed of allied ships by 20%

Increases acceleration speed by 30%

Decreases turning radius by 30%


Affects all allied ships.

The consumable effect does not multiply when activated by several players simultaneously.

  • Number of uses: 2
  • Cooldown: 180 seconds
  • Action time: 60 seconds

Coordinated Fire

Chosen enemy receives 30% more damage from all sources

  • Number of uses: 2
  • Cooldown: 180 seconds
  • Action time: 30 seconds
  • Preparation time: 60 seconds
  • Range - 14 km



Activating the Call Smoke Curtain, Call Patrol Bombers, Drop Minefield, and Coordinated Fire consumables opens the Tactical Map: there, you can choose the area to deploy the selected consumable. For Coordinated Fire, you'll need to select an enemy ship instead of an area.

In order to keep teams balanced with these Support Consumables active, there will be restrictions on which classes can take certain consumables. You can check those out in the table below.

 Support consumables restrictions

Destroyer   Call Patrol Bombers   Drop Minefield   Joint Fleet Maneuvers   Coordinated Fire   N/A
Cruiser   Coordinated Emergency Repairs   Forced Stalemate   Drop Minefield   Coordinated Fire   N/A
Battleship   Coordinated Emergency Repairs   Call Smoke Curtain   Forced Stalemate   Call Patrol Bombers   Joint Fleet Maneuvers

In addition to the above restrictions, Divisions will also be limited to two of each consumable per division. Use them wisely! 


Do you have some ships that you don't use anymore? Are there some ships that you want but can't afford right now? Well never fear, because the Trade-In feature is here once again!

For two weeks, starting from the last week of Update 13.4, a special tab will be available in the Armory where you can exchange certain Tier V-X premium and special ships for a significant discount on the purchase of other premium and special Tier V-X ships with doubloons. Rare ships that are difficult or impossible to obtain are exchanged for a larger discount. Additionally, we have expanded the list of ships that players are able to exchange including ships that can be obtained for Research Points and Steel.

If the ship you exchanged offers a discount greater than the value of the ship you want to purchase, then you will get that ship without any additional payment! Be careful though - the difference in value is not compensated, so make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck.

Lists of ships that players can receive:

 V Siroco,V Genova,V Agincourt,VI Gallant,VI Dupleix,VI W. Virginia '41,VII Yūdachi,VII Flint,VII Florida,VIII Kidd,VIII San Diego,VIII Brandenburg,IX Minegumo ,IX Dalian,IX Karl XIV Johan,X Forrest Sherman,X Napoli and X Max Immelmann

 List of ships that players can trade:

Tier V

V Texas,V Agincourt,V Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya,V Rio de Janeiro,V Viribus Unitis,V Marblehead,V Marblehead Lima,V Exeter,V Genova,V Yahagi,V Kirov,V Krasny Krym,V Mikoyan,V Murmansk,V Siroco,V Okhotnik,V Fūjin,V Kamikaze,V Kamikaze R,V Gremyashchy,V Giulio CesareV Hill

Tier VI

VI Ark Royal,VI Arizona,VI Béarn,VI W. Virginia '41,VI Repulse,VI Warspite,VI Dunkerque,VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich,VI Ise,VI Mutsu,VI Novorossiysk,VI London,VI De Grasse,VI Duca d'Aosta,VI Admiral Makarov,VI Molotov,VI Mysore,VI Perth,VI Huanghe,VI Monaghan,VI Gallant,VI Aigle,VI Karl von Schönberg,VI Leone,VI Juruá,VI Anshan,VI T-61,VI HSF Admiral Graf Spee,VI Erich Loewenhardt,

Tier VII

VII California,VII Florida,VII Collingwood,VII Duke of York,VII Hood,VII Strasbourg,VII Scharnhorst,VII Ashitaka,VII Hyūga,VII Poltava,VII Yukon,VII Atlanta,VII Boise,VII Indianapolis,VII Toulon,VII München,VII Weimar,VII Duca degli Abruzzi,VII Gorizia,VII Maya,VII Lazo,VII Nueve de Julio,VII Sims,VII FR25,VII Yūdachi,VII Leningrad,VII Huron,VII Błyskawica,VII Z-39,VII Haida,VII Belfast,VII Nelson,VII Flint,


VIII Hornet,VIII Saipan,VIII Indomitable,VIII Graf Zeppelin,VIII Aquila,VIII Kaga,VIII Chkalov,VIII Alabama,VIII Constellation,VIII Vanguard,VIII Champagne,VIII Flandre,VIII Gascogne,VIII Anhalt,VIII Brandenburg,VIII Roma,VIII Kii,VIII Borodino,VIII Congress,VIII Rochester,VIII San Diego,VIII Wichita,VIII Belfast '43,VIII Cheshire,VIII Hampshire,VIII Tiger '59,VIII Bayard,VIII Mainz,VIII Prinz Eugen,VIII Tone,VIII Atago,VIII Ochakov,VIII Pyotr Bagration,VIII Irian,VIII Kidd,VIII Cossack,VIII Le Terrible,VIII Z-35,VIII Orkan,VIII Fenyang,VIII Loyang,VIII Siliwangi,VIII I-56,VIII S-189,VIII Enterprise,VIII Massachusetts,VIII Odin,VIII Lenin,VIII Anchorage,VIII Mikhail Kutuzov,VIII AsashioVIII Tirpitz

Tier IX

IX Kearsarge,IX Pommern,IX Giuseppe Verdi,IX Marco Polo,IX Iwami,IX Tulsa,IX Carnot,IX Ägir,IX Azuma,IX Dalian,IX Z-44,IX Groningen,IX Georgia,IX Missouri,IX Jean Bart,IX Hizen,IX Musashi,IX Alaska,IX Kronshtadt,IX Benham,IX Black,IX Neustrashimy,IX Friesland,IX Vallejo,IX Paolo Emilio,IX Hector,IX Van Speijk,IX Siegfried,IX Illinois

Tier X

X Malta,X Max Immelmann,X Thunderer,X Grosser Kurfürst,X Salem,X Napoli,X Yoshino,X Moskva,X Smolensk,X Forrest Sherman,X Marceau,X Hayate,X Khabarovsk,X Álvaro de Bazán,X Småland,X Franklin D. Roosevelt,X Shikishima,X Incomparable,X Mecklenburg,X Ruggiero di Lauria,X Bourgogne,X Austin,X Stalingrad,X Gato,X Plymouth,X Ragnar,X Z-42,X Vampire II,X Druid,X Colbert,X Sevastopol,X Gibraltar,X Sicilia,X Ohio,X Slava,


May 27th: The timeframe for the Trade-In event was changed.

Content additions and Changes

  • Sir John Vincent Commander.
  • Dragon Boat Racer Commander.
  • Good Luck Kite Flag.

  • Viscount of Victory permanent camouflage for the St. Vincent.

Finally, we are updating the contents of the Commonwealth Team Premium Container. As we previously mentioned, we are removing the Commonwealth Tokens and replacing them with credits. You can check out the new composition of the containers below.

 Commonwealth Team Premium Container

1 slot 

300,000 Credits - 100%

2 slot

3,000,000 Credits - 2.5%
24 Special economic bonuses of all types - 20% for each type
1,000,000 Credits - 14.7%

2.8% change to receive one of the following rewards

Permanent camouflage for Auckland
Permanent camouflage for Cerberus
Commonwealth cruiser Encounter, Tier IX

If you already have the ship and permanent camouflages that can be obtained from this container, you will instead receive 1,000,000 Credits.

That about covers it, Captains! We'll see you out on the virtual seas!

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.