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ST, changes to attack aircraft

In the near future a closed test of concept of the following changes to attack aircraft will be conducted:

  • The length of attack animation is increased by 2.5 - 3 times: rockets are launched with a delay after the left mouse button is pressed;
  • The speed at which crosshair is reducing is increased, and the penalty to reduction for maneuvering is lowered.
  • Markers showing the exact spot which each rocket will hit are added. This markers are shown not only for the aircraft carrier player, but also to the ships which are being attacked.

Submarines test extension

Commanders, we extended the current test period of submarines until 04:00 UTC, 31 of October to give you more time and opportunities to try out the new class and its updated mechanics.

In order to enter the test, you need to download the TST client and log in with your account from the main server. More details about joining the test and how to play submarines and against them are available in the article.

Good luck and fair seas!

ST 0.9.11 - 0.9.12, new ships

Italian battleships Dante Alighieri, Conte di Cavour, Lepanto, and Marco Polo, as well as Pan-Asian destroyer Fen Yang and Commonwealth destroyer Vampire II will be added to the game for testing.

ST 0.9.10, balance changes and changes to test ships

We've changed the characteristics of several ships, having analyzed their combat performance and taken player feedback into account. Such changes were required to carefully adjust the balance of selected warships. We'll continue to introduce changes in the updates that follow, if deemed necessary. This devblog also features changes to test ships: Italian battleships, Hizen, Plymouth, Strasbourg, and some other ships.

ST 0.9.10, Tone, Ise, Werner Voss

The concepts of hybrids and skip bombers will be tested in the near future. During the test, ships and planes will be adjusted taking both their new type of gameplay and combat efficiency into account. We're now ready to share their initial parameters.

ST 0.9.10, new content

Pan-American commander Francisco Ferreira Filho, "Brazil" expendable camouflage and Pan-American Tier II cruiser Almirante Abreu.