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Pan-American cruisers changes - Closed Test 12.0

Based on the testing results and your feedback, we are changing the concept of Pan-American cruisers.


The goal of developing this branch was to create gameplay where Combat Instructions would play an important role. Based on the results of testing, it turned out that the initial concept did not meet this expectation.

The following changes are being made to the branch:

  • HE shells are removed. Ships will be armed with only AP shells with improved ricochet angles.
  • Combat Instructions are changed: the progress bar is filled with any main battery hits. Bonus of Combat Instructions: significant reduction of consumables reload time.
  • Starting from Tier VI, the reload time of all consumables, except Spotter Aircraft, is 180 seconds, while the Spotter has 240 seconds. The default number of all consumables is 4. The ships also have regular Damage Control Party with unlimited charges.
  • Now the "Defensive AA Fire" consumable is an available choice starting from Tier VII, and the "Spotter Aircraft" from Tier VIII.
  • Surveillance Radar consumable is added to Tier VIII-X ships (Detection of ships - 9 km, action time - 25 s.)
  • Specialized Repair Teams at Tier VI and above ships now restore 80% of the damage taken in any part of the ship, and Repair Party of Tier II-V ships restores 50%.
  • "Hydroacoustic search" consumable is replaced by "Short-range Hydroacoustic search".
  • Tier VIII-X ships' ballistics has been slightly changed: increased armor penetration at close range and reduced shells flight time at long range. Changes will not have a significant impact on the ships' gameplay.

The preferred combat range is medium and thanks to the Surveillance Radar and benefits of the Repair Party, the ships will be effective in engagements over key areas, as well as those in open water. The updated Combat Instructions encourage aggressive gameplay, rewarding constant firing and allowing you to use your ship's consumables more often.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.