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Changes in availability of several ships

In Update 0.10.1 several ships will no longer be available to obtain



Starting from Update 0.10.1, the following ships will no longer be available to obtain:

  • British battleship Thunderer, Tier X;
  • European destroyer Smaland, Tier X;
  • American battleship Georgia, Tier IX;
  • American cruiser Alaska, Tier IX;
  • American battleship Massachusetts, Tier VIII.

The reason to remove these ships is the combination of their popularity and battle performance. In order to maintain the diversity of team compositions at a proper level, they will be removed for an undefined time, but may return in future.

We understand that accumulating resources for ships is a long process, which is why we wanted to warn you in advance, so that those interested can steer these ships into their Ports before Update 0.10.1 goes live in approximately three months.