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ST 0.10.3, Dockyard, "German Destroyers. Part 1" event.

New Dockyard, Early Access to German destroyers and more in Update 0.10.3.


Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.


The Hamburg dockyard is back! This time, players will be able to build the new Tier IX German destroyer ZF-6. The ship has good concealment, AP shells with improved ricochet angles and damage, and is equipped with the Engine Boost, Smoke Generator, and Defensive AA Fire consumables. The Main Battery Reload Booster consumable will be useful for fighting enemy destroyers. As for more heavily armored targets, her torpedoes with high speed and damage — but long reload and high detectability — will be of good use.

The rules of the event are largely similar to the previous dockyard, but this time the number of construction phases and the list of rewards will change:

  • The construction of ZF-6 consists of 22 phases.
  • Each shipbuilding phase can be completed by finishing Dockyard combat missions or spending 2,200 Doubloons per phase.
  • The groups of Dockyard combat missions will span two Updates—0.10.3 and 0.10.4, and the Dockyard itself will remain in your Ports until the end of Update 0.10.5.
  • In total, you can complete 19 out of 22 shipbuilding phases by completing Dockyard combat missions.
  • For the completion of the 22nd shipbuilding phase, you will receive ZF-6 in her "War Paint" camouflage, a commander with 10 skill points, a port slot, and a memorable flag.

The first 4 shipbuilding phases will show the design process of ZF-6 through the use of blueprints. After that, the construction of the actual ship will begin.

If you complete the construction of ZF-6 by spending doubloons, make sure to keep progressing through the Dockyard combat missions anyway—completing each phase will bring you 3,000 coal and 200 Steel.

German destroyers. Part 1.

In Update 0.10.3, German destroyers VII Z-31, VIII Gustav Julius Maerker and IX Felix Shultz will appear in Early Access.

Features of the new branch:

  • Accurate main battery guns with a big caliber for the ship class - 150 mm.
  • Powerful AP shells with good armor penetration and damage, as well as improved ricochet angles, which together allow them to deal high damage to cruisers.
  • Great armor for the class and a large HP pool. In combination with their effective artillery, this feature creates a special type of gameplay for the new destroyers: mobile mini-cruisers with powerful AP shells, mainly targeting single ships, light cruisers in particular.
  • Low damage per minute of HE shells and high detectability make these newcomers suboptimal for fighting in caps.
  • Availability of the Smoke Generator consumable, which enhances the already excellent survivability of the new ships; and starting from tier IX, the "Defensive AA Fire" consumable, which will allow them to confront enemy aircraft more effectively.
  • Torpedo tubes with the decent reload time that is standard for german destroyers, and an average damage and range which make these torpedoes the best option for use against more heavily armored targets.

In honor of the event, the "Iron Cross" permanent camouflages for new destroyers were added, and the Hamburg port was updated.

Content addition

  • Permanent camouflages "Soviet" for cruiser Kirov, "Japanese Lacquer" for battleship Hyuga.
  • Expendable camouflages "Golden Week" and "In Memory of Heroes"
  • Patches "To the Fallen Soldiers of Great Wars" and "Assembly"
  • Memorable flag "Golden Week"
  • 2 Japanese commanders Raizō Suzuki and Takeo Suzuki with the following enhanced skills:
    • For cruisers, destroyers and aircraft carriers: Survivability Expert
    • For battleships: Emergency Repair Specialist 

The methods for obtaining these items will be announced at a later date.

Other changes and improvements
The port of Kronstadt has been updated.

Updated the interface of the commander window:

  • A section with equipment that is affected by a particular skill has been added to the tooltips for skills.
  • When recruiting, dismissing or conducting other operations with commanders, the last option selected by the player is retained.
  • The "All Skills" button has been replaced with [i] next to the skills table header.

Updated Daily Shipments. They will become available at the beginning of each month and include 24 rewards. The interface has also been updated, and the Daily Shipments themselves has been renamed to "Daily Rewards".

In Naval Battles, the ability to get additional attempts depending on a player's individual activity during the Preparation stage has been added, as well as the ability to view the opposing clan's results during the Engagement stage.

Removed some hull modules for Mogami, König, Ryujo, Furutaka, Myoko, Izumo, Iowa, Omaha, Émile Bertin, New York, New Mexico, Colorado, North Carolina, Bayern, Ranger, Minsk, Kiev, Ognevoi, Tashkent, Udaloi and Fletcher.

This change will make it easier to progress through the Tech Tree. More details will be announced at a later date.